Physical Education Class Policy - Narragansett Schools

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On the days that students have PE they are encouraged to bring a lock to ... note from their doctor or hospital stating that they are unable to participate in PE, they  ...
Narragansett High School Physical Education Class Policies

I. Physical Education – Credit Requirement and Failure Policy All students are required to take and pass four years of Physical Education and Health from grades 9-12. Students who have failed Physical Education/Health class for one semester will be scheduled for an additional Physical Education class to make up the failed credit. Failure to satisfy this policy will jeopardize student eligibility for graduation.

II. Regulations and Procedure A. Physical Education Attire 1. All students are required to have a complete change of clothes from those worn to school that day. Failure to dress in proper PE attire will prevent a student from participation resulting in a reduction of the PE grade. 2. Proper PE attire includes gym shorts, t-shirts, socks and sneakers. Sneakers must be the kind designed for athletic use. Sweatpants and warm-ups may also be worn. 3. Students need to dress appropriately for the weather as some activities will be conducted outside. 4. All PE attire should be brought home and washed regularly. B. Locks and Lockers 1. On the days that students have PE they are encouraged to bring a lock to secure their clothes and valuables during the class period. At the conclusion of the period they should take their clothes and lock with them. Locks left on after class may be cut off. 2. Long lockers are to be used by members of our interscholastic teams only. Athletic coaches will assign these lockers. The PE department will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. Students are advised not to bring valuable items with them to PE class.

C. Showers 1. Showering at the conclusion of PE class is encouraged. If a student would like to take a shower they need to inform their instructor and they will be given ample time to shower. Students must supply their own towels and hygienic products. D. Locker Room/Class Procedure 1. The instructor’s office is off limits to students when the instructor is not present. 2. Do not hesitate to see the instructor about any aspect of your PE class. Please have the courtesy of knocking prior to entering their office. 3. Students are encouraged to use the bathroom facilities at the beginning and end of the period. 4. Upon entering the gymnasium students are not to touch any equipment or begin any activity until the instructor gives permission and is present. 5. Students who are injured during PE class must notify the instructor immediately so that they can take the appropriate action required to help the student. 6. Students who have sustained an injury prior to PE class are to tell their instructor so that they are aware of the students’ condition. 7. Athletes are expected to participate in PE class on the day of athletic events. 8. Students must never to leave the gym or teaching area without instructor permission.

9. Participation in the rope course activities is voluntary. However, underclassmen need to experience the low rope courses prior to selecting the high rope activities during their junior and senior years. Student effort, cooperation and willingness to have fun will be considered by the instructor when selecting students for the rope course activities. 10. Hats of any type are not allowed in school which includes the locker room and the gymnasium.

III. Grading and Attendance Policy: Class participation is a critical part of the Physical Education grade. Read the policy below carefully. Any questions can be directed to the instructor.

A. Class Absence – Students are required to complete a make-up packet within one week of their return from absence. Students who are absent due to participation in a field trip are not required to make-up the class and should inform their instructor of a missed class due to a field trip on the day they return to class. B. Cutting Class – Students will receive a zero for the class period and will also receive a disciplinary referral. This is a very serious offense and will be treated as such. C. Medical Excuse – If at the end of the quarter a student receives a note from their doctor or hospital stating that they are unable to participate in PE, they will be given an incomplete and will be given 2 weeks to make up missed classes. If a student misses more than 50% of their PE classes during the quarter due to a medical excuse they will not be required to make up the classes. D. Parental Notes – If a student is ill a parent may write a note excusing their son or daughter from participating in PE. The student will be excused on that day with the understanding that they will make up the missed class. Parental notes are only valid for 3 consecutive PE classes. For any amount of time after that, a student is required to obtain a written medical excuse from their doctor or hospital. The PE department prefers students to have the note on the day they are excused rather than later. E. Make Up Packets – The PE department expects students to make up missed classes. This requires the student to see their instructor the day they return from their absence to obtain one make-up packet for each class that was missed. The make-up packets contain information regarding a sport and questions for the student to answer which will be graded and be entered as the students’ grade for the missed class. Students may not make up classes in which they failed to dress.