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Hydradermie is the star treatment of Guinot combining high-technology .... success lies in advanced skincare products and treatments, which have been ...



Guinot hydradermie facials Hydradermie is the star treatment of Guinot combining high-technology treatment methods. Guinot was the first to discover an excellent effect of galvanic ionization on the skin: deep cleansing, moisturizing and penetration of active ingredients. The treatment is customized to the skin needs and beauty aims of each customer. Hydradermie - a secret discovered by many successful women all over the world who value effectiveness. Effect of Hydradermie treatment: deep cleansing of the skin, restores the skin's optimal moisture level, reduces wrinkles, restores a youthful radiant skin, soothes and oxygenates the skin, decreases couperosa and sensitivity. Contraindications of Hydradermie treatment: pacemaker, metal protheses in the skull or in shoulder girdle, pregnancy. HYDRADERMIE TREATMENTS FOR FACE Hydradermie „Double Ionisation" 60 min 59 EUR The secret of a beautiful and radiant skin lies in sufficient hydration and cleanness. HYDRADERMIE is an exclusive Guinot treatment. In a little more than one relaxing hour, your skin looks "brand new". The treatment is offered in five versions, tailored to the needs of your skin and your beauty aims. This highly effective facial includes a galvanic and high frequency massage which allows specialised products to deep cleanse and re-hydrate the deepest layers, regenerating the skin and giving a healthy balanced complexion for all skin types. Hydradermie treatment is completed with a relaxing massage and customized masks and creams. Cleansing Hydradermie for young people 50 min 45 EUR The treatment combines the removal of makeup, an in-depth exfoliation and mechanical removal of impurities. A mask applied on the skin reduces the pores, leaves a matte finish and brightens a dull complexion. Protective and improving cream completes the treatment. Hydradermie Age Logic 60 min 70 EUR A luxurious and improved version of Hydradermie treatment - this specialised treatment using specific serum-gel Age Logic would literally turn back logic of your skin´s ageing. This treatment include also special care for eyes, neck and décolleté including a deeply relaxing serenity massage. Special mask´s tailored to the needs of your skin, turning the skin incredibly fresh and beautifully radiant.

HYDRA LIFT FACIALS With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, and signs of ageing appear on the face. Today Hydradermie Lift provides a "youth revolution" by stimulating facial muscles to give them new tone and exert a lifting effect on the features. The lifting treatment with visible results from the first session. Effect of Hydra Lift treatment: a radiant complexion, firm facial features, an instant lifting effect on facial muscles, firms the slackening skin and smoothes wrinkles. Contraindications of Hydra Lift treatment: pacemaker, epilepsy, metal plate in the skull, face or shoulder girdle, pregnancy. Hydra Lift 60 min 59 EUR Hydra Lift is a lifting treatment that also tones the skin and firms the face deep down by exercising the muscles. In depth, the muscles regain tone and firmness, cellular activity is reactivated and the features are lifted to spectacular effect. Hydradermie Lift acts like a gentle body-building session. It lifts the features by acting on the muscles to give the face a rejuvenated effect. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage as well as masks and creams tailored to the needs of your skin type. At the end of your treatment, your face looks smoother and firmer. Hydra Lift Express 30 min 37 EUR This treatment is recommended as a course of treatment for regaining the firmness of the skin and lift the facial and neck contours. The treatment of half an hour cleanses the skin with milk and tonic, followed by lymphatic drainage removing residues and toxins and a thorough muscular stimulation. A light massage with face and eye cream completes the treatment. Your facial muscles stay firm and your face visibly younger. Recommended as a course. Hydra Lift Yeux 45 min 43 EUR For younger-looking eye contours, your beauty therapist offers an effective, gentle solution. With Hydra Lift Yeux, she specifically works the muscles around the eyes (the orbiculars) to tone them and give them new firmness. At the end of the first session, fine lines fade, crow's feet are smoothed and the eyes look younger. The treatment provides a relaxing massage for eye contours and a skin smoothing mask. In the end, face and eye creams tailored to the needs of your skin are applied. Hydradermie + Hydra Lift 90 min 80 EUR Hydradermie Plus and Hydra Lift all in one treatment in almost two hours of major pampering which incorporates a three in one luxurious, specialized treatment using specific products for anti-ageing, eyes and neck including a deeply relaxing serenity massage for all skin types. Then we do the full lifting treatment, yes it is as good as it sounds. A comprehensive luxurious treatment, combining a deep cleansing and moisturizing effects. Your face, eye area, neck, décolleté and hands are treated. The skin becomes clear and silky soft, the face lifts significantly, the skin of eye area and neck is firm. It is perfect for special occasions (wedding, birthday, festive gathering, etc) when an instant effect is required.

Guinot Hydraclean 30 min 40 EUR You no longer need to spend countless hours at beauty salons to have a clear skin! Guinot presents Hydraclean that is the latest deep cleansing special face treatment that is deep cleansing as well as relaxing. Thanks to the synergy between the effective active substances - salicylic acid, lipacide, allantoin, and the patented electrode Thermoclean®, your skin will be beautiful and radiant in a matter of 30 minutes. The nice warmth of Thermoclean® will help eliminate excess sebum and toxic residues from your skin. The treatment is available in two versions, i.e. with either a relaxing massage or brightening mask. There is also a Hydraclean treatment designed specially for men. After the treatment your face is clearer, cleaner and breathes better! GUINOT SPECIAL MANUAL FACIALS If you value highly effective professional skin care treatments that deliver visible results, allow yourself a special Guinot treatment. The specialists of Guinot laboratory have carefully developed these highly effective patented facials giving you instant effects. Aromatic 45 min 59 EUR A real moment of pleasure and relaxation! You will plunge into the world of aromas with essential oils and aromatic plant extracts floating in the air. The hands of the beauty therapist nurture you with relaxing point pressure massage, combined with oriental massage techniques. The treatment ends with a seaweed print mask mixed together from plant oils and extracts tailored to the needs of your skin. Serenity for the mind, beauty for the skin! Liftosome 45 min 59 EUR Absolute lifting facial uses powerful bio-peptides to visibly firm, lift and tighten the face. Intensively firming thermal mask rich in vitamin C fills the skin with new energy and restores its elasticity. A relaxing massage using a serum of deep and long-time effect, completes the effects of the treatment. Liftosome instantly restores a youthful skin and a beautiful complexion. Excellent for an express beauty treatment, prior to a special occasion. Beaute Neuve 45 min 59 EUR The treatment that brightens all dull, tired skins. Using powerful, natural ingredients to reduce dull complexion, pigmentation, re-hydrate and renewing the skin. The "double peeling" system gives controlled exfoliating, while maintaining the natural pH of the skin. The treatment leaves the skin visibly smoother, more radiant and beautifully luminous.

GUINOT FACIALS Enjoy this special time when your beauty therapist is fully devoted to making you more beautiful. As a result your face becomes more radiant and youthful. Relaxing facial treatment 30 min 35 EUR The facial treatment with a relaxing massage offers refreshment for everybody, wishing to restore their beautiful, radiant and elastic skin. The facial massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and improves skin metabolism and oxygenation. The treatment consists of facial cleansing and toning, massage for face, neck and décolleté offers real pleasure. A customized face and eye cream completes the treatment. Refreshing facial treatment 30 min 35 EUR An express treatment, during which your face is thoroughly peeled and a mask tailored to the needs of your skin type is applied. These masks will balance and restore all needs of your skin type. The treatment is completed with a special face and eye cream, leaving the skin revitalized and refreshed. Moisturizing facial treatment 45 min 48 EUR A real "moisturizing bath" for your skin! This hydrating facial will replensish lost water of the skin to smooth and plump out the skin, reducing fine lines and give a fresh, youthful appearance. Gently cleansed and peeled skin will be filled with moisturizing ingredients during the relaxing massage. Followed by a mask that is a real "moisturizing bath" for the skin. Finally, the cream applied on the face, provides comfort for the whole day. 45 min 48 EUR Sensitive skin treatment An extremely gentle facial treatment specifically developed to help combat skin sensitivity and repair damage caused by pollution, harsh climate, stress and hormonal imbalance. The treatment begins with a gentle peeling cream eliminating the dead cells from the skin, followed by a relaxing massage. The mask applied instantly relieves irritation symptoms of the sensitive skin and ensures a long-lasting sense of well-being. Your skin will be protected by a serum and cream for sensitive skin. Facial treatment with mechanical cleansing 60 min 48 EUR The source of cleanliness for the skin! This treatment will focus on deep-cleansing, purification, extractions, and hydration to target current breakouts while helping to prevent future activity, by using plant extracts and natural enzymes. The procedure begins with the cleansing of skin´s surface and mechanical cleansing of pores. The mask and day cream applied on the face restores your radiant skin and clear complexion. The treatment ensures you a clean skin and radiant, even complexion.

Facial treatment with mechanical cleansing and massage 75 min 55 EUR A comprehensive treatment that begins with the removal of makeup, followed by in-depth peeling and mechanical extractions of impurities. The following relaxing massage soothes the skin and restores its tone. A face and neck mask regenerates your radiant skin and clear complexion. Protective and improving creams are applied through point pressure massage to complete the treatment. Eyelash /eyebrow dyeing Eyebrow modelling Day-time make-up/evening make-up

8/8 EUR 8 EUR 25-40 EUR

SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR MEN Hydradermie Trés Homme 60 min 48 EUR Hydradermie facial specifically designed for men incorporating the "Tres Homme" range. The treatment begins with deep cleansing of the skin by galvanic micro-current and oxygenation and hydration. Hydradermie treatment for men ensures instant results, makes the skin visibly cleaner and the complexion fresher. The treatment combines facial care products tailored especially for men. Moisturising and relaxing facial care for children 8-12 years old 30 min 16 EUR Our children need tender love and care every day and so does their facial skin. The fact that the young skin has no problems that we, as adults, are used to "fighting" with, does not mean that a child's skin needs no care and moisturising from time to time. The first facial care teaches young clients how to take care of their skin in the future. The products used for the care, are suitable for sensitive and young skin, also helps to make the skin softer and give it a fresh complexion. A 30 minute session includes skin cleaning with facial cleansing milk and tonic containing linden blossom water, peeling with a delicate peeling cream as well as a relaxing, moisturizing and cooling gel mask. The care is finished off by a pleasant light facial cream. After such a tender care, any small girl will feel like a young lady. GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI The leading professional cosmetics line Germaine de Capuccini has been a hit in beauty salons around the world for more that 65 years. The secret to its success lies in advanced skincare products and treatments, which have been co-created by highly qualified skincare experts and doctors. The products have undergone strict efficacy testing and comprehensive quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction as well excellent results with various skin problems, both at a salon and at home.

Glycocure + the luxurious hydrating facial treatment hydracure 75 min 70 EUR The treatment begins with preparing the skin, followed by a two-phase Glycocure acid peel. The acid peel is applied onto the skin, followed by a 4-minute carbo-active naturalising mask, which stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and provides immediate relief. After the Glycocure acid peel, the skin is smoother, softer, soothed and ready for the next moisturising treatment. An acid peel is a regenerating and rejuvenating treatment for the skin. A combination of Synergyage products provides solutions to various skin problems. These solutions include: Decreasing wrinkles and fine lines. Improving the elasticity and moisture level of the skin. Minimising pores and regulating excess oil production. Decreasing pigmentation. The result is an improved and deeply renewed skin. Hydracure is an active moisturising treatment based on hyaluronic acid, ceramides, lactic acid, thermal water and other natural components, which moisturises even the deepest layers of the skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. The pleasant sensation is increased by a two-phase serum, a moisturising mask with an innovative texture and a nice face massage. The treatment increases the skin’s defences, prevents water loss, improves elasticity and regulates the moisture levels of the skin. True wellness and youthful radiant skin. The Royal Jelly Facial freatment 60 min 50 EUR Royal Jelly nourishes, rejuvenates and improves the defence capabilities, elasticity, firmness and radiance of skin. Its sensual textures and exquisite scents provide a true feeling of wellness. The Royal Jelly and extracts of PoriaCocose provide skin with a protective barrier against external stress factors. The facial treatment begins with preparing and exfoliating the skin, followed by a rich facial treatment essence, a massage and a wonderful honey-scented facial mask. Enjoy a moment with pure nature and feel its magic. The Special Timexpert Rides Anti-wrinkle treatment 75 min 70 EUR The beauty treatment, which is inspired by microinjections, offers an alternative to plastic surgery, supplementing it when necessary. The unique MicroDermoxine complex neutralises the micro-tension in the skin and the micro-fragments in collagen provide natural fillers for wrinkles. The treatment rejuvenates the whole face, especially expression lines, reducing their length and depth by improving skin elasticity and firmness and by inhibiting premature ageing. The facial treatment begins with preparing and exfoliating the skin, an anti-wrinkle serum and a massage oil. A unique sheet masks is then applied to the face and the neck. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, starting from the appearance of the first expression lines.

The Timexpert Rides Eye treatment 30 min 35 EUR A pleasant treatment for the eye area to fight the signs of ageing. The treatment neutralises micro-tensions in the skin and fills the wrinkles and lines in this sensitive area. The eye area is more youthful and wrinkles recede. Skin elasticity is improved; swelling and dark circles around the eyes disappear. The treatment includes an eye area massage and an innovative eye mask, which provides an immediate fresh appearance. A treatment for reddened skin (Rosacea) 60 min 60 EUR The clinically developed Synergyage treatment offers positive solutions to reddened skin (rosacea). The advanced active ingredients in the Synergyage beauty products are used in high concentrations. At the beginning the treatment, the customer's skin is prepared and exfoliated, followed by an effective beauty serum, which reduces the redness and sensitivity of the skin. The innovative Spot&Redness Correction Mask has been saturated with a healing serum beforehand. It soothes and moisturises the skin and reduces redness and inflammation thanks to a derivate of vitamin C along with liquorice root, panthenol, hyaluronic acid etc. At the end of treatment, the beautician applies a moisturising facial cream designed to protect the skin against harmful external elements. After the facial treatment, the diffuse redness of the skin is reduced, the skin is soothed and its suppleness and texture have improved. Dermatologically tested beauty products. Intensive Multi-Correction: Firmness, Luminosity and Youthfulness from Vitamin C 60 EUR Facial treatment with vitamin C against premature aging restores the extraordinary youthfulness and radiance of the skin, fighting against its ageing process. The specific formula of Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) combines two important anti-aging active substances: vitamin C, which increases the synthesis of collagen, regulates the tone of the skin and prevents the oxidation of lipids, and Japanese plum’s UME extract, which has the ability to prevent the degradation of collagen and elastin fibres. The exceptional cosmetic treatment provides spectacular youthfulness of the face that will immediately appear luminous, firm, hydrated and re-densified. Duration 1 hour Purexpert treatment 60 min 60 EUR Skin cannot be beautiful without proper cleansing. It is therefore essential to visit a beauty salon regularly starting from the young age in order to keep your facial skin clear and pure; this should be supplemented by a cleansing routine at home. Purexpert meets all your expectations – it makes any type of skin look gorgeous and healthy in a minimum amount of time. The facial hygiene provided by Purexpert is unique and special, guaranteeing a clear and even skin, reducing pores and preventing first wrinkles. Pureexpert skincare suits anyone who wants to make her skin appear rested, youthful and healthy regardless of age! It also helps to get rid of the most stubborn of acnes.

HAND TREATMENT The classic Alessandro nail treatment 50 min 28 EUR Beautiful, conditioned and healthy nails are eye-catching and add confidence. The Alessandro classic nail treatment includes all the important elements of a nail treatment. It will give you a sense of wellbeing. The treatment consists of four stages: cleansing, designing, smoothing and nourishing. If you wish nail polish to be applied, you can choose the right polish for you from our selection of 99 luxurious decorative polishes. HANDS!UP - rejuvenating spa treatment for your hands 45 min 35 EUR Soft, healthy and conditioned hands adorn everyone. The rejuvenating Hands!Up spa treatment for hands makes them soft and supple. The rose quartz used in the massage ritual stimulates your bloodstream, gives freshness and energy, adds creativity and increases your vitality. The treatment will begin with hand exfoliation. You will feel the skin on your hands becoming soft, supple and fresh. Then the rejuvenating Vitality active serum will be applied to your hands to intensify the effect of the conditioning creams that follow. We use a rejuvenating or a restoring moisturizer. After that, you will receive a wellness massage with rose quartz and a mask. During the massage, a rose quartz ball will be placed in the palm of your hand. Rose quartz is the mineral of heart and love. The massage and rose quartz stimulate your bloodstream, encourage you to take on creative activities, support your heart, increase your joy of life and make you feel fresh. After the mask, we will apply a wonderful silk elixir to your hands. Silky hands will be a true delight. Luxurious Wellness Hands Treatment (NailSpa + Hands!Up) 90 min 50 EUR The luxurious Alessandro wellness hand treatment is a true gourmet experience of hand and spa treatments. A true à la carte service; the best choice if you wish to receive an absolutely luxurious nail and hand treatment and enjoy a massage. The treatment combines Alessandro's nail treatment NailSpa and the hands treatment Hands!Up. The products will be chosen on the basis of your personal needs and the state of your nails and hands. The unique nail treatment of Alessandro Nail Spa is based on the needs of different nail types. The treatment is aroma-therapeutic, offering enjoyment and a sense of wellbeing. The best active ingredients ensure an efficient result: lotus for healthy and strong nails, rose for dry and layered nails or lavender to make soft and thin nails stronger. The treatment consists of 6 stages: cleansing, designing, smoothing, nourishing, special treatment and protection. The NailSpa nail treatment is based on the needs of your nails and is thus especially efficient. During the treatment, you will be given personal advice that will help you to preserve the achieved result. The rejuvenating Hands!Up spa treatment will give your hands an energy impulse and make your skin soft and supple. It will help to smooth away the signs of time lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be smoother and firmer. A pampering and cleansing exfoliation, active creams, a tightening and nourishing mask and silk elixir, as well as a wonderful massage with rose quartz, will make you feel like royalty. You deserve to indulge in a treatment that has been awarded numerous beauty prizes.

SPA SENSATION - paraffin treatment for hands or feet 30 min 25 EUR Enjoy a truly unique and perfect treatment that is both relaxing and renewing and will give you energy to face the next day. Spa Sensation is an à la carte paraffin treatment. Paraffin gloves or socks will be warmed up especially for you. A unique, electricity-free warming device will be used. An amazing warming ritual will be performed right in front of your eyes. All the different products used, are especially with you in mind. Your skin will be replenished with a moisturising and smoothing exfoliator, a rejuvenating serum and a luxurious cream selected according to the state of your skin. A lavender aroma and pleasant, relaxing warmth will soothe away all muscle tension and ensure an instant sense of wellbeing. The effective, warm treatment with pure paraffin for your hands, will give your skin valuable moisture and make it visibly soft and supple. Renewing paraffin treatment for hands or feet 20 min 17 EUR A traditional spa paraffin bath is used for this renewing paraffin treatment. The treatment will moisturise and renew dry and sensitive skin. Your skin will become soft and smooth. Relaxing warmth replenishes and heals you. The treatment is very suitable in case of circulation disorders or joint complaints. The paraffin and aromatic oils will offer you sensual enjoyment in addition to the effective result. The first stage is exfoliation, which will prepare your skin for the paraffin treatment. Then a renewing and moisturising cream will be applied to your skin, followed by a paraffin bath. The warm paraffin will be left on for 10-15 minutes. The treatment will end with a protective conditioning cream. MEN HANDCARE - hand treatment especially for men 45 min 28 EUR The hands of a real man are cared for. The hand treatment for men needs to be efficient and fast like the Alessandro hand treatment MEN, which was developed especially for men. The products of the MEN-line include effective, stimulating and protective active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E. The treatment will efficiently protect your skin against the environment and premature aging. The active ingredients will make your skin soft and supple and relax stressed skin. The 6-stage treatment created especially for men helps you to reach the perfect result - healthy, clean and youthfully soft skin and well-conditioned nails. You will enjoy a precise nail treatment, exfoliation, replenishing creams, and an effective massage. The products used have a manly aroma. TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN Nail treatment for girls (children of up to 12 years of age) 30 min 15 EUR A pampering and at the same time educational and exciting nail and hand treatment for young girls. It is a fun experience that will teach girls how to care for their hands. Nail polish will be applied with the permission of the girl's mother or father. Recommended for 5-12-year-olds. Nail polishing


FOOT TREATMENT Pedix MarinaVital® Classic 60 min 42 EUR Our feet carry us through our lives, inconspicuously taking thousands of steps. Often, we do not think about it until our feet need help and care. The Pedix Marina Vital Classic foot treatment makes you walk on air. It is a treatment that everyone should indulge in, so that their feet would be healthy. The treatment starts with a MarinaVital Wellness foot bath. Then, the Go Lightly compress will be used to soften your calluses. Your toenails will be treated at the same time. After the softening compress and some rasping, we will pamper your feet with a relaxing foot balm and a light massage. You can choose a nail polish from the luxurious selection of Alessandro's decorative nail polishes. At the end of the treatment, the exclusive Silky Touch powder will give your feet a beautiful shimmer. Pedix MarinaVital® Wellness 75 min 47 EUR Our feet take thousands of steps in the course of a day. Often, we do not notice it until our feet need help and care. The Pedix Marina Vital Wellness foot treatment will give you enjoyment and a sense of wellbeing. The perfect invigorating rest and treatment that your feet need. The treatment starts with a MarinaVital Wellness foot bath. Then, the Go Lightly compress will be used to soften your calluses. Your toenails will be treated at the same time. After the softening compress and some rasping, we will pamper your feet with restoring exfoliation, a relaxing foot balm and a special massage with a white rock crystal. The ancient Tibetan massage with a white rock crystal gets rid of negative energy, cleanses the body and ensures a sense of wellbeing. At the end of the treatment, the exclusive Silky Touch powder will give your feet a beautiful glitter. Pedix MarinaVital® Original Deluxe 90 min 54 EUR Our feet carry us through our lives, inconspicuously taking thousands of steps. Often, we do not think about it until our feet need help and care. The Pedix Marina Vital Deluxe is the perfect foot treatment. You will enjoy the wonderful effect of efficient substances, and a massage. Smooth and silky skin and lightness in your feet will give you a sense of wellbeing. Pedix Wellness Detox 75 min 47 EUR The Pedix Detox relaxation is a professional deep-cleansing and toxin-removing foot treatment. The deep-cleansing treatment starts with a foot bath that will remove toxins. Then, your calluses will be softened with a Go Lightly compress. Your toenails will be treated at the same time. After the softening compress and some rasping, your feet will be exfoliated with a Detox Peeling exfoliator. It contains a complex mix of precious oils that cleanses and restores your skin. A volcanic foot mask with vitamins and conditioning extracts will follow. Your feet deserve wellbeing. After the treatment, your feet will feel light and fresh. You will be walking on air. Foot care for children Nail shaping, soaking, cuticle care, light massage, cream, polish

30 min 20 EUR

KALAHARI SPA The range of Kalahari Spa, that originates from South Africa, is inspired by an extraordinary journey to the magical Kalahari Desert. The products of Kalahari Spa, prepared according to the beauty recipes of the African desert that have been kept in secret for centuries, enable you to experience the real luxury of nature's treasures. The ingredients that renew, clean and moisturize one's skin have derived from the exotic trees and plants that grow in this region, e.g. Baobab oil, Kalahari Watermelon, marula fruit, etc. All the products are natural and the packages are made from 100% recycled materials. The whole production process is in concordance with the ecological requirements. Kalahari is also actively involved in charity, helping the African families in need. Desert Sand Massage Treatment 60 min 55 EUR Free yourself from stress and feel the desert breath through our exotic, deeply relaxing ancient massage for the whole body. The mood is set by the luxurious and mystical fragrance of desert plants, warm bags of desert sand are placed on your feet, and the massage begins... The warm herbal massage oil is light, but with an intensively moisturising and softening effect, the herbal active ingredients together with vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids strengthen the natural protection system of the skin cells against aging. The massage consists of traditional techniques in combination with firm and strong stretches and pressings that improve the elasticity of muscles, mobility of joints and frees you from physical and mental stress. At the end of massage, you will be offered organic Red Bush tea that cleans your body. Every person, who has enjoyed a Kalahari massage treatment, will get a bracelet made of ostrich egg shell, that symbolises mental balance and sense of wellbeing. Kalahari Back Massage 30 min 35 EUR This massage provides a wonderful opportunity to get rid of stress and fatigue already in half an hour. The back massage helps to strengthen your muscles and improve the circulation. The mood is set by the mystical fragrance of desert plants and velvety massage oil that nourishes and strengthens the skin. Ancient massage techniques release stress from the neck and back, and the inner balance of your body is recovered. Body Peeling with Desert Salt Crystals 45 min 40 EUR The salt that is enriched with minerals and is of purest quality originates from the salt pans of the Kalahari Desert - soft, clean and radiant. It also stimulates blood stream and helps to rejuvenate the skin. After peeling, your skin is fresh and soft, looks younger, healthier and full of energy. For pregnant women, desert sand is used instead. Kalahari Feet Treatment with Sunny Calabash Pumpkin 30 min 35 EUR The treatment begins with the red tea bath for feet, that supports the excretion of waste matter from the body. After that, your feet are peeled with desert sand that leaves the skin silky soft, clean and radiant. The massage with Calabash pumpkin affects energy channels and loosens muscles. The massage oil softens, moisturizes, calms and strengthens the tissues of skin cells. As a result, you will get light and relaxed feet and a wonderful feeling in the whole body.

Tsamma Hand Ritual 30 min 30 EUR The treatment begins with the red tea bath for hands, followed by peeling with desert sand and hand massage up to the upper arm. This treatment is ideal for people who do work, that involves constant pressure on hands. It also offers comfort to those who spend daily many hours working with computer. Hand massage is a good alternative also for those, who do not want a whole body massage but still would appreciate the recreation offered by a massage. Through the stimulation of important points, your whole body achieves wellbeing and balance.

BODY TREATMENTS Deluxe Chocolate Therapy 60 min 55 min Say goodbye to stress once and for all and welcome the harmony that chocolate can give you! Chocolate, which is derived from cocoa beans, has an important impact on the beauty of your skin. The evergreen tropical cocoa tree grows in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers and its Latin name Theobroma translates to “food of the gods”. A wrap made with cocoa powder, which is made of cocoa tree beans, helps to improve the contours of your body and decrease the “orange peel” appearance of your skin. Scientific studies have proved the cocoa’s stimulating effect on the production of endorphins i.e. the happiness hormones by creating an elevated mood and efficiently stimulating the fat burning process at the same time. The chocolate wrap includes cocoa bean-derived caffeine and polyphenol, which improve the shape of your body, nourish, moisturise and tone your skin, and what is even more important – help you to get rid of cellulite. The Deluxe Chocolate Treatment exposes your body to all the therapeutic physiological and emotional benefits of chocolate without a single calorie! The chocolate therapy improves the contours of your body, decreases the “orange peel” appearance of skin and boosts endorphin production, creating an elevated mood and efficiently stimulating the fat burning process. Triple skin moisturising action. Deluxe Red Wine Therapy 60 min 55 EUR Endless youth… The unattainable secret of the gods... A privileged and unique formula in the fight against stress. The state of the art of cosmetic procedures. Wine + beauty = wine therapy. Red grapes have powerful anti-free radical properties thanks to the polyphenol accumulated in their seeds and pulp. In the form of body wraps, red grapes turn into a true anti-aging medicine. Mixed with water, the micronized powder of red grape extract, wine and oils, makes a pleasingly attractive creamy pink wrap, that caresses your body. Wine therapy helps to maintain the youthfulness and elasticity of skin, adding glow, strength and firmness and slowing down premature aging processes, while also relieving stress. The aim is to maintain the youthful appearance and elasticity of skin and protect it against free radicals. Firms and sculpts the body, decelerates the premature aging of skin, relieves stress. Great for firming your body after losing weight or giving birth.

Deluxe Coffee Therapy 60 min 55 EUR A unique experience of the wellbeing, that coffee can provide. What are the feelings that coffee sti rs up in us? We all have our own individual need for the drink, but a body treatment with invigorating coffee, offers something that is w holly different from the usual way you enjoy it. Delicate textures and an intensive coffee aroma sharpen your senses and envelop your body, while powerful active ingredients melt into your skin. A coffee embrace – wellbeing for your senses and a beneficial effect for your body. The Spa Deluxe Coffee Therapy has diuretic, slimming, sculpting, firming and anti-aging effects. Thanks to the fat-burning properties of caffeine, the Coffee Therapy is well suited for everyone looking for a slimming and firming body treatment. Perfect after liposuction, giving birth or completing a slimming diet. Recommended for women who wish to prevent the appearance of passing time on their skin or sculpt problem areas. Sculpts and firms the body, extracts excess fluid from problem areas such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Encourages lipolysis. Decreases the appearance of "orange peel" skin. ALGOANE BODY TREATMENTS Relaxing chocolate treatment with hand massage 90 min 65 EUR Relaxing chocolate treatment with a health capsule and hand massage 120 min 80 EUR In modern days, one needs to take occasionally some time off to relax and free oneself of stress. The treatment offers a perfect moment of pampering and harmony, that enables you to switch out of the world and enjoy some truly personal time. - Introductory massage, peeling with an exfoliator that contains two salts - Relaxing massage - Relaxing and calming body wrap with chocolate mousse - Intensive moisturiser to finish the treatment

Energy treatment with hand massage Energy treatment with a health capsule and hand massage Rebalancing treatment. Ideal remedy against fatigue. It includes an intensive massage that re-energizes and stimulates your tired body. - Introductory massage, peeling with an exfoliator that contains two salts - Energising massage - Body wrap with seaweeds and trace elements - Body milk or intensive moisturiser to finish the treatment

90 min 65 EUR 120 min 80 EUR

Detoxifing body treatment with hand massage Detoxifing body treatment with an health capsule and hand massage A vitamin treatment, that draws upon the valuable properties of orange and mud, to eliminate toxins and tone your body. - Introductory massage and peeling with an exfoliator that contains flower petals - Anti-water retention massage - Anti-water retention and relaxing mud with orange peels - Toning foot gel and body milk to finish the treatment

90 min 65EUR 120 min 80 EUR

Slimming treatment with hand massage 90 min 65 EUR Slimming treatment with an health capsule and hand massage 120 min 80 EUR An efficient and revolutionary combination of a special slimming massage and a mask, that has a "melting" and anti-water retention effect. Ideal for slimming and firming your body. - Introductory massage, peeling with an exfoliator that contains flower petals - Slimming massage - Self-warming anti-cellulite mask - Slimming fluid or body contour cream to finish the treatment

Luxury crystal body peeling with flower oils 45 min 35 EUR A really multi-sensorial journey towards softer skin. The treatment is equally appreciated for its purifying qualities as well as giving sense of wellbeing. This toning exfoliation uses Dead Sea Salts coated with flower oils and delicately scented with orange blossom. While Dead Sea Salt gently polishes the skin, the flower oils nourish it. This treatment is ideal to begin skin care cure or before summer holidays. Firming chocolate-coffee body cocoon treatment 60 min 50 EUR The aim of the treatment is to offer complete solution to clients, who would like to improve the appearance of the skin and activate slimming process. Starts with a body exfoliation using Caribbean Brown Sugar infused with Vitamin E and Vanilla Oil. The procedure trims the skin, decreases cellulite and eliminates toxins and excess liquid. Your body is then enveloped in a rich, nourishing blend of warm chocolate-coffee, to lull you into a deep sense of relaxation. This luxurious treatment will also infuse essential minerals into the body as well as deeply nourish the skin. This indulgent treatment is finished off with aromatic massage with aromatic oil. Moisturising treatment with mango wax 60 min 50 EUR This treatment will burst your skin with moisture. Truly decadent treatment starts with a full body exfoliation, using Caribbean brown sugar infused with vitamin E and vanilla oil. Natural ingredients in mango mask based on bee wax provide softness, elasticity and firmness to achieve ideally nourished, gently aromatized and silky smooth skin. The treatment to trim body contours 60 min 50 EUR The treatment concentrates on problem areas such as stomach, buttock and thighs. The active ingredients containing in gum mask have strong effect in eliminating toxins and burning fat cells. Herbal proteins nourish and firm the skin. This treatment relaxes your minds and gives you beautiful body contours. Marine Detox waist removing treatment 60 min 50 EUR The aim of this treatment is to remove excess water, toxins and wastes from the body. Firstly the skin will be peeled thoroughly. Next, a mask on the base of seawater and algae will be applied on the skin, to stimulate sweating process, which removes toxins and waste from the body. The procedure enriches skin with trace elements and minerals. Pleasurable and relaxing body massage will end the treatment.

Intensevly slimming Silhouette Contour treatment 60 min 50 EUR This detoxifying treatment begins with a full body peeling to energize and revitalize the skin and activate the fat burning process. Next you will be wrapped in a blend of pure marine algae infused with essential oils of sage, rosemary, lavender and mint which will promote the burning of stored fat and the elimination of waste and toxins. This intensive treatment finishes with a stimulating and toning massage to breakdown fatty deposits as well as tone and refines the texture of the skin. Cellulite "burner" 60 min 50 EUR The aim of this procedure is to burn cellulite intensively by eliminating toxins and waste. This thoroughgoing care begins with scrub of the entire body with self-heating scrub, which removes dead cells and enriches organism with special sea minerals. Next, seaweed mask, which has in addition to anticellulite action also toxin-removing action, is being applied on problematic areas. In the mean time, eucalypt, lavender and rosemary have also calisthenic action on your body. At the end of the procedure, warming anticellulite gel is being applied on problematic areas. Refreshing treatment for legs 45 min 38 EUR The aim of the treatment is to offer relief to tired, heavy legs, that tend to have water retention. Toning and releasing Laminaria seaweed revitalizing wrap improves blood circulation and helps eliminate excess water. This treatment is effective and at the same time delightfully relaxing. Finally, the application of a cooling leg gel leaves legs with an unbelievable sense of lightness. This procedure is not suitable for those with varicose veins. "Perfect nourishment" 60 min 65 EUR "Perfect nourishment" is an all-exclusive treatment for body, face and soul. The treatment starts with full body peeling with aromatic Dead Sea salts mixture containing marigold flower and vegetable oils. The treatment makes your skin soft and silky. The procedure is followed by a moisturizing face treatment, containing skin cleansing, exfoliation and a face mask, which restores your skin hydration and radiance. The self-heating mud mask is applied on your back during the facial treatment, which will actively reduce tiredness. Wake up your body and mind and enjoy a perfectly shiny and silky skin! Treatment for mums-to-be 50 min 45 EUR This is an affectionately gentle and yet nourishing and moisturizing body care treatment, which gives skin elasticity and softness. Firstly, skin will be gently exfoliated. Next, natural ingredients in mango body cocoon mask, based on bee wax, provide softness, elasticity and firmness to achieve ideally nourished, gently aromatized and silky smooth skin. This indulgent treatment is finished off with application of firming body cream. The enjoyable procedure improves skin complexion also brightens and relaxes stressed and tense skin of mother to be.

Bali Spa body treatment 60 min 50 EUR The treatment begins with a whole body peeling with natural brown sugar from Caribbean islands. Pleasant vanilla aroma from the sugar scrub pampers your senses, while sweet almond oil and vitamin E leaves the skin silky smooth. The peeling is followed by an exclusive Bali massage with warm aromatherapy oil. The special massage technique releases muscle tension, relaxes your mind and restores true harmony. Bali Spa body treatment with relaxing mask 90 min 65 EUR Marine rhythm, healing power of aroma therapy and massage based on reflexology, are the key of this treatment. This rich treatment starts with relaxing and deep cleansing body peeling with brown sugar scrub to remove rough skin surface and applying on sweet almond oil to moisture and nourish the skin. It is followed by an aromatic brushed-on mask, which purifies the body from waste, enriches the skin with vitamins and restores the optimal balance and softness of the skin. The treatment is completed with luxurious Bali Spa massage to cure your body, soul and mind. DERMALIFE SPA-OCEANA CAPSULE TREATMENTS Detox body-cleansing capsule treatment 45 min 45 EUR The aim of this pleasant relaxing treatment is to remove efficiently the excess fluid, toxins and residue and help to activate the slimming process. The treatment starts with careful body peeling followed by a mask based on seawater minerals and brown seaweeds, which enriches skin with trace elements and mineral products, stimulates sweating process and eliminates wastes and toxins from the body. Thanks to Dermalife cleansing capsule program you will experience a real "reincarnation". The last stage of the treatment includes applying on a softening and moisturizing body lotion. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR. "Freshness of the sea" tonic capsule treatment 45 min 45 EUR It is a pampering and pleasant treatment against fatigue, tensions relieving and refreshing like fresh sea breeze. Firstly, the dead skin cells will be peeled off with the help of marine active ingredients. After that, the whole body will be wrapped into a mask containing sea algae. The natural ingredients of the mask contain vitamins and mineral elements activating metabolism, improving blood and lymph circulation. Marine body wrap makes the skin soft and pleasant. Dermalife capsule program stimulates and energizes the body, heat warms up the body improving the blood supply. The last stage of the treatment is moisturizing the body with a tonic body lotion. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR.

Cellulite reducing capsule treatment 45 min 45 EUR In this efficient anti-cellulite treatment the Algoane cellulite reducing and slimming products are improved by Dermalife capsule program. The treatment is specially developed for reducing cellulite and sculpturing body curves. Dermalife capsule program has the booster effect on body wraps with marine active ingredients and it ends with refreshing cold-hot Vichy shower. Slimming essential oils added with body lotion are applied at the end of treatment. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR. "Silky touch" stress relieving capsule treatment 45 min 45 EUR Pleasant anti-fatigue treatment enriches the body with mineral and trace elements making the skin soft and silky and increasing the skin tone. A combination of essential oils and linden ekstract creates the „time-stopping"-mood for your body and mind helping to relax and feeling fascinated by aromas and textures. During the mask procedure, capsule program pampers your body with steam wrap, giving you energy with its blue color. The treatment releases stress, relaxes and calms body and mind creating harmony in whole body. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR. Youth recovery capsule treatment with petals and sea cristals 45 min 45 EUR The aim of this treatment is to moisture, soften and nourish the skin through careful peeling, to make it silky smooth. The treatment is appreciated both for its firming and relaxing effect. The procedure purifies the body, improves circulation and skin receptivity to active ingredients. The capsular treatment stimulates circulation, is skin firming and improves elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis. After treatment, the skin is soft, radiant and lightly fragranced. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR. Vanilla-caramel energizing capsule treatment 45 min 45 EUR The first stage of this treatment is an aromatic Caribbean Sea brown sugar scrub. It perfectly removes all dead skin cells and visual impurities. Vanilla, sweet almond oil and vitamin-E in the scrub have softening and brightening impact on skin, making it incredibly silky and lightly fragranced. The capsule program creates virtual Mediterranean holiday feeling with it heat combined to vitalizing Vichy showers. It creates the „time-stopping"-mood for your body and mind. The treatment can be done together with facials at additional 16 EUR.

MASSAGE Classic massage

30 min 25 EUR/45 min 30 EUR/60 min 40 EUR

Hot stone massage A gentle procedure during which the body is smoothed and massaged with hot basalt stones. It is a calm and relaxing experience.

60 min 53 EUR

Aromatherapy massage 60 min 46 EUR Aromatherapy massage is done with essential oils. Every essential oil has its own effect (they can be calming, invigorating, pain relieving, improve metabolism). Skilful selection of essential oils will help to relieve stress, reduce cellulite, muscular tension and pain, insomnia, as well as menopausal discomfort and blood pressure fluctuations. Aromatic massage with sea vitamins 45 min 40 EUR Aromatic massage combines the techniques of classical massage and the healing properties of the ethereal oils of plants. Active sea substances enrich your body with minerals, trace elements and vitamins, giving energy to the whole body. Aromatic massage is perfect for calming your nervous system and easing muscular tensions. Cellulite massage 30 min 30 EUR/60 min 45 EUR Cellulite massage is aimed at the problem areas of the body. It smoothes the skin and reduces the orange peel effect. The active ingredients in special oils accelerate metabolism in cells, tone the skin and improve general well-being. The 30-minute massage is partial massage. Honey massage Contraindicated for people who are allergic to honey.

60 min 46 EUR

Indian head massage 45 min 37 EUR The Indian head massage is a part of the ancient Ayurveda traditional treatment system, teaching people to take care of themselves and live in a way, that prevents diseases. Champi (the Hindi term for the practice) is a treatment procedure, where the head, neck, face and shoulders are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels. Head massages are a part of the everyday routine in India - not just because it helps to keep hair in a good condition, but also because it stimulates the body's own natural ability to heal, as well as the harmony of the body and the soul. During the massage, energy channels are freed from blockages that cause health-related problems. When the flow of energy is obstructed, stress, pain, tension headaches, baldness, hair loss and so on, begin to take root. Head massages are good for alleviating problems related to eyes and ears. It also clears up the nose and nasal conchae, alleviates the rigidity of neck and shoulders, and helps in areas ranging from making the examination period or insomnia more easily tolerable to leading to mental cleansing. Contraindications are: blood pressure problems, epilepsy, cancer, atherosclerosis, inflammations or disorders in the blood circulation of the brain. In the case of osteoporosis and psoriasis, consult a doctor first. In the case of any contraindications, we recommend you only have your face massaged. Alcohol must not be consumed at least 5 hours before the massage. A relaxing and aromatic candle massage The massage combines the aromas and warmth of candles with the deep moisturising and softening touch of lotions. Massage candles Originality and innovation. The products mainly consist of lotions and natural ingredients giving the massage an aura of unique comfort and relaxation. • Nourishing • Smoothing • Beautifies your skin

45 min 40 EUR

Thai massage 60 min 50 EUR The Thai massage is a relaxing massage, done in the same rhythm as breathing. It improves muscle elasticity, joint mobility and frees you from mental strain. Many stretching moves similar to yoga positions are performed; yoga breathing techniques and meditation are used. Each pressure lasts as long as one exhaled breath. The massage therapists use the whole weight of their body to perform the massage, applying pressuring to the client with fingers, hands, elbows, feet and knees. The massage is carried out on the floor on a massage mat, through light-weight and loose clothing. The Thai massage is suitable for: - Decreasing muscle tension - Improving and maintaining joint mobility - Improving flexibility - Activating blood circulation and the lymphatic system - Activating the performance of internal organs - Influencing the energy field - Calming and relaxing; preventing and reducing stress - Improving the elasticity of muscles, restoring muscle length

The Thai massage is not suitable in the case of: - Inflammatory skin diseases - Chronic skin diseases - Inflammations of joints and tendons - Inflammation in the body - Cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure - Traumas - broken bones, muscle traumas, dislocations - Artificial limbs - Osteoporosis - Cancer - Diseases accompanied by fever - Clients under the influence of drugs or alcohol - Varicose veins, risk of thrombosis - Pregnancy - All chronic and acute diseases consult a doctor first - At least a year after back surgery and at least two years after abdominal surgery

HAIRDRESSER SERVICES Wash, cut and dry for women Wash and blow-dry for women Styling for special occasions Curly styling Colour, cut and blow-dry Colour/streak, cut and blow-dry Colour/streak Perm, cut and blow-dry Straightening Hair mask and blow-dry Wash Men's haircut with machine Men's wash and cut Hair-cuts for children 8 y Hair-cuts for children 8-12 y Hair-cuts for children 10-12 y Hair crystals for children (1pcs)

20-35 EUR 15-25 EUR 25-45 EUR 20-35 EUR 35-70 EUR 45-75 EUR 35-60 EUR 35-60 EUR 20-30 EUR 20-30 EUR 10-15 EUR 10-15 EUR 15-20 EUR 8-15 EUR 10-15 EUR 10-15 EUR 10 EUR

DEPILATION Legs Shins Bikini area Armpits Lip area Arms

32 EUR 22 EUR 18-45 EUR 13 EUR 8 EUR 18 EUR

INFRARED SAUNA Infrared sauna 1-/2-/3-/4- persons 30 min 6 EUR/10 EUR/12 EUR/14 EUR In the infrared sauna, the heat is emitted by infrared lamps. Unlike in a traditional sauna, where heat is transmitted by air and hot water vapour, the heat radiation in the infrared sauna is directly absorbed into the skin. Infrared rays penetrate the tissues under the skin for a depth of up to 4 cm, causing the temperature of skin and subcutaneous tissues (superficial fat, muscle meat, tendons) to rise and the person to sweat heavily at a relatively low temperature (35-45 °C). - The infrared sauna speeds up your metabolism and increases the skin's firmness - Decreases cellulite - The infrared sauna helps transport fat, liquid and waste matter out of your tissues Contraindications for using the infrared sauna: - Acute illnesses, injuries - Cardiovascular diseases - Heart stimulator - Tumors - Pregnancy - Artificial limbs If necessary, consult a doctor. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before and during the sauna session, as your body will lose a lot of liquid as a result of sweating. To achieve the best results, the infrared sauna should be visited 3 times a week for one month.

PRO WHITE Pro White 79 EUR Pro White is a unique teeth-whitening method that has provided thousands of satisfied customers with a nicer smile. Your teeth will be whitened by 8 to 14 tones! A whitening gel, activated by blue laser radiation, turns discoloured teeth whiter quickly and effectively. The whole procedure is very simple and completely safe. The whitening lasts for 30 minutes and it can be performed simultaneously with other treatment procedures. A disposable elastic silicone aid is used during the whitening process. Hydrogen peroxide is NOT used during the treatment!

HEALTH PROCEDURES Doctor's reception Prescription Nurse reception

15 EUR 4 EUR 3 EUR

ECG Electrocardiography enables the function of the heart in resting situation to be evaluated.

10 EUR

Blood analysis Cholesterol, blood glucose blood will be drawn from the fingertip and the result will be ready in a few minutes.

10 EUR

Light Therapy For skin, muscles, joints.


Laser treatment 11 EUR Only when recommended by the doctor. The doctor will choose the right treatment method suitable for you according to your symptoms, disease process and diagnosis. Podometry (foot analysis) 12 EUR We offer you a possibility to get perfect results from the computerised foot analysis and to order individual slip soles foot supports, which ensure normal position of bones and muscles of your body resulting in decreased or eliminated back pain. This computerised analysis lasts for a few minutes and even helps to determine early foot deformations and thus enables several diseases to be prevented. Foot condition should always be analysed following joint replacement surgery and bone / muscle trauma. Slip soles cost 30 EUR. Ear candles 10 EUR Ear candles promote energy circulation in human body whilst their effect is based on burning. Ear candles are made of comb wax, bee glue, essential oils and cotton fibre containing herbs. Ear candles use thermal energy to extend veins and stimulate local circulation, they eliminate tinnitus and have a pacifying effect on the central nervous system. Indications: nervousness, insomnia, stress, headache, respiratory diseases, tinnitus. Contraindications: otitis media, oedema in the ear canal, eardrum damage, allergy to honey products

Inhalation 8 EUR The inhalation device introduces a medicine by spraying a solution in such small particles that they reach the respiratory tract along with the inhaled air. Once there, the medicine will work in the intended way on the mucous membranes. Variations of this procedure used for treatment of chronic or acute diseases of the respiratory tract include: expectoration relaxing, infection treating, moisturizing and dilating inhalations. Massage bed Salt chamber

15 min 8 EUR 40 min 9 EUR

Salt chamber for children 30 min 4 EUR Salt treatment is indicated for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic tonsillitis and / or pharyngitis. Salt treatment is also suitable for cigarette smokers, for cessation of smoking and for subjects working in dusty conditions. Salt treatment is contraindicated in renal failure. Measurement of Fat Percentage in the Body 4 EUR A simple, quick and comfortable method of determining fat content by means of the bio-impedance gauge. Once fat percentage is determined, it can then be deduced how much of your body weight is fat tissue, what your body weight index is and how these indicators will change as you do physical exercises and lose weight.