Prince George Native Friendship Centre

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Prince George Native Friendship Centre Organizational Chart May 2015 Aboriginal Head Start Director of First Team Leader Emma Palmantier President
Prince George Native Friendship Centre Organizational Chart May 2015

Jean Walker Director

Mary Thomas

Joan Sutherland

Emma Palmantier




Computer Services

Cultural Advisor

Director of Youth & Community Services

Director of Supportive Housing

Gwen Budskin

Jennifer Harrington

Barbara Ward-Burkitt Executive Director

Director of Finance Tammy Williams

Vince Prince Vice President

Deanna Cardinal

Elsie Rallison


Elder Director

Executive Assistant

Director of Early Childhood Services

Director of Health Erin Anderlini

Kim Chernenkoff


Ketso Yoh

Accounts Payable

Aboriginal Head Start I

Aboriginal Child & Youth Wellness Program

Friendship Home

Friendship Lodge

Payroll Administrator

Aboriginal Head Start II

Native Healing Centre

My Way

Tse’Koo Huba Yoh

Accounts A/R Clerk

Aboriginal Infant & Family Development Program

Emergency Resources & Volunteer Program

Spiritual Advisor

Director of First Impressions


Team Leader

Smokehouse Kitchen Program

Helping Handz

Hospitality & Catering Services

For Us By Us Youth In-Care Network


Building Blocks

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Program

Maintenance Little Friends Day Care Camp Friendship

Better At Home

Strengthening Families

Learning Circle Literacy Program