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The School Board agrees to employ the employee, and the employee agrees to accept such employment in the position of TEACHER. This position is subject to ...
PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD ANNUAL CONTRACT WITH PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL DRAFT This document is an employment contract between the COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD OF PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA (hereinafter, “the School Board" or "the Board") and (hereinafter, "the employee"), on the following terms

1. The School Board agrees to employ the employee, and the employee agrees to accept such employment in the position of TEACHER. This position is subject to the authority of the Board and is under the supervision and direction of the Division Superintendent and the Superintendent's designated subordinate(s), if any.

2. The employee (check appropriate line) ___ a. holds a Virginia license in full force ___ b. has completed the requirements for a Virginia license or ___ c. will qualify for a Virginia license within ninety days of the first workday (Note: If item "c." is checked, this contract is contingent on the employee's qualifying for the license and is void if the employee does not so qualify.)

3. The employee shall promptly perform during the period of this contract all duties necessary for the efficient and successful operation of the school division. The employee's job description, if any, is a guide to the necessary duties of the position, but the Board and the Division Superintendent may add, change, or withdraw duties when necessary for the efficient and successful operation of the school division.

4. The employee shall comply with all school laws, State Board of Education regulations, and all policies and regulations of the School Board now existing or enacted during the term of the contract. These laws, regulations, and policies are subject to change without notice. Failure of the employee to comply with such laws, policies or regulations shall constitute sufficient grounds for termination of the contract by the School Board.

5. The employee hereby swears or affirms allegiance and loyalty to the Constitution of Virginia and to the Constitution of the United States.

6. The parties acknowledge that the Division Superintendent has the authority to assign the employee to a position, and may reassign the employee to any position and location within the school division. No change or reassignment will adversely affect the salary of the employee during the current school year. The Superintendent shall make appropriate reports and explanations of any reassignment upon request of the School Board.

7. If schools are closed temporarily, the School Board may require such lost work days to be made up within the school term or may extend the school term.

8. The School Board, upon recommendation of the Division Superintendent, may suspend the employee, place the employee on probation, or terminate the employee. Such suspension, probation, or termination shall be in accordance with the state law, state grievance procedure (where applicable), and policies and regulations of the School Board. Either party may decline to enter into an employment contract for the following year for any reason. If the School Board non-renews the contract, it shall provide written notice on or before June 15 and the employee shall have an opportunity to be heard.

9. The employee may ask the School Board for release from this contract by giving the School Board two weeks notice in writing, along with a statement of the reasons justifying the release. If the Board declines to grant the release and if the employee then breaches this contract, the Board may pursue sanctions as provided by law, including the revocation of the employee's license.

10. The School Board shall pay the employee $ for the school session , payable in 24 installments on a semi-monthly basis. This contract covers a period of 10 months within which there shall be at least 195 work days, including a minimum of 181 teaching days,14 days for teaching, inservice, conferences, planning, evaluation, and related services, and 5 day(s) subject to assignment in the discretion of the Board. The amount of pay is subject to change if the employee fails to provide employment verification sufficient to support the experience credit granted; any such change in pay is retroactive to the first day of work.

11. If the contract is terminated for any reason, the School Board shall pay the employee for services rendered through the date of termination. This payment shall be on a daily rate basis determined by dividing the annual salary stipulated in this contract by the number of work days covered under this contract and multiplying this daily figure by the number of days worked, then subtracting the contractual earnings paid to the employee prior to the time of termination.

12. The School Board shall deduct from the employee's paycheck the computed amount due under the Federal Social Security and Withholding Tax Acts and the Virginia income tax withholding law, and any other payroll deductions agreed to by the employee or required by law.

13. This contract is contingent upon completion of a favorable background investigation and criminal records check, and upon the approval and receipt of funds that the School Board finds are sufficient to meet its obligations under this contract. If the School Board finds that the funds available are insufficient to meet its obligations under this contract, this contract shall terminate and be void upon the Board's provision of written notice to the employee by hand delivery or by mailing to the employee's last known mailing address.

14. Special Covenants:

a. Effective dates of this contract:

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Employee Date

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