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May 7, 2010 ... If you host a session, you may recognize your “All County” students by .... DEL CONDADO del 2010 es una demostración de las mejores.
Prince William County Schools All County Health and Physical Education Expo All Grade Levels Prince William County Fairgrounds Friday May 7, 2010 Set up 4:00-5:00 Community invited 5:00-8:00 8:00-9:00 Clean Up Rain or Shine This Packet Contains: Teacher Checklist Teacher Recertification Points Response FORM A All County Student Selection Process Community Flyer Parent Letter (student notification…modify to fit your needs) Student Certificate (for your optional use…modify to fit your needs) Teacher Checklist: Read this information packet thoroughly and ask questions if needed. Note the session times, locations, and work assignments. Beth Tomanek King, HPE Specialist, 703-791-8042. Mark the date and register on the PWCS Professional Development Catalog: Organization id is 55914 Enter your badge # Sign up for HPE 706 Please make every effort to attend. This is a format to showcase YOUR best students and teaching practices. It is an evening to honor YOU as much as the efforts of your students. We need YOU there! As requested…you will not be at one session the whole time, you will have time to participate in other areas. Fill out the attached Teacher Recertification Points Response form (FORM A) and RETURN.

Teachers will choose to do 1 of 3 things: 1. Assist with the sessions presented by fellow teachers and community groups 2. Escort your school’s “All County” students about the sessions 3. Present or Host a spotlighted teacher session…proposal form is part of Form A 4. JUST setting up or hanging out is not a choice If you do not indicate a choice…I will assign you to assist at two different sessions and a break time. If you choose to escort your students to the sessions, a recommended teacher to student ratio is 10:1. Be sure to have enough staff present. If you host a session, you may recognize your “All County” students by having them demonstrate or spotlighted in your session. Office of Health and Physical Education Fred Milbert, Supervisor, (703)791-7353

FORM A TEACHER RESPONSE Return electronically to: Beth Tomanek King [email protected] or via the courier: Beth Tomanek King Health and PE KLC Name


I am UNABLE to attend. For future planning purposes…please indicate your conflict (coaching, grad class, etc) and your future interest in this event and how we can address your conflict: I will attend between 5:00-8:00 (If you cannot attend the entire time, note the time you can: I will help with the following (please circle): Assist with a session I am also available for:

Set up 4:00-5:00

) Escort my Students

Clean Up 8:00-9:00

I have been invited or propose to HOST a Teacher Spotlighted Session (we will confirm and follow up with further instructions) Name of Your Session: Describe Length of Time (one time-how long? repeating-for how long? ongoing): Equipment and # of Staff Needed (remember there are NOT the usual school-issue goals and backstops…plan accordingly):

Equipment and # of Staff I will provide: Do you need access to an electrical outlet? Additional Info or Questions:

Office of Health and Physical Education Fred Milbert, Supervisor, (703)791-7353

Department Heads/Elementary Teacher Checklist continued: The t-shirts are back by popular demand. The cost is $3.25 a shirt. I will order 24 shirts for elementary, 36 for Middle Schools, and 24 for high school. That equals $78.00 for elementary and high schools, $107.00 for middle schools. Payment will be made to The Nelson Hills Company. They are a vendor in the system (RNM-6028-R3 or RNM-6028R4) and your book keeper will workout how they will pay them. If you would like to order more (for staff or extra students) let me know ASAP. The sizes will be generally small/medium for elementary schools, medium/large for middle schools, and large/a few XL for high schools. I will order one FREE staff shirt per school. You will need to wear this shirt to the event. Select and notify students that they have been selected as All County. 6 boys and 6 girls per grade level is recommended. Grades 4-10. See attached letter of notification. A Spanish version is also available. Both are attached electronically in order to print in color. Students may qualify in several different categories. Please consider and include SPECIAL EDUCATION students. This is an EXPO…not a competition. For parent explanations, use the attached letter of notification, if needed. All County students that attend the event will be given a “VIP Pass” prior to the event. It will be given to All County students only and can be turned in as they exit for door prize drawings. They do not need to be present to win…we will draw names after the event and notify you as their pe teacher and send their prizes in the courier to you. We have provided a certificate of recognition template for individual school award ceremonies. If you would like to personalize school any communications or items or spirit wear …you may use this logo:

Announce and promote the event to the entire school community. All are welcome. It is a hands-on, participatory event. See attached flyer. If you know of a school program or community resource that should be included, please let us know! If you have a camp, business, or league you would like to promote, please let me know how you can be included. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND PREPARATION TO MAKE THIS EVENT SUCCESSFUL! Office of Health and Physical Education Fred Milbert, Supervisor, (703)791-7353

All County Student Selection Process

How do we have All County Students…with no All County Student Events?! The only special recognition at the All County event will be the VIP PASSES and VIP ONLY AREA. You may choose to hand these out prior to the event or meet your students at the event. Plan accordingly. All the session leaders will be informed that those with V.I.P. passes are the All County students. Hopefully, they will give them added attention and congratulate them on being All County. I am continuing to garner donations and door prizes…my goal is for EVERY All County student to be able to “win” something. There are over 2000 invited! If you have a business or community contact that would like to donate, let me know. You may designate up to 12 students per grade level, grades 4-10. The criteria for All County honors include, but are not limited to: Outstanding Student Improvement Outstanding Student Achievement Exceptional Project/Portfolio Completion Demonstrated Leadership and Initiative Outstanding Performance in the Virginia Wellness-Related Fitness Program

You can recognize your students in the following ways: Have them demonstrate if you are hosting a Teacher Spotlight session Recognize them at YOUR SCHOOL in a special way or on a special day Recognize them at end of the year awards with the provided certificate Provide them with a special t-shirt or other object to be worn on this day Make a PA announcement at your school that the All County HPE Expo is being held in honor of…then name the students. Make a bulletin board or display of why these students were chosen All County Highlight these students at your spring field day (elementary) Middle and High Schools…consider having a “field day” or fitness fun day Organize a night out at the Potomac Nationals Work with your PTA or administration to provide recognition for these students

Office of Health and Physical Education Fred Milbert, Supervisor, (703)791-7353


An event to showcase and recognize outstanding students, programs, and teachers in the Department of Health and Physical Education in our schools! Interactive activities for the whole family: Family Fitness Fun Run, Line Dancing, Group Fitness, Obstacle Course, Archery, First Tee and Birdie Ball Golf, PE Dance Program, School Bicycle Program Demo, hands on sport league sessions, fire and safety, health screenings, and more!

Friday May 7 5:00-8:00 pm Prince William County Fairgrounds 10624 Dumfries Road Manassas, VA 20112 Call the Office of Health and Physical Education for more information, (703)791-7353

wis ALL COUNTY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPO All Grade Levels – May 7, 2010 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Prince William County Fairgrounds Rain or Shine Dear Congratulations! You have qualified as an ALL COUNTY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPO participant. This event reflects the mission of Health and Physical Education in Prince William County Schools: To provide all students with the skills and knowledge to live health lifestyles. The 2010 ALL COUNTY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPO is a showcase of the best teaching practices in the department of health and physical education. There will also be several community partners in attendance, providing their services. You were selected for your efforts in the following qualifying criteria: Outstanding Student Improvement Outstanding Student Achievement Exceptional Project/Portfolio Completion Demonstrated Leadership and Initiative Outstanding Performance in the Virginia Wellness-Related Fitness Program This is not a competition, but a chance to recognize you before your family and fellow students. You have not only succeeded in physical education, but made the extra effort to demonstrate excellence among your classmates. There are no scheduled events or required times to attend. This special event is held in your honor. The entire community will benefit by being able to participate in the sessions provided. Your teacher will provide additional recognition at your school! Please indicate if you are able to attend the ALL COUNTY HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPO. Your parents are responsible for you at the event unless arranged differently by your teacher. Your teacher may have a plan for carpooling or alternative transportation if needed. Respond and Return immediately to your physical education teacher. YES we plan to attend the ALL COUNTY PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXPO. We will be at the Prince William County Fairgrounds between the scheduled times of 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. No, we are unable to attend. Name of Student Grade

Classroom/Homeroom Teacher Parent Name(s)

Please list any medical concerns or questions here:


is EXPOSICIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA DEL CONDADO Todos los grados, el 7 de mayo, 2010 Desde las 5 hasta las 8 de la noche Prince William County Fairgrounds (Campo de Ferias del Condado) Aunque este el día asoleado o lloviendo Estimado/a ¡Felicidades! Usted calificó para participar en la EXPOSICIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA DEL CONDADO (All County Physical Education Expo). Este evento representa las metas del Departamento de Salud y Educación Física de las Escuela Públicas del Condado de Prince William : A promover estudiantes que logren ser activos y saludables La EXPOSICIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA DEL CONDADO del 2010 es una demostración de las mejores prácticas educativas del Departamento de Educación Física. Además estarán presentes representantes de la comunidad ofreciendo sus servicios. Usted ha sido seleccionado por sus esfuerzos en los criterios siguientes: Mejor progreso académico Mejor logro académico Completar de una manera excepcional Demostrar liderazgo e iniciativa el proyecto/portafolio Mejor rendimiento en el Programa de Bienestar Físico de Virginia Ésta no es una competencia, sino una oportunidad de demostrarle a su familia y compañeros cómo usted no sólo ha tenido éxito en la educación física, pero además ha hecho un esfuerzo adicional para demostrar excelencia entre sus compañeros. Este es un evento especial en su honor. La comunidad entera se beneficiará al poder participar en las sesiones disponibles. ¡Su maestro/a le dará un reconocimiento especial en su escuela! Por favor indique si usted va a poder asistir o no a la EXPOSICIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA DEL CONDADO. Sus padres serán responsables por usted durante el evento, a no ser que su maestro/a haya hecho arreglos diferentes. Si lo necesita puede que su maestro tenga posibilidades de transporte compartido u otras alternativas para llegar. Por favor, devuelva su respuesta de inmediato a su maestro/a de educación física: SÍ, participaremos en la EXPOSICIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA DEL CONDADO. Estaremos en Prince William County Fairgrounds (Campo de Ferias del Condado) entre el horario planeado de las 5 a las 8 de la noche Número de personas que asistirán Yo comprendo que mi hijo es mi responsabilidad durante el evento. No, podremos participar. Nombre del estudiante Grado

Nombre del maestro/a de la clase

Nombre del Padre (s)

Si tiene preguntas o preocupaciones médicas, por favor escríbalas aquí:



CONGRATULATIONS This certificate of recognition is awarded for your selection as an All County Health and Physical Education Student of Prince William County Public Schools. Your achievement reflects the vision of the Office of Health and Physical Education, which is to promote active, healthy, and achieving students. Thank you for your outstanding efforts in school and in establishing a lifetime of healthy habits! Physical Education Teacher