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Lexington Insurance is one of the largest underwriters of CAT-exposed commercial property in the U.S. and a leading underwriter of commercial real estate and ...
Property Insurance

There is property insurance – and then there is property insurance that reaches a level of security, flexibility, and quality all its own. That is what property insurance from Lexington Insurance is all about, and what our clients and brokers have come to expect for over 40 years. Lexington Insurance is the largest U.S.-based surplus lines insurer – and one that has served the property market consistently for decades. Our underwriting expertise and flexibility of rate and form allow us to tailor customized solutions for most property needs. Policyholders are supported by a broad array of loss control engineering services and dedicated claims handling expertise. All of which is why Lexington delivers security, flexibility, and quality that is unparalleled in the marketplace. Lexington’s portfolio of property coverages encompasses solutions for: Lexington Insurance is one of the largest underwriters of CAT-exposed commercial property in the U.S. and a leading underwriter of commercial real estate and public entities. We can provide $25 million in critical CAT capacity with the capability for higher limits, and up to $1.5 billion in non-catastrophic commercial limits.

• General commercial exposures

• Municipalities and public entities

• Manufacturing risks

• Higher education institutions

• Construction industry risks

• Financial institutions

• Communications industry risks

• Property terrorism coverage

• Real estate exposures

• Extensive inland marine lines

• Healthcare institutions

• Equipment breakdown insurance

This market-leading capacity is complemented by our unparalleled risk management and loss prevention engineering services and unmatched claims handling expertise to help policyholders better protect the full breadth of their property assets.

Innovative Coverages from a Market Leader Innovation is at the core of Lexington’s operating principles. We continuously invest in product development and market research and regularly launch new and enhanced products for the property market. Recent innovations include: CarbonCover ODS® Provides coverages for project developers who are collecting tangible physical assets for the purpose of creating emission reductions and carbon offset credits. Evacuation Response Helps ease the evacuation burden by enabling hospitals and higher education institutions to insure evacuation expenses triggered by a mandatory evacuation order from a local civil authority. Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Insurance Protects owners, developers, or investors of properties qualifying for federal and state rehabilitation tax credits against the financial loss suffered if the expected tax credit income is lost during rehabilitation or recaptured after occupancy.

Property Insurance Innovative Coverages from a Market Leader LexCyberSecure® A specialized insurance solution to protect a company’s digital assets. Zoning Restriction Protector® Designed for commercial and residential real estate developers and lenders, this coverage can provide protection against financial loss incurred in the event an insured building is damaged and cannot be rebuilt to previous zoning standards, and must be constructed to comply with zoning ordinances in effect on the date the property damage occurred. EcoSurance® Lexington’s latest addition to its suite of “green” insurance products developed to promote environmentally friendly practices and to respond to changing market needs. The suite also includes Upgrade to Green® and LexEcoBank.® Pandemic Rx® Reimburses policyholders for business income loss sustained and extra expenses incurred by acute care medical facilities during an influenza pandemic event, triggered by the declaration of a public–health emergency. LexPILOT® An integrated “all-risk” coverage form for property and marine cargo exposures designed to address potential redundancies and/or coverage gaps inherent in purchasing separate forms. Loss Control Engineering Resources Lexington’s policies are complemented by a wide range of loss prevention and engineering services to assist policyholders in loss mitigation and risk reduction as well as improvement of business operations. The comprehensive property engineering services include highly protected risk property loss control surveys, impairment monitoring, plan reviews, and consulting services – beneficial additions to the insurance coverage. Lexington Claims Advantage Lexington’s policies are supported by our exceptional claims services. With an average of 18 years of experience, our claims specialists provide expert, comprehensive service – so policyholders receive efficient, timely responses. Our Catastrophe Advantage Program (CAP), innovative modeling technology that allows us to effectively plan for and manage impending CAT events, is unrivaled in the marketplace. And, we have service agreements in place with independent adjuster resources who stand ready to respond to a major wind or earthquake CAT event, so Lexington policyholders can address losses quickly, and resume business operations sooner rather than later. Contact: For more information, please email us at [email protected] or visit

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