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The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is ... By inhaling, those ingredients are absorbed essentially more effective, ...... the pleasure to meet Mr. Eagle Bill and his Monster Vaporizer in February 1996.
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The new dimension in aroma-therapy

Welcome to the pure and healthy world of AroMed vaporizers. The new AroMed 4.0 contributes to a pure, soft, yet effective way to increase your health and wellness.

Version 1.3 – November 06 2004

AroMed Vaporizer

... the new AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer.

• The principle • Phyto-Inhalation • A glimpse on the advantages • Administering • Administering fields • FAQ

The principle

... active vapour for your health and wellness.

• The AroMed is a very precise hot-air vaporizer. The active substances of any given plant can be inhaled. • The active vapour is free of harmful substances. This is made sure by a hot air source of undeniable purity and an additional water filter. • The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is controlled by a precise microprocessor. • Fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, or essential oils are all the same applicable with the AroMed. • The hot air source is placed above the plant material. Therefore only during inhalation active substances are set free. The AroMed can be filled with more than one dosage, and inhalation is possible to the user’s liking without in-between switch-offs. • More than 90% of the active substances are to be inhaled.

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The principle has proven excellence since more than 8 years!


... pure nature, soft and effective results.

Phyto-inhalation is the term used by our scientific consultants.

In German, the publication ‘Phyto-Inhalation’ has been edited under assistance of research&experience. The English issue might be out in 2005.

Phyto-inhalation is meanwhile well known as the direct administering form of medical herb’s active ingredients. By inhaling, those ingredients are absorbed essentially more effective, without any losses, and faster as when taken orally as tablets, extracts or tinctures, and teas. Still tinctures and oily solutions of plants active principles are to be vaporized without any problems with the AroMed see accessories: glass foam pellets

Best effects without side effects!

Our medical doctors claim that because phyto-inhalation delivers active substances directly into the arterial blood stream via bronchial system, it is better to dose as well as better to control in its effects than even intravenous injection. The inner organs that are in part strongly burdened by intra venous injections are less stressed.

We would like to name the AroMed vaporizer a “phyto-inhalator”. Yet the German Medical Agency is very strict with the use of the medical term of ‘inhalation’. We are working to gain those standards. Since 1999 we co- operate with the Department of Natural Medicine at Santiago de Cuba University. First field research has been concluded with great success and very positive, encouraging results for the participating patients with bronchial diseases. The second field research is in progress and will give us more evidence.

A glimpse on the advantages

• most effective: a hot air stream extracts more than 90% of active substances from any medicinal herb or tincture • fast relief after only a few minutes • the glass herb holder allows to watch extraction while inhaling • no harmful substances at all: exact heat control prevents tars and carcinogenic substances, the integrated water filter cleans the inhaled vapours from dust particles • unadulterated aroma: pure plant material as well as essential oils or tinctures are inhaled • maximum temperature of 235°C (458°F) is available in about two minutes


... fast readiness for action, easy to use.

Just two minutes after switching it on the AroMed vaporizer is ready to use: • Fill water and herbs (top left) • Connect heat source (top right) • Choose temperature (bottom left) • inhale and be well (bottom right)

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Fields of administering

... Therapeutic usage and intensified wellness.

The AroMed vaporizer can be employed in many ways:

• inhale medicinal plants • use stimulating, sleep inducing, and mood lifting herbs to improve climate of the room with the additional AromaTop • use as recreation device for well-being


The AroMed vaporizer is manufactured and sold since seven years. First models are in constant use since more than eight years. By now many have found vaporizing is excellent – and above all healthy – to enjoy cannabis products. This is not really of priority to the producer, research&experience. We supply a device to inhale active agents of many different herbs. The AroMed vaporizer does not only contribute to well- being but also to alleviate symptoms of many diseases. Even though one should not forget cannabis products are able to help millions worldwide which cannot be treated sufficiently with orthodox medicine’s remedies. For this group of patients legalization of cannabinoids is of much importance!

• How long does it take until I can use the AroMed when switched on? • What kind of substances can be used and vaporized in the AroMed? • How about the use of liquids with the AroMed? • How exact is the temperature setting of the AroMed? • Why does only the AroMed produce its hot air flow with an electric halogen bulb? • Different from other vaporizers, the AroMed has a water filter. How about condensation of active ingredients in the water? • Why is there no fan included in the AroMed? • Is the AroMed classified as a medical device?

How long does it take until I can use the AroMed when switched on?

With its unique heating system, the AroMed takes two minutes to heat up. Other hot air vaporizers need from eight to eighteen minutes to reach vaporizing temperature.

What kind of substances can be used and vaporized in the AroMed?

The AroMed vaporizer extracts aromatic and/or therapeutic ingredients of herbal materials. Even chemicals, to some extent, become inhalable. research&experience work together with experts since more than seven years to field test plants of use. The manual to the AroMed vaporizer describes more than forty different phyto-pharmaceutical herbs which can be used. In Germany, research&experience has edited the first ever standard publication about vaporizing herbs (“Phyto-Inhalation”, ISBN 3-922708-36-6)

How about the use of liquids with the AroMed?

We have developed a special glass foam pellet that can take 1 ml of fluids. Liquids of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other potions, including Marinol™ and Dronabinol can be inhaled using FoamPellets.

How exact is the temperature setting of the AroMed?

Vaporizing temperatures in the AroMed can be selected in 1°C/2°F steps from 60°C/152°F to 235°C/455°F. Inhalation of about any active agent, from essential oils to components boiling at high temperatures is possible. Like in all other vaporizers, the hot air temperature is measured where originated, but only the AroMed has a built in processor, that calculates exact temperatures inside the herbal materials. A comparison: Another vaporizer is temperature controlled by an electric iron thermostat with a measuring tolerance of +/- 15°C/59°F. Fluctuation ranges of 30°C/86°F are most likely. It has a knob to choose temperatures between 1 and 9.

Why does only the AroMed produce its hot air flow with an electric halogen bulb?

The editor of our book “Phyto-Inhalation” uses to say: “The eye likes to inhale as well..” The light just looks nice. But really: We have good reasons to heat our system with a halogen bulb: it is ultraviolet-free and provides heat without setting free any dangerous gases. Other devices are built of materials which gas out medically unwanted substances, e.g. the brass holder of a glass bowl vaporizer. In case of another vaporizer, the heating element is constructed of aluminium. Well known is the “aluminosis syndrome”, a lung disease common with aluminium smelting personal. Another vaporizer has a strange plastic smell while heating up.

Different from other vaporizers, the AroMed has a water filter. How about condensation of active ingredients in the water?

Some active ingredients condensate in every vaporizer’s system, meaning they are deposited on the vaporizer’s surfaces rather than in the user’s lungs. We feel that water filtration is necessary, especially when very fine grinded material is used. Fine dusts are inhaled and lead to irritations of the user’s bronchial system. If firm and compact materials are used, the filter can be used without water. The same if oily or watery solutions are vaporized. A comparison: When vaporized with the AroMed, the active ingredients are led through a narrow hose and through the water filter with high speed. Only during the inhalation process ingredients evaporate, because no fan is involved like in other vaporizers. Therefore up to nothing condensates in the hose, and only 2-3% in the water filter. The total surface of the AroMed’s system is an estimated 150 square centimetres. Other vaporizers use Glass bowls or plastic balloons which are first filled with vapour. The vapour stays inside the system and is inhaled frequently, until the system is emptied by inhaling the vapour. With this method, the vapour has contact with the systems surface for a much longer period. On the surface of the glass bowl or the plastic balloon the vapour is cooled down to temperatures that make it condensate on the balloon’s surface. The total surface of those systems is up to an estimated 750 square centimetres. Just calculate: other vaporizers have a condensation loss 3-4 times higher than the AroMed.

Why is there no fan included in the AroMed?

With the AroMed, in breathing pauses no ingredients are vaporized, as with all the fan models. The user can dose the inhaled substances to his liking. No fan induced hot air flow forces the user to inhale constantly. In pauses the AroMed does not have to be switched of or “standby”, no waist will occur as with fan driven models.

Is the AroMed classified as a medical device?

Not yet, until our field research has not ended. A scientific conclusion (double blind tests are to be repeated, but till now medications seem to be very successful when used against symptoms of bronchial diseases) will be published. Still, in Europe some six medical insurance companies have, after thorough single evaluations, decided to refund the AroMed 100% when bought.

Medical plants

... to use with the AroMed vaporizer.

• Important hints and general remarks • Plants A-Z • Symptoms A-Z

Important hints and general remarks

Vaporizing with the AroMed vaporizer is economical: use only about 1/3 of the normal dose for teas or tinctures. Unlike fumigation and smoking the effects occur with a short delay, because principally with vaporizing there will be no experience with slight poisoning (e.g. by carbon-monoxides and- dioxides). After about two minutes you will still experience a better effect than ever! We advise adequate drinking while administering (preferably water)!

Any other administering than the ones described here is out of our responsibility! Do not vaporize nor inhale substances unknown to you without advice of your non medical practioner, doctor, or pharmacist!

Plants A-Z

Medical plants to use with AroMed vaporizer.

|Name of herbal drug |Phytopharmaceutical | | |name | |Ashwaganda-root |withania somnifera | | |radix | |Basil |basilici herba | |Camomile flowers |matricariae flos | |Cloves |caryophylli flos | |Damiana herb |turnera diffusae herba| |Dream herb |caleae zacatechichii | | |herba | |Elecampane root |inulae hellenii | | |rhizoma | |Eucalyptus leaves |eucalypti folium | |Ginkgo leaves |ginkgo folium | |Guarana | |guarana herba/pasta | | | |guarana | |Harmala seeds |peganum harmalae semen| |Hawthorn flowers |crataegus monogynae | | |flos | |Hemp blossoms | |cannabis herba | |Hops glands |lupuli strobuli | |Juniper berries |juniperi fructus | |Lavender blossoms |lavendulae flos | |Lemon balm leaves |melissae folium | |Lime tree blossoms |tiliae flos | |Lobelia herb |lobeliae inflatae | | |herba | |Mate tea leaves |ilex paraguinense | | |folium | |Monk’s basil herb |ocimum sancti herba | |Parsley fruits |petroselini fructus | |Peppermint leaves |menthae piperitae | | |folium | |Purple coneflower root |echinacea | | |angustifoliae radix | |Purple sage blossoms |salvia sclareae flos | |Quebracho bark |cortex quebracho | | |blanco | |Rauwolfia root |rauwolfiae radix | |Rosemary leaves |rosmarini folium | |Sage leaves |salviae folium | |St. John’s wort |hyperici herba | |Sweet vernal grass |anthoxanti odorati | | |herba | |Tea leaves |thea nigra folium | |Thyme |thymi herba | |Valerian root |valerianae radix | |Vanilla grass |hierochloe odoratae | | |herba | |Verbena |verbenae herba | |White sagebrush |artemisia mexicanae | | |herba | |Wild lettuce leaves |lactucae virosae | | |folium | |Wild rosemary herb |ledum palustris herba | |Willow bark |salicis cortex | |Yarrow blossoms |millefolii flos |

Plant names

(Botanical names in brackets)

Ashwaganda (withania somnifera)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F

effects / symptoms: • tonicizing with kidney and bladder complaints • anti-depressive, sedative, and tonicizing against menstrual pains • anti-depressive and sedative against insomnia • tonicizing with cardiac (heart) diseases

description / general remarks: Very good substitute for sleeping pills.

Basil (ocimum basilicum)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F

effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic and cough-relieving with coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description / general remarks: During pregnancy ask your doctor!

Camomile (matricaria recutita)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-inflammatory against gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-inflammatory and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • anti-inflammatory against menstrual pains

description / general remarks: Well tried household remedy

Cloves tree (caryophyllis aromaticus)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • Disinfecting and pain-relieving with gastro-intestinal complaints • Disinfecting, pain-relieving, and stimulating blood circulation against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: Renowned remedy in the orient. In Indonesia there are cloves cigarettes, in India cloves joss sticks are used for ayurvedic fumigations. Use very sparingly!

Damiana (turnera diffusa)

[pic] Boiling point: 190 °C374°F effects / symptoms: • tonicizing with kidney- and bladder complaints • tonicizing and sedative against insomnia • tonicizing and sedative against menstrual pains • sedative against cardiac (heart) diseases

description / general remarks: When used in a course of treatment Damiana is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Dream herb (calea zacatechichi)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • diuretic and sedative with kidney- and bladder complaints • sedative against insomnia

description / general remarks: Shamans use Dream herb for hypnotherapy to induce a healing sleep.

Elecampane (inula hellenium)

[pic] [pic]

Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • cough-relieving and phlegm-loosening with coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description / general remarks: Drink water after vaporizing. Sometimes allergic reactions might occur, stop treatment if so!

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints • disinfecting and phlegm-loosening with coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description / general remarks: Eucalyptus is an old household remedy. Some persons might have hypersensitive reactions after high dosages.

Ginkgo tree (ginkgo biloba)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating blood circulation with coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • tonicizing and stimulating blood circulation with menstrual pains • tonicizing against insomnia and cardiac (heart) diseases • stimulating blood circulation with kidney- and bladder complaints and against circulatory problems

description / general remarks: Renowned and proven effects. German famous poet J W Goethe famed the ginkgo tincture in the early 19th century.

Guarana (paullinia cupana)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating against lack of energy and with coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: Guarana is a traditional stimulant in South America.

Harmala (peganum harmala)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • sedative against insomnia • sedative and anti-depressive against menstrual pains

description/general remarks: Harmaline is a MAO-blocker therefore do not use together with other medicines!

Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • tonicizing with cardiac (heart) diseases

description/general remarks: In course treatments hawthorn is a reliable heart restorative.

Hemp (Cannabis spp.)

[pic] Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F up to 210°C/410°F for all cannabinoids effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic and appetizing gastro-intestinal complaints • diuretic against kidney- and bladder complaints • anti-depressive and anti-hypertensive with insomnia • anti-depressive and stimulating with menstrual complaints

description/general remarks: Cannabis products are illegal in many countries around the world! Yet there are possibilities to prescribe legal cannabinoid extracts like “Dronabinol” or Marinol™ for patients. Please look About us (ACM/IACM) or www.cannabis-

Hops (humulus lupulus)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°C effects / symptoms: • sedative against insomnia

description/general remarks: Hops glands are an old household remedy. Very good in mixtures with Ashwaganda.

Juniper (juniperus communis)


boiling point: 190 °C / 374 °F

effects / symptoms: • diuretic with kidney- and bladder complaints

description/general remarks: Old household remedy. Please use sparingly!

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-depressive and sedative with insomnia • anti-depressive and tonicizing with menstrual pains • tonicizing with cardiac (heart) diseases • anti-inflammatory against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: Lavender blossoms are used in aroma therapy and as a household remedy.

Lemon balm (melissa officinalis)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°C effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic against gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-spasmodic and sedative against menstrual pains • sedative against insomnia

description/general remarks: Lemon balm leaves are good in mixtures with camomile against gastro- intestinal complaints, with purple sage against menstrual pains, and best with Ashwaganda, valerian, and hops glands (1 part each) against insomnia.

Lime tree (tilia cordata)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-inflammatory and sudorific (causing perspiration) against sudorific (causing perspiration) • stimulating and tonicizing against insomnia

description/general remarks: Lime tree blossoms are an old household remedy.

Lobelia (lobelia inflata)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°C effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic against gastro-intestinal complaints • cough-relieving, stimulating, and anti-spasmodic against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • stimulating against cardiac (heart) diseases

description/general remarks: Caution, overdoses might cause nausea!

Mate tea (ilex paraguinensis)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating and tonicizing against lack of energy

description/general remarks: In South America Mate tea is used by asthmatics and as a substitute for coffee.

Monk’s basil (ocimum sancti)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • stimulating against lack of energy

description/general remarks: Monk’s basil is an ayurvedic remedy, also named tulasi. Mostly used in joss stick fumigations.

Parsley (petroselinum crispum)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic with gastro-intestinal complaints • disinfecting and anti-spasmodic against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • diuretic against kidney- and bladder complaints

description/general remarks: Parsley is used in traditional bladder therapy and as a disinfectant in joss sticks in aromatherapy. Do not use during pregnancy!

Peppermint (mentha piperita)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic with gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-spasmodic and tonicizing against menstrual pains, cardiac (heart) diseases, and coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: Peppermint is an old household remedy. Please try carefully for your individual dosage! Hypersensitive reactions might occur.

Purple coneflower (echinacea angustifolia)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°C effects / symptoms: • anti-inflammatory against gastro-intestinal complaints, kidney- and bladder complaints, and cardiac (heart) diseases • anti-inflammatory and disinfecting against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive against menstrual complaints

description/general remarks: Coneflower root is a medicine for North American Indians since ages. It strengthens the immune system.

Purple sage (salvia sclarea)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic with gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-spasmodic and tonicizing against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • tonicizing against insomnia • tonicizing, anti-depressive, and anti-spasmodic against menstrual complaints

description/general remarks: Purple sage flowers are used in many herbal teas. It is strongly anti- spasmodic. In overdoses bewilderments might occur. Dose carefully!

Quebracho (aspidosperma quebracho blanco)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • phlegm-loosening and stimulating blood circulation against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • stimulating blood circulation with cardiac (heart) diseases

description/general remarks: The Indians of the Andes in South America favour quebracho’s aphrodisiac abilities. In high doses nausea might occur!

Rauwolfia (rauwolfia serpentina)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • anti-depressive and sedative against insomnia and menstrual pains • vasodilatory (stimulating blood circulation) against cardiac diseases

description/general remarks: Rauwolfia has been of use since ages, and if taken in moderate doses no side effects have shown.

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating and tonicizing against cardiac (heart) diseases, lack of energy, and menstrual complaints

description/general remarks: Rosemary is an old household remedy and mostly used as a spice nowadays. Do not use during pregnancy!

Sage (salvia officinalis)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic against gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-inflammatory, anti-perspirant, and anti-spasmodic against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: During pregnancy please ask your doctor before use!

St. John’s wort (hypericum perforatum)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • anti-depressive and sedative against insomnia • tonicizing, anti-depressive, and sedative with menstrual pains

description/general remarks: Caution! Sensitivity for ultra-violet rays does increase with the use of St. John’s wort. Do not sunbath after use! Do not give to children!

Sweet vernal grass (anthoxanthum odoratum)


Boiling point: 235 °C/452°F effects / symptoms: • anti-inflammatory and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: In Europe known as a spice, sweet vernal grass is a renowned medicinal plant in aroma therapy and ayurveda.

Tea (camellia sinensis)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • stimulating and tonicizing against lack of energy

description/general remarks: It does not matter if green or black tea leaves are vaporized, the effects are the same. Please drink water after vaporizing!

Thyme (thymus vulgaris)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F

effects / symptoms: • disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints • disinfecting and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • anti-hypertensive against cardiac (heart) diseases

description/general remarks: Thyme is used in many bronchial teas.

Valerian (valeriana officinalis)


Boiling point: 235 °C/452°F effects / symptoms: • sedative against insomnia

description/general remarks: Valerian’s effects are much stronger with phyto-inhalation than when taken as pills or tincture. Very good in mixtures with hawthorn and lemon balm.

Vanilla grass (hierochloe odorata)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory against gastro-intestinal complaints, coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations, and menstrual complaints.

Verbena (verbena officinalis)


Boiling point: 130 °C/266°F effects / symptoms: • diuretic against kidney- and bladder complaints

description/general remarks: Verbena is a strong detoxifying agent, too, and good in use with willow bark.

White sagebrush (artemisia mexicana)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints and kidney- and bladder problems • tonicizing and disinfecting against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations and menstrual pains • tonicizing with cardiac (heart) diseases and insomnia

Wild lettuce (lactuca virosa)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • pain-relieving and sedative against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations, gastro-intestinal complaints, kidney- and bladder complaints, and insomnia

description/general remarks: Wild lettuce contains luctuarine, a non addictive sap related to opium milk.

Wild rosemary (ledum palustre)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • anti-spasmodic with gastro-intestinal complaints • anti-spasmodic, stimulating blood circulation, and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • anti-spasmodic against menstrual pains • anti-spasmodic and stimulating blood circulation against cardiac (heart) diseases

description/general remarks: Already used in medieval monasteries. High doses can cause hypersensitivity.

Willow tree (salix alba et al.)


Boiling point: 235 °C/452°F effects / symptoms: • pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and suppressing fevers against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations • pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory against gastro-intestinal and menstrual complaints

description/general remarks: The bark of the willow tree is an old household remedy against all kinds of infections and fevers. It contains salicine, the natural compound of salicylic acid (aspirin™).

Yarrow (achillea millefolium)


Boiling point: 190 °C/374°F effects / symptoms: • anti-inflammatory and disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints • disinfecting, anti-spasmodic, and anti-inflammatory against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

description/general remarks: Yarrow leaves are an old household remedy. Allergic reactions might occur, especially with fresh plant material!

Symptoms A-Z

|Symptoms |Useful plants | |gastro-intestinal complaints |Camomile, Cloves, Eucalyptus, Hemp, | | |Lemon balm, Lobelia, Parsley, | | |Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Purple | | |sage, Sage, Thyme, Vanilla grass, White | | |sagebrush, Wild lettuce, Wild rosemary, | | |Willow, Yarrow | |coughs, cold, and pharyngeal |Basil, Camomile, Cloves, Elecampane, | |inflammations |Eucalyptus, Ginkgo, Lavender, Lime tree,| | |Lobelia, Mate tea, Monk’s basil, | | |Parsley, Peppermint, Purple coneflower, | | |Purple sage, Quebracho, Sage, Sweet | | |vernal grass, Thyme, Vanilla grass, | | |White sagebrush, Wild lettuce, Wild | | |rosemary, Willow, Yarrow | |kidney- and bladder complaints |Ashwaganda, Damiana, Dream herb, Ginkgo,| | |Hemp, Juniper, Parsley, Purple | | |coneflower, Verbena, White sagebrush, | | |Wild lettuce | |insomnia |Ashwaganda, Damiana, Dream herb, Ginkgo,| | |Harmala, Hemp, Hops, Lavender, Lemon | | |balm, Purple coneflower, Purple sage, | | |Rauwolfia, St. John’s wort, Valerian, | | |White sagebrush, Wild lettuce | |circulatory problems |Ginkgo | |menstrual pains |Ashwaganda, Camomile, Damiana, Ginkgo, | | |Harmala, Hemp, Lavender, Lemon balm, | | |Peppermint, Purple coneflower, Purple | | |sage, Rauwolfia, Rosemary, St. John’s | | |wort, Vanilla grass, White sagebrush, | | |Wild rosemary, Willow | |cardiac (heart) diseases |Ashwaganda, Damiana, Ginkgo, Hawthorn, | | |Lavender, Lime tree, Lobelia, | | |Peppermint, Purple coneflower, | | |Quebracho, Rauwolfia, Rosemary, Thyme, | | |Wild rosemary, White sagebrush | |fever |Camomile, Purple coneflower, Sage, | | |Willow | |lack of energy |Guarana, Mate tea, Monk’s basil, | | |Rosemary, Tea |

About us

... research&experience is engaged in many areas.

• The new AroMed 4.0 • Field research • ACM e.V. and IACM • Press Clips • Opinions • History

The new AroMed 4.0

[pic] The new AroMed 4.0 with Howard Marks in Cologne.

Evolution proceeds, research&experience faithfully hold on their pioneer course. Superficially the new AroMed vaporizer does not vary too much from its predecessor models successfully produced ever since 8 years. Of course as always, with the AroMed 4.0 active principles can be extracted from about any medical herb. They are extracted extremely carefully by hot-air- flow with temperatures exactly defined for any herb. The strict “form- follows-function” - design has not been changed, either.

Yet details have been decisively improved:

• The sturdy Magic Glass TM water filter now is regular with the AroMed 4.0. The new herb holder, manufactured in an especially developed precision work has a 14 mm (0.57 inch) fitting cut, and can be also adapted to the user’s favourite bong. • The high quality PTFE TM heater grip now dovetails perfectly onto the herb holder. • Since then the AroMed 4.0 is delivered with a transportation case one will like to take along with to friends and on journeys. • The entirely reconstructed, as yet unique electronics have been upgraded to newest standards of technology. With a maximum consumption of 60 watts the hot-air-flow system of the AroMed 4.0 provides an even better output than the former models. More than sufficient extractions of any active principals from medical herbs, essential oil, or tinctures are possible. The new temperature control is far more precise with a thermo resistor that includes calculation of varying actual room temperatures. The peak air-flow temperature of 235°C (455°F) is available after only two minutes. • Now the AroMed 4.0 is of universal use: the new net transformer allows AC-inputs from 90-250 Volts (50-60 Hertz). A change between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit temperature display is done by simple button-press. Those improvements are, of course, a tribute to the growing community of AroMed vaporizer fans in the USA and Asia. No more especially altered AroMed’s have to be ordered and travellers no longer are in need of special converters. Another contribution is the revised edition of the operating manual in four languages (English, German, French and Spanish) with temperature suggestions for more than 30 different medical herbs. • It goes without saying that any advantage of the predecessor AroMeds have been kept in the new model. With the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer there is nearly no undesired losses of active principles as with fan vaporizers, or vaporizers with a hold-back-system like balloons or glass bowls where the ingredients instantly condensate on the surface. Only little amounts might condensate in the AroMeds water filter liquid, but after use this clean and good tasting “macerate“ (cold extract) can be drunk and thus come to use. No active principles are set free or condensate as long as the user does not inhale. The last chosen temperature will be saved on microchip when the AroMed 4.0 switched off, and is at once displayed when switched on again. The new AroMed 4.0 vaporizer did not necessarily need a striking posh design. Yet, who desires an optimum utility in use and a fine handling, is provided with the optimum vaporizer when choosing the AroMed. • research&experience does not only serve the hedonistic user, but aims on providing a medical high-end product. Field research at Santiago de Cuba University, Department of Natural Medicine, has been successfully concluded. Patients aged from six to sixty-five with bronchial asthma underwent a 6 month test inhaling a 1:1 mixture of sage and thyme with the AroMed 3.1 vaporizer. A control group did inhale with the chemical “Salbutamol” in common aerosol-spray-inhalers. The results stated that with the AroMed vaporizer soothing effects were better, more persistent and rapid, as well as the duration of action was much longer in comparison to the administering of “Salbutamol” aerosols, In addition, secondary effects typical for aerosol-inhalators, such as cardiac throbbing, were never recorded with patients of the AroMed- inhaling group. • “Phyto-Inhalation” - this is the term used by University doctors - with the AroMed 4.0 vaporizer is not only the healthier, chemical-free alternative, but also reduces medication costs. One dosage of “Salbutamol” aerosol is priced twelve to fifteen times higher than a dosage of medical herbs. Even compared with the usage in teas, the dosage of herbs in the AroMed is only one third. Other administering against pain syndromes, for alleviation of chemotherapy side effects, against waste syndromes, menstruations pains, and spasms of different kinds are undergoing tests already.


Field research

... with the AroMed vaporizer is undertaken in Germany and Cuba, first results are at hand.


Since 1997 research&experience is in contact with Cuban medical scientists. Frequent donations of medicine and equipment are organized.

Cuban medical doctors’ level of knowledge is on a high standard, many of them have graduated at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. So for us there is easy communication with no language barrier. Yet resources are on a poor standard in Cuba, mainly because of political isolation reasons. This has gotten better in the new millennium, but still one is highly interested in easy to access alternative and natural medicine. By now there exists a flourishing health tourism bringing in foreign currency. Ophthalmology by laser, plastic surgery, dental services, and addiction therapies are well developed and attract an increasing number of patients mainly from Canada and South America.

By our Cuban friends research&experience was offered to conduct field research with the AroMed vaporizer. Phyto-therapy, medication with healing plants is widely used and therefore this was only a logical consequence.

Here is an excerpt of a test protocol in a series of studies with patients suffering from heavy, in part chronically, bronchial asthma. Other research is in progress or planned.

Phyto-inhalation treatment using sage and thyme at the Consultorio No. 51 on patients with severe asthmatic complaints.


Tutor: Dr. med. Alina Toledo Brea Santiago de Cuba 2003

Description: 20 patients suffering from severe asthmatic complaints took part in this test from September till December 2003

The test row took place at Armanda Garcia Policlinic Hospital, Consultorio no. 51 in Stgo. de Cuba. [...]

The patients had been divided in two groups, one of them treated with phyto- inhalation, the other one with customary medication.

[...] the experimental group was treated by phyto-inhalation with the AroMed vaporizer. Those patients inhaled dried leaves of sage and thyme at a temperature of 125° to 130° C.

[...] the control group did inhale “Salbutamol” (2cc Salbutamol and 2cc serum physiologicum) with a spray inhalator.

The results obtained enabled the clinical personnel to transpose scientific information into practical use ... transposing the results did allow the development of new administering methods, which again will lead to better findings [...]

Our research disclosed that those asthmatic patients with phyto-inhalation treatment experienced an equal recovery as patients of the control group with conservative medication, but in contrary did not suffer from secondary effects as were observed in the control group [...]

Our aim is to carry on studies for administering forms with the AroMed vaporizer concerning other ailments, as well [...]

ACM e.V. and IACM

... we are member and active supporter of the Association Cannabis as a Medicine.


The Association Cannabis as a Medicine (ACM e.V.) is an organisation for affected patients and laymen headed by the International Association Cannabis as a Medicine (IACM), a scientific society operating worldwide. Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, affected himself, is the founder and driving force behind both organizations.

A regularly published news letter is distributed for members and interested parties. Information about new progress, about latest levels of research, about the legal situation in different countries, and important hints for affected persons is circulated. This unique and competent information is spread via internet, too: in several languages.

research&experience always gratefully accesses their data.

Here are some specific symptoms that are recommended administering THC and cannabis products, according to the IACM. In brackets we give the recommended daily dosages. Please note that they are at the most far under the psychoactive level. For the affected patient cannabinoids are by no means hedonistic drugs.

• Asthma (up to 150mg) • Side effects of chemo therapies against cancer (up to 60mg) • Reactive and endogenous depressions (no limit given) • Morbus Crohn (20 to 30mg) • Organically caused spasms (5 to 30mg) • Conditions of pain (5 to 20mg) • Glaucoma (40 to 100mg) • Withdrawal symptoms from opiates, benzodiazepine, and alcohol (no limit given) • Epilepsy (no limit given) • Lack of appetite and waste syndrome (5 to 20mg) • Distortions of movements, esp. Multiple Sclerosis and Tourette syndrome (no limit)

Certainly everyone interested is welcome to become member of either organization: membership subscription is tax-deductible!

Press Clips

Please notice: many authors describe vaporizing as an ‘inhalation technique’. Our non medical practioners and the Cuban University team call it ‘phyto-inhalation’. As in Germany there are more than strict rules, ‘inhalation’ or ‘inhalator’ are only to be used for medically approved equipment. research&experience fights for this approval since quite some time. Till the approbation is not given, we prefer to call the AroMed a vaporizer. Some authors in older articles use aromizer. This is the old name and research&experience is not allowed to use this brand. We just leave it as it is in these articles but replace in mind aromizer with AroMed.

• Interview with research&experience’s Frank Fuchs by Werner Pieper • Winter herbs treatment with the AroMed vaporizer • Room fumigation with the AroMat • Correspondence with Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen Chairman of ACM e.V., (Germany) and IACM (International Association for Cannabis as a Medicine) • Inhale or eat? • Joint Venture • [email protected] • Medicines for inhalation • US doctor’s advice: Joints for health • No more burning for smoking • Report about CannaBusiness Trade Fair • Interview with a MS patient • Morbus Crohn patient and hemp gardener

Interview with research experience’s Frank Fuchs by Werner Pieper

... by Werner Pieper, German editor and author for Mushroom Magazine 10 2003/4

Frank, just tell us how you came to develop the AroMed vaporizer? The matter was clearly defined after I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Eagle Bill and his Monster Vaporizer in February 1996. This was at one of the legendary HIGH MOON events on occasion of an ECBS congress in Heidelberg. We did know about cannabis-vaporizing since in the 60s US GIs were coming back from Vietnam to be stationed in Heidelberg, Germany. They gave us the experience of “hot knives” and “shotguns”. In the seventies friends were experimenting with car cigarette-lighters and their heating coils. The real impetus for our own vaporizer research was my dear friend Chira at that time had contracted serious illness. He was emaciated by chemo-therapy and suffered terrible pain. His open-minded psychologist suggested trying marijuana as a helpful treatment. At that time smoking was already quite painful to him, while eating put him into a stupor he did not like at all.

What did you do before? A great many things: study (life, sinology, bachelor of economics). When the children were smaller I imported string puppets, and then did translations for some publishers. And always I liked handicrafts.

Could you tell us some examples of successful medical treatments with the AroMed vaporizer? A good one is the story of my friend Chira. With the age of 19 cancers had deprived him of any perspectives of life. His waste-syndrome, rapid weight loss, stopped through self medication with marijuana. He even did gain weight again: from about 40 to 55 kilograms. By administering with our first prototypes he could dose himself quite exact to get the desired effects. Chira is in another world by now; still he did not only live the predicted twelve months but five years more. Another case was documented in German ARD-TV (Globus, scientific magazine, 2001). The patient is suffering from Morbus Crohn and holds his serious illness under control with just some marijuana draws with the AroMed vaporizer. There are no specific pharmaceutical products against Morbus Crohn, a serious damage of the gastro-intestinal system. The patient s medical doctor says in the interview he is more than sad and angry school medicine does not allow him a treatment with the only soothing medicine, which is THC. First field research is successfully completed at Santiago de Cuba University, Department of Natural Medicine. This proves that with the AroMed vaporizer, unlikely to other vaporizers, medicinal herbs can be used with very good results. Chronically asthmatic patients get relief from sage and rosemary. It’s faster than aerosol-diffuser treatment with common Salbutamol-agents. None of the side effects like vacillating blood pressure and heart ventricular flutter, as with aerosols, were to be found with AroMed vaporizer treatment.

Which are the most crucial advantages of a vaporizer? Vaporizing offers completely new possibilities of administering. Some years ago “asthma cigarettes” were sold, and are no more on the European market because of many harmful substances in their smoke. With a good vaporizer, one that provides and holds exact hot-air temperatures, only active substances are inhaled. No harmful by-products enter your lungs. A much more exact dosage is possible, compared to oral taking. And exploitation of the herb’s ingredients is - depending on the type of vaporizer used - higher than eating or smoking. One medical doctor comments: “inhalative administering reveals similar new dimensions as did the invention of injection.” On top of that, a good vaporizer is highly economic. When smoked, no more than 40% of the wanted herbal substances get into your blood system, the rest is oxidized. With the AroMed we have an exploitation of more than 90%.

If you, for example, have cold do you use the AroMed, and if yes, what do you use? If yes?? Pardon me! Sure I do use my vaporizer! There are fine tasting stuffs like bronchial teas with liquorice root or purple sage, and less tasty, but highly potent mixtures with cloves and parsley root. In our AroMed manual, the user finds enough information to his personal liking.

Are there other occasions you use the AroMed? Which herbs do you use? (laughs) Against my medicinal symptoms willow bark is helpful. It contains the same active principle as Aspirin tm.

How are your future plans? (deep breath) As a triple grandfather I think of many thrilling things I could and really do. I have some ideas. But the whole AroMed-project has gotten such a wonderful momentum of its own for the good of so many healthy and ill people. So I think that sometimes in the future there will be a new upgraded AroMed.

Is there anything you still want to mention? A big thank you to 311 that made the AroMed vaporizer such a great success ... and to all the users that helped us with their feedback! Thanks to our Cuban connection: the medical doctors there. And thanks to our Cuban family, which we introduce with our domain It‘s Artists like painters (muchissimas gracias, Evelio!), musicians, and sculptors. And kisses to Alina, Anita and ANNE!

Winter herbs

Author: Frank Fuchs Treatments with the AroMed vaporizer Most everyone catches a cold once in a while. There is this aphorism saying influenza will last one week if you stay in bed, and it will last seven days if you take a medicine. Especially if one has caught a virus infection, school medicine with their generous spending of pharmaceutical drugs can only help little to nearly nil. There will be only a soothing of symptoms. Yet at all times and always Mother Nature offers a wide range of medical herbs to do the same.

Meanwhile nearly everyone knows about vaporizers. But only a few know that a good and precise vaporizer is a perfect instrument not only for hedonistic use. research&experience is a team of medical users. We produce and use the AroMed vaporizer for more than eight years now. In self experiments we have tried various substances so we can well claim to manufacture a multi-use healing device. In the meantime this has been stated by field research in Germany and Cuba. Why Cuba? Because well educated medicinal personnel practice there - a great many of the doctors we are working with have been studying in Berlin, Germany, so we as Germans have easy communication; because Cuban government is quite open for alternative medicine - the blockade of this country leaves them alone without a well equipped pharmaceutical industry; because, last not least, it is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea with heart-warming citizens.

Most important for a useful vaporizer is the condition of an exact heat control. As well, we have found that vaporizers that do not use the principle of a hot-air-flow to extract active substances from the plants have very poor exploitation results, and tend to burn substances, setting free most unwanted tars and other carcinogenic stuff. The temperature of the hot-air-stream must be very exact because active principles have varying boiling points at which they become inhale able. It is very likely that with too low temperatures extraction is only poor and insufficient, while too high temperatures will destroy the principles before they are inhaled.

As laypersons we, of course, underwent our self experiments watched by either medical doctors or non medical practioners. We would by no means advise to inhale unknown substances! ‘Phyto-Inhalation’, as our medical doctors call vaporization of medicinal herbs, has its roots in phyto- therapy - ‘phytos’ is the Greek word for medicinal herbs. Unfortunately herbal medicine – or phyto-therapy - has been displaced more and more by (more profitable) pharma-medicine, chemical products of the big companies. School medicine alleges some arguments: medicinal herbs are said to be difficult to dose, as factors like local cultivation conditions - weather and nourishments - vary in certain ranges; besides, school medicine claims that those plants contain a collection of active principles, some of them even with contrary effects. ‘Mono preparations’ pharmaceutical medicaments, which only contain one isolated active principle, are held to be better. Another argument, that chemically prepared substances are digested better than phyto-medicaments is obsolete since herbs can be administered with a vaporizer. As well, mono preparations are no longer ‘state of the art’, only think about HIV-cocktails, the only (mix-) preparation at the moment that suppresses the AIDS-syndrome.

Some readers will know that a camomile blossom tea has not the ‘chemical mace’ effect of the pharmaceuticals. But when I used camomile with the AroMed vaporizer for the first time I was quite startled. My sore vocal cords were immediately relieved, better than I ever experienced with a camomile steam bath that was always a little uncomfortable and awkward to me. By the way: steam baths with camomile work because the boiling point of camomile‘s principles is below that of boiling water.

Certainly medicinal herbs obtained from a pharmacist are standardised, meaning the amount of active substances do not vary from package to package. Certainly the packings bear instructions of dosage and information about effects and side effects. Still phyto-therapy and especially much more effective phyto-inhalation is a holistic medication that needs experience. The patient s co-operation, his listening inside himself, his comprehension that health is connected to body and soul, is mandatory. Any user of vaporizers for medical treatment should be well aware of this fact. “A lot helps a lot” is not the right guiding principle. Here are some hints how to self-medicate against colds, fever, coughs, hoarseness, and pain.

Prophylaxis - about prevention Look at ancient Indian medicine in North America. Purple cone flower root is traditionally used by about any North American Indian tribe. For external wound treatment it has been used for ages - in nowadays medicine you find purple cone flower (echinacea) ointments. During buffalo hunting season many tribes consumed masses of coneflower infusion. Echinacea angustifoliae radix (the term pharmacists´ use) contains antibacterial as well as immunologic substances, which are able to activate and support the body’s defence systems. As a prophylactic when bad weather season starts, cone flower enables the body to be prepared against colds and influenza. It is important to know, that shortly after vaporization of echinacea existing complaints might aggravate and a slightly risen temperature may occur. These are signs that the immune system starts reacting. If those reactions are still present after hours, the patient might be over-sensitive or allergic against echinacea. The treatment then should be stopped!

Alleviation - feeling better With a cold or a sore throat it is always worth a try to have one of the many tea compositions against cough and bronchial diseases that pharmacies offer. Those teas will bring immediate relief when inhaled with a vaporizer, whereas drunk as an infusion the effect might only occur after some thirty minutes. There are many different mixtures. One of my favourites contains a big portion of liquorice root (liquiritiae radix)*, their flavour I favour.

Not everyone will react the same way - as with any medication - very sensitive persons will feel effects from a very small dose. One should first try a dose only about a quarter of the amount proposed for a cup of tea.

Besides of ready prepared teas inhalations of a mixture containing 1 part of cloves (caryophyllii fructus),* 5 parts of parsley root (petroselini radix)*, and 10 parts of purple sage (salviae sclareae flos,)* proved highly potent. Parsley really helps, indeed! The Vedic medicine of ayurveda knows and administers parsley pills and tinctures as an anti-septic and against bacterial infections. Parsley joss sticks are used in patient‘s rooms and can kill more than 75% of the bacteria in the room’s air. The same effects are, as well as for parsley, scientifically proven for purple sage.

Salvia sclarea, besides its excellent taste when vaporized, has anti- septic, soothing, and anti-spasmodic effects. In ayurveda a mood-lifting ability of purple sage is described, which one non medical practioner thinks to be “slightly intoxicating”. Our friend Howard Marks, author of the thrilling bestsellers ‘Mr. Nice’ and ‘Dope Stories’ was easily convinced by the cloves/parsley/purple sage mixture. “I had lost my voice, and now got a serious cough attack. Frank, a real clever guy, came to help. I inhaled a dose of sage with his precise vaporizer. Cough attacks were gone, and my voice was back!” – taken from: Reefer‘s Digest’, Edition Gruene Kraft, ISBN 3-930442-23-X, available in German only!

To name all of the medicinal herbs that are described in the AroMed vaporizer‘s manual would be idle and fill pages. In any case it is not expedient to look for ‘grannies favourites’, as nowadays a lot of the effects and side effects are no more known. A deterring example is given by the use of St.-John‘s wort (hyperici herba)*. The user always has to observe that administering with St.-John‘s wort will cause hyper- sensitivity for ultra-violet rays and may lead to heavy sunburns. And this is not the only side effect of this healing plant! In any case would be good to look for the advice of specialists. Not only non medical practioners but more and more medical doctors and pharmacists are ready to recommend Natural Medicine, as the health system‘s expenditures explode with growing prescriptions of expensive chemical drugs.

Sleep inducing herbs Trying to stay in bed all day long to ‘sweat off’ influenza is not easy to carry through. Nights become sleepless, corresponding exhaustion next day. Mother Nature s pharmacy holds many appropriate remedies. To all of you valerian (valeriana spp.) tinctures or tablets are known. I do not feel any relief when taking either. Maybe I am too thick-skinned, but when I do use valerian tinctures or leaves with the AroMed vaporizer, I feel drowsy right after.

My limbs and mind are relaxed; I can just lie down and do not feel thirst for action. My personal sleep inducing preparation consists of equal parts of valerian roots (valeriana radix)* and hop glands (lupuli glandula), and satisfy my needs the best. Friends have absolute confidence in dream herb (calea zacatechichi)* and damiana (turnera diffusa)*.

Tired and fatigued? There are herbs for any use Another symptom of many diseases is tiredness. When I am feeling feeble and I want to keep working a pot of good strong Earl Grey tea fits perfect. If simultaneously my stomach makes problems I prefer vaporizing black tea (thea nigra)* or guarana (pasta guarana)*, grinded to powder. Though tea with the vaporizer is very strong, it has only short-time effects and leads to restlessness. Guarana is very stimulating, too, and has an extending effect on the bronchial system, which helps to breathe free. Plus it lasts much longer than tea. Also heart-pounding, as I feel after a pot of tea or only half a teaspoon with the vaporizer, is not felt at all using guarana. *Names in brackets are the pharmaceutical names of the herb.

Natural aspros - no trade mark! Fever and headache are other winter companions. Centuries ago old folios describing medicinal herbs report the use of willow bark (salicis cortex)* that contains salicylic acid. Irritable reactions of the stomach’s mucous membranes were reported in the l9th century after drinking lots of willow bark infusions; quite likely the salicylic acid could be the cause of this, but modern medical research blames over dosage rather than responsible use. A clever German chemist of a well known company altered the chemical formula of salicylic acid a little bit and got a patent for this ‘new’ drug. Allegedly this still produced chemical - by the name of ‘aspirin tm’- does not harm your stomach. Do you really believe that? Have a look on the packing slip for side effects! If you drink the willow bark tea, true enough, you drink a thin solution of an acid, like you do when drinking orange juice. Just do not overdose! The same is given when vaporizing willow bark –which by the way will cost you less than 1/50th than the same dose of aspirin™ and you will have a quick relief from fever. Symptoms of pain will also be suppressed to a certain extent.

Being a pain patient myself, I know what I am talking about. In my painful years in search of remedy - for some time my medical doctors subscribed morphine - I found there is a very potent medical plant. Its active substances perfectly bring immediate relief - in my case - with little effects. The side effects to you body and health are often claimed and never proven. But in my country, Germany, any user has to suffer from grave ‘side effects’, like loss of driving license, fines or even harder justice punishments, plus what is in my opinion worst of all: becoming a social outlaw. In Germany of the old times this herb was called ‘poor peoples tobacco’ today they call it ‘killer weed’ or marijuana. Thank god (who surely does not like the idea of one of his divine creations being banned by some group of people) there is, since some years a chemical drug containing the active principles of marijuana. The marketing names for this drug are “Dronabinol”™ or “Marinol”™, and in Germany it is still prescribed very rarely. Unfortunately medical insurance companies refuse to pay for the prescription, so only the rich are able to buy their daily dose - for a much higher price than the price you would pay for the same amount in the - still existing - black market. As those legal drugs are manufactures, a holistic self-responsible medication is made impossible for the patient in need.

One last and important remark: with any administering using a vaporizer the patient should drink a lot, preferably water, partly to enhance desirable sudorific effects, partly to compensate dehydrating effects of the used herbs.

research&experience the manufacturers of the unique AroMed vaporizer wishes you to be well...

Room fumigation

Phyto-inhalation as an olfactory experience Author: Frank Fuchs healing through smoke, fragrance and breath

Vapours from aromatic herbs and woods are important for and in many shamanistic rites and Asian medical treatments. Thus in ayurvedic aromatherapy, in Tibetan, Japanese, and Chinese traditional natural medicine healing plants are burnt on charcoal or lit as joss sticks or fumigating candles. Rooms are saturated with aromatic smokes, sometimes beyond endurance. Many of the healing plants or aromatic herbs are considered holy and are allocated to certain deities. North American Indians as well as tundra tribes of Siberia use special plants even today in sweat tent ceremonies for healing or spiritual reasons.

First common inhaling practices of burnt herbs are attributed to the Hetithians more than 5000 years ago. There are Greek reports of the Scythians, who lived in the region of today‘s Ukraine, that sweat tent ceremonies were held burning plants, especially hemp and it‘s seeds.

The Catholic Church used incense for ages and still today for ritual reasons. Reactions of catholic service visitors tend from problems standing the incense-pregnant air to feeling a thorough and quite agreeable high.

Islands of fragrance in the open air The idea was proposed by Georg Winter. The town of Singen, Germany, was sponsoring an arts project during a year-long gardening exhibition. Winter‘s contribution, ingeniously simple and unpretentious, was of a potential that attracted research&experience. Georg was at that time a professor of arts at the University Of Zurich, Switzerland. He called his project “Laboratory for emerging image organisation” (bioAGIT). This laboratory was planned to be erected as a specially designed container in the pedestrian shopping zone of Singen. Georg: “The BioAGIT laboratory will point out mass phenomena of display and reception. The ground in Singen will, for this space of time, be raised to a higher power through artistic- like positions. The connection to mass phenomenon’s enchanted, and an overdose might lead to visio-toxic receptions”.

What was this professor intending to do? Simply said, inside the BioAGIT laboratory should exist rooms for cultivation, blooming, and drying, in which hemp and euphrasia plants were grown, brought to blossom, and then were ‘solidified’ (aka dried and pressed) Those herbs and hemp plants were, after ‘solidification’ to be vaporized. Therefore research&experience had to develop an appropriate device; we then called ‘AroMat’. The AroMat is able to vaporize about one pound of plant material within an hour. In Singen it was calibrated to about 50 grams of plants per day, which were used to fumigate the pedestrian zone. Georg Winter: “Cannabis indica (hemp) is a matter of plant we usually do not find in gardening exhibitions, may it be that a potential effect on the visitor s perception seems possible, on account of it‘s containment of specific substances. It is decisive that through the structured conception any impression of the recipient is built primarily by himself. Subjective interpretation of reality transmigrates the effect into fiction”. With this foundation in combination with diligent efforts to convince the authorities, he finally held a permission to grow and solidify hemp. The proper German authority for this permission is the Federal Opium Agency, there is no hemp agency. Georg’s conception was not to inform the relevant paraphernalia press, but only some nationwide German newspapers. This decision was wise enough. We do not know how many queer friends of cannabis would have made a pilgrimage to pinch some plants. So the laboratory experiment went on in quiet. Cuttings of different strains of hemp and euphrasia could bloom in plenty and peace.

The container built of raw wooden panels remained in a ‘virgin’ state, no broken windows, not even sprayer tags (maximum respect for respecting us!!). The everyday occurrences at the BioAGIT laboratory were only pleasant. Depending on wind directions and force, the vapour aromas were noticeable in a circle of 50 metres and more. I met two nice gentlemen who passed by with their grandsons and stopped to let them smell the not to be mistaken fragrance. They explained to me that they were farmers who had been cultivating fibre hemp on their fields for generations until new German government regulations in the sixties. And those granddaddies were full of praise on how easy hemp could be cultivated on most barren ground with great success and very profitable. Their former harvests all went into rope industries. Alumni of a nearby High School again and again could be observed taking a breath, but soon found out (experts?) that the vapours supplied by the AroMat did not do any harm. Its hot-air-flow was calibrated to a level that only the aromas, but not the active substance THC was set free to the open air.

The mood lifting effects of hemp aroma without any psychoactive principles are quite obvious since we made the BioAGIT experience. A lot of people stopped smiling because of the nice smells and read the show cases with information about BioAGIT. Many of them were annoyed reading that ‘killer weed’ was planted and fumigated in the first moment. But Georg Winter‘s information plates and the sweet smell made most of them leave smiling. One lady, at first quite upset about what she called an ‘illegal plantation’ in the end told us, „those plants at least smell better than my balcony flowers“, and left grinning.

Georg Winter keeps on with his convincing conception, like in ‘parallel worlds’, a congress held by the federal Agency for Labour Medicine, which he fumigated with the research&experience equipment. Also he is holding lectures about BioAGIT in several universities. The BioAGIT laboratory itself has meanwhile been purchased by an Italian art‘s collector.

Art exists to surprise senses - Group vaporizing One AroMat for a start has ended in a series of many. AroMats are leased from research&experience for events, discos, and arts exhibitions. Not only hemp and euphrasia aromas, meanwhile produced for us by a French company (lab tested THC-free) is used for fumigations. Purple sage extracts, often used in aroma-therapy, is one of our favourites because of its mildly stimulating and mood-lifting effects. Our aim is not to produce an obtrusively perfumed atmosphere at a venue, but to create a bettered subconscious (following Winter) surrounding, and a spiritually enlightened room climate. Who ever comes to visit a concert of the ‘Hodschas’, a Greek- Turkish coffeehouse band does not only hear but smell, too. The Hodschas have their specific aroma, mixed from cinnamon and coriander that puts the audience in an appropriate mood.

New dimensions were opened at ‘Liquid Sounds’, a thermal salt water spa. Underwater speakers procreate a beguiling mixture of sensual impressions, when listeners can experience music floating weightless in the warm saltwater. A one-month exhibition ‘sounds, essence, and lights’ (lights: B. Bauer; sounds: ‘Der Spyra’) was visited by hundreds of spa guests, especially because they could intensify their room aroma experience using the AroMed vaporizer at the ‘wellness bar’. Many events inside the huge indoor spa were fumigated in the following years with three AroMats (covering a space of about 100.000 cubic metres) and with different scents, including concerts of well known DJs like MoveD, Mojo Club, and Flash Goerdten, as well as E-music events like ‘Bach Under Water’. The Baroque Bach flavours were mostly roses.

Most intensive and stimulating were performances of a huge ‘odemophone orchestra’. Those odemophones are played with circular breathing (like didgeridoos from Australian aborigines, dords from Celtic Ireland, and fujaras from Japan). Someone who did not attend those concerts cannot imagine how many emotional gates are opened by listening to 100 odemophone players. A faint eucalyptus fragrance intensified the ‘outback’ character of feelings. The 400 something audience, aged between 10 and 80, amalgamated with the musician‘s tunes. The evenings ended most relaxed in the big Liquid Sounds pools with agar wood fragrance.

The Real Monty. Evenings with Howard Marks Howard himself: “Though you only had this faint smell, the presence of wonderful hemp fragrance did turn everyone open-minded”.

When Howard Marks, well known welsh author of ‘Mr. Nice’ and ‘Dope Stories’ was touring Germany, I told him of aromatic rooms and Islands of Fragrance. His only question: “Can we do it with the real monty, like in Singen?” - sure we could and we did it! research&experience had the honour to fill some of Howard’s British tour venues with ‘jive’ in the word‘s true sense. Britain in December 2002 was not the country where joints were glowing. The first coffee-shop ever, located in Manchester, had just been closed down. The audience, most of them obviously users, did not dare, like at Howard s lectures in Germany to out themselves and turn on. No rolled ones for Howard were passed onstage...Yet there was a nice hemp scent present at his giant gigs - he was on stage for two times an hour and afterwards he answered the audiences´ questions about his life s weedy stories. Of course our efficient THC-free essential oil was used. Still many people were asking and looking for the grow room.

We had another remarkable music experience we had with LOPAZZ, a German newcomer group from the Indie scene that will be heard of a lot in the future...

Reminiscences of aromas might create placebo effects. If we would not have known since long, after the evenings with those fine artists we would be sure of now!

With the additional AromaTop for your AroMed vaporizer you can have your own room fumigation system at home.

Correspondence with Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen

A letter to research&experience, Frank Fuchs, by Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen, chairman of ACM e.V.

Statement to the therapeutic administering of cannabinoids through hot-air extraction, i.e. vaporizing:

Single cannabinoids or natural composites of cannabinoids of the hemp plant are medically administered orally or through inhalation for the most. Absorption through lungs has pharmacokinetic advantages explored in comparison to absorption through the gastrointestinal tracts. These advantages are in particular faster inception of the effects and a better control of the required doses. Inhalation of cannabinoids by smoking cannabis products however has the disadvantage of about 200 different remains after incineration, known as inherited in tobacco smokes and burning of plants as well – such as Benzpyrene, nitrosamines, and other cell-harming or potentially carcinogenic substances. This disadvantage is avoided by hot-air extraction aka vaporizing of the cannabinoids below the plant material’s burning temperatures. Thus the advantages of administering by inhalation can be adopted without the disadvantages of smoking.

The ACM considers the development and distribution of such inhalators as an initiative worth of support and welcome.

Cologne, Aug 11. 1999 Franjo Grotenhermen

Inhale or eat?

ACM-Magazin 1999

If cannabis is eaten, the THC will be better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract if eaten with some fat. Fats improve the transportation of fat-soluble cannabinoids the gastro-mucous membranes. Therefore when drinking a tea, some cream should be added, or when baking cookies plenty of butter should be used.

When smoked, the effects are better to dose because they are felt almost instantly. Disadvantage of smoking is irritation and damage of the respiratory passages, similar to smoking tobaccos or herbal cigarettes. Possible consequences are chronic bronchitis and perhaps carcinogenic cell damage. Lower harm for the lungs is given when most high potent marijuana is smoked, preferably in easy-to-clean small metal pipes. Often one to three puffs are enough to gain the desired effects. Besides that, meanwhile there exist devices which allow inhaling vaporized cannabinoids without burning the herbs.

Joint Venture

Fax Mailing List joint venture January 1999

“The aromizer (now AroMed vaporizer) is a device for harmless inhalation of herbs unfortunately still almost unknown. We have made tests with ourselves and can only heartily recommend it. Still it’s a customary, bad habit to smoke herbs which besides of the healing effects implicate unwanted side effects like stench, red eyes, and cough. But the essential oils that are desired vaporize long before the herbs come to their burning temperature of about 240° Celsius. They dissolve in warm air, no smoke, no condensates, and no other dirt. When vaporizing with the aromizer, within some minutes you have an amazing clear and invigorating feeling. People who tend to self- destructing habits might miss the scratching in their throats, difficulties when switching to vaporizing might occur, others find coping is wonderful! You can vaporize with a paint-stripper (Steinel TM, temperature at 4.5) but handling the aromizer is much less stressful. Still it has its price: about 500 DM. Everyone has to find out, how much he esteems the worth of intact lungs ... More information you will find in well assorted head shops or at our Merchandise Partner page. We are sorry to tell you this fine singer/songwriter duo does not exist any more. Kleinti has left us, too early, too young, too painful! Still their music exists, and Goetz Widmann is holding the flag high, singing songs of her Highness Mary Jane!

[email protected]

Oliver Koehler in DE:BUG.13.0798 [pic]

For a better understanding of this article in a German magazine for electronic music and mind expansion: Oliver Koehler did interview research&experience´s Frank Fuchs in 1997, when the first vaporizers were marketed under the name of “aromizer”. research&experience started producing their vaporizers in the end of 1996, or better call it manufacturing, as their products are, mainly for quality reasons, still handmade in Germany.

In 1998, a big pharmaceutical company claimed name similarity to one of their products. Though ‘aromizer’ was a protected name by German patent, this company claimed, their product significantly named ‘atomizer’ could be mixed up with the ‘aromizer’. As we did not have the money to sue we gave in, their product meanwhile is named ‘aromizer’. Maybe because this threatening company found that the threatening name ‘atomizer’ was not very good and too significant...

The article as originally printed Even if aroma therapy smells and sounds very esoteric its potential for healing is greater than only that of a palliative against psychic disharmony. In the recent years clinical medicine found many serious uses for aroma therapy, based on the old Vedic art of healing called ayurveda. Practical forms of administering are: chronic bronchial asthma, various other bronchial diseases, menstrual pains, cataract, multiple sclerosis, and not least all kinds of cancer. Till now employment of aroma therapeutic substances was aggravated by the methods formerly used: fumigations and steam baths. Paying respect to disagreeable side effects school medicine renounced to turn their interests to this healing method. With the aromizer now there exists a device that allows a simple and acceptable use for therapists and even laypersons. Handmade in the town of Heidelberg, the aromizer enables a breakthrough in aroma therapy. Modern microchip technology is deliberately used to transpose medicinal necessities. Similar to ancient aroma therapy the device helps to simply inhaling medicinal herbs. The big difference: by only heating the plants instead of burning them when fumigated, no carcinogenic substances are set free and inhaled. The result is a near 100% absorption of the plant s active principles. To gain equal results with ayurvedic teas more than a double dose is necessary. The plant material is heated by an unusual heat source: a halogen bulb. Temperature is regulated by a Motorola microchip.

In search of the origin one would be at the wrong place it looked within Heidelberg University. The predecessors of this device are to be found in the freak corner. The one who remembers the phenomenously absurd toker’s practice of ‘hot knives’ knows what vaporizing is about. Evolution s next step in the principle of just heating smokeable substances focused on a device that acted as a prototype for the aromizer: Eagle Bill’s Vaporizer.

Using a hot-air paint stripper marijuana (without nicotine) was just heated but not burnt and inhaled without emissions of other vapours. Eagle Bill, a ‘medicine man’ from Chattanooga introduced his vaporizer at an event bound to the 2nd Congress of ECBS (European Council for Studies of Consciousness). His apparatus attracted attention because of the purity of the absorbed substances. The team of inventors called research&experience followed the logical train of thought: “If it is possible to extract the active principles in vaporized form from one plant, why not try to extract them out of any medicinal herb?” This was in January 1996 and the following year development and tests were finished. The difference to aromizer s ‘stepfather’ was the heat source: light emission without fan instead of paint stripper.

A first patent for the black aromizer box is at hand, a limited medicinal permission is given. Swiss chemist Dr.Dr.hc.mult. Albert Hofmann, finder of lysergic diethylamide acid (LSD), has made his own positive statement: “medically precious and clever”. Still the aromizer is no industrial product as Frank Fuchs, developer of the project, explains. “The aromizer is not only made in Germany, but handmade in Germany”. A big industrial production is not aimed at first as long as administering forms are tested.

Chira was involved in a car accident at the age of 17. Medicinal examinations of his broken bones showed an aggressive bone cancer, doctors estimated his lifespan to a maximum of one year. Chira‘s psychologist proposed to medicate him with marijuana against his heavy pains and a chemotherapy waste syndrome. As he knew a member of the research&experience team he became the first test person under medicinal evaluation, which pushed the development to a great extent. “Our aim was to construct a machine that was to be used by a therapist as well as by the patient at home”. First prototypes looked like home made third world design. Chira s first vaporizer had a wooden case. The heat control was a simple baking thermometer.

Chira survived another four years. 18 months before his death he adopted thoughts of re-incarnation. Last time I met him was on a park bench one unpleasant chilly winter night. He sat there with a friend and enjoyed the evening. He had found his peace. Shortly after this meeting he was gone for the time being.

Besides such a cure with marijuana, the aromizer is evaluated for many medical administering, such as bronchial diseases like cough irritations, bronchial asthma, and catarrh. With sage those symptoms can be suppressed to a great extent. For further information see

Medicines for inhalation

... an essay of Dr. Christian Gerninghaus

How to administer medicines correctly The use of inhalators for medications often appears very difficult. Especially with this form of administering, the patient’s handling is decisive. By improper use of inhalators medicines often do not work as they should. Here is some basic advice.

First about inhalation liquids which are administered with electric inhalators. The equipment as well as the liquids has to be handled with care and strictly hygienic. Packages have to be used before expiration date. During the inhalation process one should take an upright position to prevent from narrowing the bronchial passages. Mouth pieces have to be preferred to face masks. Above all, coordination of breathing and activation of the inhalator is difficult. Inhalation should be done as deep and slow as possible. After breathing in the inhalant, the patient should wait a little before slowly exhaling. The use of bronchial substances should not be followed by outside walks in cold air. Rather stay some time in the warm room. After use inhalation devices have to be cleaned thoroughly. Remains of opened inhaling liquids have to be disposed.

There are easy to carry inhalation devices, too. They come as so called aerosol dispensers in small pressure tanks with special mouth pieces. Pressure tanks have to be protected from heat, for example direct sunrays. Especially cars in summertime are heated up to dangerous temperatures. By this pressure tanks can be damaged so that exact dosage is made impossible.

In addition to the above advice the following should be observed:

• shake the tank thoroughly before use • cover mouth piece with your lips • lean back your head • press the valve and inhale simultaneously • hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds • exhale through the nose • wait 30 seconds before using the inhaler again • for patients who find it difficult to follow those instructions, advise to ask for special devices that are developed for children.

Joints for health

... an article in German TAZ newspaper 11.08.1997

...experts now go more extensive. Marijuana itself has different effects from THC pills. Cannabis can preserve eyesight of patients with overpressure in the eyeball. To prevent the harms of smoking marijuana which means inhaling unwanted substances as well, it is recommended to develop an inhalator... Internet: http://

No more burning for smoking

... an article in Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper August 1997

The motto is “no smoke smoking is possible” now for passengers of regional air carrier “Augsburg Airways”. From now on they are testing the first smoke-free cigarette of the world. Besides Stockholm, Sweden, and Chattanooga, USA, Augsburg is testing ground where tobacco giant Reynolds gives a try on its newest invention.

In Germany, the product is called “HI.Q”. It is priced the same as a normal cigarette, and about as harmful to the smoker himself. The advantage: The producer claims there is 90% less smoke, there is only vapour of water.

This is how it works: The tobacco does not burn and is only heated. At the top charcoal is lit. The hot air dissolves the tobacco aroma. No ashes are produced. After some seven minutes the cigarette stops burning and looks still like before lit.

Yellow fingers, smoked net curtains, and smelly clothes after visiting a bar will belong to the past. (Unfortunately, today in 2004, this invention is not cheaper than a cigarette, and very scarce to get)

Report about CannaBusiness Trade Fair 2003

By Peter Golembe in Cannabis Kultur

(…) So I set a look for the vaporizers – those are devices which heat up marijuana to temperatures hot enough to boil cannabinoids, but not as hot to burn the plant material. “Phyto-Inhalation” as done by the AroMed vaporizer involves a true miracle of electronics. In addition the vapours are sent through a water filter before reaching the lungs. AroMed’s Frank Fuchs claims their device has several advantages compared to the other vaporizers: its hot air supply, best materials responsibly chosen, temperature control’s sensitive abilities, and other technical subtleties. The AroMed vaporizer has been used in most advanced cannabis field research. As well phyto-inhalation is accepted to be refundable by six European health insurance companies. Fuchs is one of the most authentic guys that crossed my way at CannaBusiness. Neither is he greedy for money nor an egomaniac. His eyes were sparkling when he described how his AroMed not only guarantees a real clean cannabis supply but also enables to inhale more than 40 other healing plant’s active agents.

Interview with a MS patient

Cannabis Kultur 2003

Michael F. had a little indoor marijuana plantation for his own use to treat his symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which cannot be suppressed by orthodox methods. He has been found not guilty in trial and appellate court, though Germany has very strict marijuana laws.

Germany’s system of jurisdiction? Smoke it in your pipe! (German phrase for “forget about it”)

?= Since weeks a sweltering heat wave is causing trouble to anyone. Your home town Mannheim is in the hottest area. How do you feel? != Like this hot, I can only stay inside. My symptoms grow worse. With this heat I cannot walk any more. ?= What did you think when you first encountered cannabis? != “Never again without THC”. Those very positive effects on my symptoms felt like I had been given a new life. ?= How did your life change? != I don’t drop things any more, don’t stumble over my feet so often, I can enunciate clearly. This is not to define on single symptoms. In the beginning my MS was harming me so much – I was hemiplegics, could neither talk nor see – I thought I must die. Cannabis alleviates my symptoms to a level that I cannot imagine to live without again. ?= Your therapeutic dosage is three grams per day. What is the best way of administering cannabis for you? != Originally smoking – even if it might sound strange, joints or pure. By now I am using an AroMed vaporizer because of the harmful effects of smoking. ?= You put an administering to your health insurance company for Dronabinol refunding. Did you make experiences with this THC medicine? If yes, does it help you the same as does the (much cheaper) naturally grown cannabis? != I once bought 20ml of Dronabinol. It is a very good medicine, and still very cheap compared to those 15,000 EURO a year for the orthodox interferon medication. Effects on ataxia and its spasms are as good as those of cannabis. I’m missing, for example, the sedative effects of the plant itself. You can feel agents of the whole plant are missing. ?= How about your daily routine? != Get up, shower, breakfast, make music… ?= What if you did not have cannabis? != I couldn’t stand my state of health without it! ?=You have been found not guilty, but the state attorneys did appeal. Still there are two more cases on you to be trialled. How does this legal fight affect you? != I cannot deal with that matter. I’ve got enough dealing with myself and my MS.* ?= How do you feel about the jurisdiction system here in Germany? != You can smoke it in a pipe, only it won’t turn you on but off. The celebrate failure to lend assistance on a grand scale. ?= Your message for our Cannabis Kultur readers? != No messages to announce. I just do not want to live on MS’ mercy.

Michael, thank you so much! We wish you all the best!

*His girl friend enables him to do so. She takes care of everything devotedly. At the more she works hard for the ACM…thank you Gabi!

Morbus Crohn patient and hemp gardener

Published in DIE ZEIT, renowned German weekly paper Feb 12th 2004

For Michael Große cannabis is an essential-to-life medicine. Therefore he fights to grow his own.

(…)He inhales the illegal drug against the symptoms of his illness. He is suffering from Morbus Crohn, a chronic inflammation of his intestines that torments him with spasms, diarrhoea, and abscesses. There is no cure for Morbus Crohn; common medicines can soothe the pains only inadequately.

(…)In Germany cannabis as a medicine is discussed only in hemp activist circles. For Große this was an unknown world. But did he not have to look for some way out of his absolutely hopeless situation? His doctor, completely at a loss himself after a ten year’s orthodox treatment, recommended a self test. “One morning I smoked it in the bathroom”. (…) followed by relief: “For the first time I could sleep for more than four hours in a row! I hadn’t had that in years!” One gram is enough to him for five days without pains. He finally could get out of his house, to visit a restaurant, cinemas. He bought his stuff at the black market.

A legal alternative would have been the in-part synthesised Dronabinol, but this failed Große’s self test. “I felt like splattered in my head”, and Dronabinol would have cost about thirty times as much as his self-treatment with cannabis. Some time Große decided to cultivate his newly discovered healing plant himself. He enthusiastically explains cannabis is not all the like, only selected breeding brings optimum results.

Soon Große was aware that smoked cannabis is even more carcinogenic than normal cigarettes, about seven times as much. Inhaling without smoking is the better solution, he learnt. The Association Cannabis as a Medicine holds inhalers in store, developed by two affected patients. “Smoking was yesterday, today it is vaporizing”. A halogen bulb vaporizes cannabis at exactly controlled temperatures. “It’s like inhaling camomile”, laughs Große. In winter times he opened the door of his growing cabinet, reading books in the light of his 600-Watts light system and he inhaled his cannabis medicine. He felt as good as never since ages, weed gave him warmth and support.

Everything went well for four years. About his new therapeutic Große only talked with his doctor and some good friends. (…) But in May 2000 his home grower’s idyll got busted (…) police searched his apartment and found his bedroom plantation…

He found assistance from “Die Gruene Hilfe” (green aid) and got the address of a lawyer, Robert Wenzel (…) Nine months later the first trial. Together with five more plaintiffs he wants cannabis as a therapeutic is not only tolerated in scarce cases but becomes legal. If Große and the others are successful the decision of court opens a new chapter in dealing with cannabis – and will change the lives of hundred thousands of patients in Germany suffering from MS, cancers, pains, or AIDS.

The BfArM (German federal institute for medicines and medical products) can only imagine a political solution:” (…) it had to be decided, to move cannabis from committee enclosure 1 to enclosure 3 (…) but in Germany the minister of the Interior, Mr Schily, and drug tsar Mrs. Marion Caspers-Merk will refuse (…)”

So far excerpts from the article. research&experience wants to remind you: court trials are expensive, even if lawyer Robert Wenzel, Hamburg, is not overpaid and works with a lot of idealism. The IACM urgently needs your donation, see


... from persons of public interest.

Read some absorbing statements on the AroMed vaporizer.

“Beautiful German machine! Now it is a baseless discussion that inhaling marijuana is harmful because of its side products like tars and condensation remains. Now there is a reliable vaporizer for sale.” Dr. Leister Grinspoon, ex Harvard professor, author of “Marijuana Reconsidered” (1971, Cambridge / HARVARD University Press) at the 2nd “No War On Drugs” congress 1999 in Toronto, CAN

“This (AroMed) will help all those, who use THC for medical and health reasons, but for whom smoking does not agree with their bodily conditions. Another advantage: up to no ingredients are lost like when burning them”. Ronald Rippchen, German author

“Inhalative administering reveals similar new dimensions as did the invention of injection” letter from a medical doctor

“Medicinal-therapeutic appropriate and inestimable” Dr.Dr.hc.mult. Albert Hofmann

“I had lost my voice and now got a serious cough attack.... inhaled a dose of sage with his precise vaporizer (AroMed). The cough attack was gone, and my voice was back” [pic] Howard Marks (Mr. Nice), author, in “Reefer‘s Digest” (ISBN 3-930442-23-X (available in German only!)

“When vaporizing with the aromizer (now AroMed), within some minutes you have an amazingly clear and invigorating feeling”. Joint Venture, German Singer/Songwriter-Duo

“I wish you lots of success in your enterprise and send best regards” Letter from A. Hofmann, chemist, to research&experience


... from the beginnings to the awarded AroMed vaporizer.

• The Premiere in Loehrbach 1996 • Release party 1997 • First aromizer at CE check • CannaBusiness 1997 • CannaBusiness 1998 • Swiss CannaTrade 2002 • ECBS Conference 2002 • CannaBusiness 2004 • Highlife Spain 2004

The Premiere in Loehrbach 1996

... the first model of now “AroMed” was marketed under the name of “aromizer”.

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

Release party 1997

... the aromizer’s first sales are celebrated, release party 1997.








First aromizer at CE check


CannaBusiness 1997


[pic] Howard Marks has his first try…

CannaBusiness 1998

... the AroMed vaporizer wins 1st prize for paraphernalia.



Swiss CannaTrade 2002

[pic] from left to right: G. Shelton (Freak Brother), G. Seyfried (Comic painter & Author) und M. Bröckers (Author)

ECBS Conference 2003

in Frankenthal, Germany


CannaBusiness 2004

[pic] [pic]

Howard Mark’s comment this year: “The world needs you!”

Highlife Spain 2004

…the AroMed 4.0 wins the 2nd price!



...sensual scent experiences.

• The principle • Rent and lease • Events

The principle

Since lecturer Georg Winter (universities of Zurich, Switzerland, and Nuremberg, Germany) planned an arts project, research&experience is also committed to aroma therapeutic room fumigation. The AroMat holds pure plant material and is able to fumigate even biggest event places. Please read: Room fumigation

CAUTION! Aroma recollections can cause placebo effects!

Rent and lease

The AroMat equipment can be long-term leased or short-time rent for any event.


Excerpt of fumigation events:

• gardening show of Baden-Wuertemberg, Singen, Germany 2000 [pic]

• Liquid-Sound thermal spa, Bad Sulza, Germany • CannaBusiness trade fair, Germany since 2000 • Swiss CannaTrade fair, Bern since 2002 • Evenings with Howard Marks (Mr. Nice) 2001 and 2002 in Great Britain • music events with ‘Lopazz‘, MoveD, Millhouse, Hodschas, Fruchtig, and Silly Walks Movement [pic]

• Print Media Academy, Heidelberg Printing Machines, Germany • Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2003 • 300 years Ludwigsburg Castle, Villa Franck, 2003


• Address • Comments and suggestions


research&experience A. Fuchs Hauptstrasse 146 D-69117 Heidelberg

Order AroMed E-Mail: [email protected]

AroMat Reservation E-Mail: [email protected]

AroMed / AroMat Service E-Mail: [email protected]

Comments and suggestions

We do care about your opinion! • what do you think about the AroMed vaporizer? • which experiences have you made with the AroMed? • any suggestions, anything to criticize, do you have special longings?

We are pleased by any comment! mailto:[email protected]


…here you learn how your own AroMed 4.0 vaporizer comes to your home, if there is no authorized dealer near to your place.

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As members of the IACM/ACM e.V. research&experience offers other fellow members to order for a special price. Please ask for conditions, giving us notice that you have paid this year’s membership fees! [email protected]

Order your own AroMed vaporizer


research&experience offer their service to interested persons who already know about AroMed vaporizers and do not want any further advice or consultation!

In principle we advise to order from our selected and reliable merchandise and distribution partners! Only they will be able to give you addresses of specialist suppliers who can help you with any question.

Please use an e-mail to order here.

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• How many AroMed 4.0 vaporizers do you want to order • Write your full address and maybe phone contact Please wait for a pro-forma-invoice! We can only deliver when payment to our favour is received at our bank

The price for the AroMed 4.0: EURO 360.00/pc.

This price is for the AroMed ready to use including a carrying case. In some countries an AC adaptor plug for different sockets might be necessary! This price includes legal taxes. Shipping and money transfer costs are excluded.

Order accessories

…useful accessories that are not included in standard deliveries of the AroMed 4.0

FoamPellets to vaporize liquids oils and tinctures EURO 10.00/pc. [pic]

AromaTop your AroMed becomes a room fumigator EURO 18.00/pc. [pic]

CheckValveNon-return valve, advisable for unpractised patient or children EURO 9.50/pc. [pic]

T-Shirt a nice way to show your preference! EURO 16.00/pc. [pic]

Those prices include legal taxes. Shipping and money transfer costs are excluded.

Please use an e-mail to order here. Very important! Please make sure your e-mail includes the following information:

• How many AroMed 4.0 vaporizers do you want to order • Write your full address and maybe phone contact Please wait for a pro-forma-invoice! We can only deliver when payment to our favour is received at our bank

Order spare parts

The AroMed’s single parts are made with precision and our suppliers guarantee best quality. Still there might be need for replacement.

CarryingCase EURO 18.00/pc. [pic]

ScrewCap protects the halogen bulb EURO 17.50/pc. [pic]

HerbHolder with screen EURO 16.00/pc. [pic]

WaterFilter complete with HerbHolder EURO 45.00/pc. [pic]

WaterFilter only WaterBowl EURO 30.00/pc. [pic]

SiliconeHose with mouth piece EURO 6.00/pc. [pic]

MouthPieces 10 pieces per pack EURO 5.00/pack [pic]

RubberBand to fasten WaterFilter EURO 6.00/pc. [pic]

HalogenBulb ultra-violet-free, 50 Watts EURO 5.60/pc.

Those prices include legal taxes. Shipping and money transfer costs are excluded.

Please use an e-mail to order here.

Very important! Please make sure your e-mail includes the following information:

• How many AroMed 4.0 vaporizers do you want to order • Write your full address and maybe phone contact Please wait for a pro-forma-invoice! We can only deliver when payment to our favour is received at our bank

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AroMed Vaporizer 2 The principle 2 Phyto-Inhalation 3 A glimpse on the advantages 3 Administering 3 Fields of administering 4 FAQ 4 How long does it take until I can use the AroMed when switched on? 4 What kind of substances can be used and vaporized in the AroMed? 4 How about the use of liquids with the AroMed? 5 How exact is the temperature setting of the AroMed? 5 Why does only the AroMed produce its hot air flow with an electric halogen bulb? 5 Different from other vaporizers, the AroMed has a water filter. How about condensation of active ingredients in the water? 5 Why is there no fan included in the AroMed? 6 Is the AroMed classified as a medical device? 6 Medical plants 6 Important hints and general remarks 6 Plants A-Z 6 Plant names 8 Ashwaganda (withania somnifera) 8 Basil (ocimum basilicum) 9 Camomile (matricaria recutita) 9 Cloves tree (caryophyllis aromaticus) 10 Damiana (turnera diffusa) 10 Dream herb (calea zacatechichi) 11 Elecampane (inula hellenium) 12 Eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus) 12 Ginkgo tree (ginkgo biloba) 13 Guarana (paullinia cupana) 14 Harmala (peganum harmala) 14 Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna) 15 Hemp (Cannabis spp.) 16 Hops (humulus lupulus) 16 Juniper (juniperus communis) 17 Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) 17 Lemon balm (melissa officinalis) 18 Lime tree (tilia cordata) 18 Lobelia (lobelia inflata) 19 Mate tea (ilex paraguinensis) 20 Monk’s basil (ocimum sancti) 20 Parsley (petroselinum crispum) 21 Peppermint (mentha piperita) 21 Purple coneflower (echinacea angustifolia) 22 Purple sage (salvia sclarea) 22 Quebracho (aspidosperma quebracho blanco) 23 Rauwolfia (rauwolfia serpentina) 24 Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) 24 Sage (salvia officinalis) 25 St. John’s wort (hypericum perforatum) 26 Sweet vernal grass (anthoxanthum odoratum) 26 Tea (camellia sinensis) 27 Thyme (thymus vulgaris) 27 Valerian (valeriana officinalis) 28 Vanilla grass (hierochloe odorata) 28 Verbena (verbena officinalis) 29 White sagebrush (artemisia mexicana) 29 Wild lettuce (lactuca virosa) 30 Wild rosemary (ledum palustre) 30 Willow tree (salix alba et al.) 31 Yarrow (achillea millefolium) 32 Symptoms A-Z 32 About us 33 The new AroMed 4.0 33 Field research 35 ACM e.V. and IACM 36 Press Clips 37 Interview with research experience’s Frank Fuchs by Werner Pieper 38 Winter herbs 39 Room fumigation 42 Correspondence with Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen 44 Inhale or eat? 45 Joint Venture 45 [email protected] 46 Medicines for inhalation 47 Joints for health 48 No more burning for smoking 48 Report about CannaBusiness Trade Fair 2003 48 Interview with a MS patient 49 Morbus Crohn patient and hemp gardener 50 Opinions 50 History 51 The Premiere in Loehrbach 1996 52 Release party 1997 54 First aromizer at CE check 56 CannaBusiness 1997 56 CannaBusiness 1998 57 Swiss CannaTrade 2002 57 ECBS Conference 2003 58 CannaBusiness 2004 58 Highlife Spain 2004 59 AroMat 59 The principle 59 Rent and lease 60 Events 60 Contact 60 Address 60 Comments and suggestions 61 Shop 61 Order your own AroMed vaporizer 61 Order accessories 62 Order spare parts 63 Our Merchandise and distribution partners 65 Germany / Austria 66 United Kingdom 66 Netherlands 66 Switzerland 66 Spain 67 North America 67 Literature 67 How to use this page 67 Help index 68 Accessibility 68 Browser 68 Change font size 68 Change page layout 68 Devices 69 Download Web-Site 69 Function keys 69 HTML Link elements 70 Microsoft® Word Version 71 Microsoft® Word users please download web-site as Microsoft® Word Version. 71 Open Office Version 71 Page structure and navigation 71 Quick Navigation 71 Navigation Start page 71 Navigation Main areas (function key + X) 71 Content (function key + Y) 71 Navigation Common areas (function key + Z) 71 Pictures and graphics 71 Portable Document Format Version 72 Standards 72 Tab order 72 Tables 72 Site map 72 Search 75 Imprint 75 research&experience 75 Copyright 75 Authors 75


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