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SamSung Foundry Strong 14nm FinFET Logic Process and Design Infrastructure for Advanced Mobile SOC Applications Samsung Foundry’s advanced 14-nanometer …
Samsung Foundry

Strong 14nm FinFET Logic Process and Design Infrastructure for Advanced Mobile SOC Applications Samsung Foundry’s advanced 14-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology offers a robust design infrastructure to drive future mobile application markets. As mobile applications continue to demand a more PC-like user experience, Samsung’s FinFET process technology enables system-on-chip (SOC) designers to reap all of the advantages for the latest energy-efficient processors: die-size reductions, faster frequencies, and lower power consumption.






Fig. 1 Samsung 14nm FinFET process technology addresses the power reduction breakthrough

that is needed to meet mobile power requirements.

Estimated groundbreaking and completion dates

Advantages of 3 Dimensional Design

Characteristics of FinFET transistor performance are closely correlated to the high aspect ratio (AR) of fin height/fin width. The challenges of the FinFET structure include: control of the fin width and height dimensions, the ability to scale the fin width down to sub-20nm nodes and gate length dimension control over a high AR while precisely controlling all of these parameters during manufacturing.

Samsung’s FinFET technology, unlike planar transistors with flat, multi-layer designs, uses a tall wall-like gate, 3D-structured design to minimize leakage, and in turn, increase a chip’s reliability and power at a small node process. Additionally, as less heat is generated and the power supply lasts longer, clock frequencies can be tuned for system critical components without overstepping system power requirements.

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(Planar Structure)

(3D Structure, FinFET)

Fig. 2 Advantages of FinFET design allows 3D-structured design for significantly reduced leakage.

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Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process node is supported by an ecosystem of partners including ARM®, Cadence® Design Systems, Mentor Graphics® and Synopsys®. With their collaboration, Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology process taped out multiple test chips ranging from a full ARM Cortex™-A7 processor implementation to a SRAM-based chip capable of operating near threshold voltage levels, as well as an array of analog IP. Silicon-based Process Development Kits

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Solid Design Ecosystem

Samsung Foundry’s 14nm FinFET process design kits (PDKs) provide customers with models, design rule manuals and technology files that have been developed based on silicon results from previous 14nm FinFET test chips run. Samsung’s 14nm FinFET PDK includes: design flows, routers and other design enablement features to support new device structures, local interconnects, and advanced routing rules. Samsung Foundry continues to lead the industry in providing its customers with early access to all elements of the design infrastructure to enable accelerated chip development.