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Samsung GALAXY Young - Quick Start Guide: Page 1 of 3 ... Samsung. GALAXY Young. This Quick Start guide helps you set up your ... usage and to top up.
Samsung GALAXY Young To view more information go to: or search for Samsung GALAXY Young Support

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Samsung GALAXY Young - Quick Start Guide: Page 1 of 3

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Samsung GALAXY Young Welcome to your Samsung GALAXY Young This Quick Start guide helps you set up your Samsung GALAXY Young and use some common features.

How to Change Your Ringtone 1. From your Home screen, Tap the App Drawer. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Sound.

How to Turn on the Device

4. Tap Ringtone.

To turn on your phone to

6. Tap the desired ringtone.

start, press and hold the Power button.

7. Tap OK.

How to add a Contact to your Home screen

6. Select the Contact from your contacts list that you wish to link to the widget.

1. On your Home screen, press and hold.

How to Send a Text Message

2. Select Apps and Widgets.

5. Tap Device Ringtone.


From the Home screen, tap Messaging.


Tap the New message icon.

How to Answer a Call 1. When you receive a call. the, Incoming call screen opens. 2. Slide the Green phone to the middle to answer.

Then follow the instructions to set up your phone. To turn the phone off, press and hold the Power button. A Power Options message will appear. Tap Power Off on the screen. Samsung GALAXY Young - Quick Start Guide: Page 2 of 3

Appendix Contacts: View all your contacts to either Call, Email, SMS or Share them.

Email: Setup your phone to receive email via POP protocol. Internet: Tap here to access the internet on your phone.

Messaging: Tap this icon to send an SMS or MMS message. 3. Select the Widgets tab

Phone: Tap here to make a call, to view your contacts and more

4. Swipe across until you find Contact Widget. 5. Hold and drag the Contact widget to the Home Screen.


In the Enter Recipient field, enter the recipient’s phone number or tap the Contacts icon to select from your contacts.


Tap the Enter Message field and enter the desired message.


Tap the Send icon.

Play Store: Tap to download more apps.

Settings: Tap to open your phones Settings.

MyMobile: Tap this icon to view your data usage and to top up

Samsung GALAXY Young How to Setup your Yahoo!Xtra email account

12. Set how often your device checks for new mail by changing the Peak Schedule and Off Peak Schedule.

1. From your Home screen, Tap the App Drawer.

13. Tap Next.

2. Tap Email.

15. Your Yahoo!Xtra account will Sync and you are now ready to send and receive email.

3. Enter your Xtra email address. 4. Enter your Xtra password.

6. Tap Install. 7. Tap Accept. 8. Wait for the download to finish then tap the Home key.

14. Amend Name fields then tap Done.

How to Connect to Facebook 1. You will first need to download Facebook from the Play Store. 2. From your Home screen, tap Play Store.

How to Toggle Mobile Data on or off

Install and View Usage on the Spark NZ App

1. From your Home screen, swipe down the Notification bar.

1. Open the Play Store and search for Spark NZ.

2. Swipe Left on the icons along the top until you see Mobile Data. 9. From your Home screen, Tap the App Drawer.

3. Tap Mobile Data to toggle on or off.

11. Enter your registered email address.

5. Tap Register. 6. Enter your mobile number and tap Next.

12. Tap the Password field and enter your password 13. Tap Log in.

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network 1. From your Home screen, Tap the App Drawer. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap WiFi.

5. Tap Next.

4. Tap the Wi-Fi slider to ON.

6. Tap POP3.

5. Tap the word Wi-Fi.

7. Tap Security Type and select SSL. 8. Tap Next. 9. Tap SMTP Server and enter 14. Tap Skip. 15. Tap the Home Key to exit. 5. Tap Facebook. Samsung GALAXY Young - Quick Start Guide: Page 3 of 3

3. Press the Home Key.

10. Tap Facebook.

4. Enter Facebook into the seach field.

11. Tap Next.

2. Wait for install to finish. 4. From your app drawer, tap the Spark icon.

3. Tap the Search icon.

10. Tap Security Type and select SSL.

1. Tap and install the Spark NZ app.

6. Tap the desired network you wish to connect with. 7. Enter the password. 8. Tap Connect.

7. Enter the SMS validation code and your desired password in the required fields. 8. Tap Sign In. 9. Tap the Menu button in the top left corner. 10. Tap My Usage.

Note: By default you will be automatically logged in whenever you open the Spark App in the future.