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Any compatible file stored on the device's secured digital (SD) card can be printed. Samsung MobilePrint for. Android supports printing for Adobe® Portable  ...
Samsung MobilePrint Convenient, easy printing and scanning from mobile devices





Mobile solution for printing, scanning and file sharing


Connect all devices


Print a variety of documents




Expand print options Print web pages

Print Google Docs 4 Scan with MobilePrint 4 Select a scanner and settings


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Full functionality to print and scan various types of content from various sources


Printer models


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Print and scan directly from mobile devices.

This white paper describes how Samsung MobilePrint is used to conveniently print and scan from mobile devices.

Introduction Smartphones and tablet computers are essential in business today, and the increasingly mobile workforce needs the ability to print and scan from these devices. Virtually every executive and individual contributor uses one or more mobile devices to access email and websites. A QuickPoll Survey and Study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) in June 2011 (Document #228811) found that over 80 percent of respondents indicated some level of mobility in their jobs. The trend toward using mobile tools for business tasks, including printing and scanning, is expected to rise.

Connect all devices Users can still automatically detect and connect to devices on the same network as the mobile device, but now locally connected (USB-connected) devices can also be connected to make printing quick and easy. Samsung MobilePrint works by connecting a mobile device to a network-connected Samsung printer or wireless printer through a Wi-Fi access point that the application automatically detects. Devices that are not automatically detected can be added using other methods:

Based on the 2011 IDC survey and study (Document #228811), mobile printing consists of two basic models: peer-to-peer printing and cloud printing. In the peer-to-peer model, a mobile device or computer communicates directly with a printer or multifunction printer (MFP). In the cloud model, documents are processed by a cloud-enabled application, which can be public or private.

Printing is not a simple task on most smartphones or tablets. A printing tool on a mobile device is usually limited in what it offers, or it requires an external server or PC to complete the printing task. Samsung MobilePrint gives business professionals the ability to print and scan directly to and from any Samsung printer on a local area network with a secure Wi-Fi access point using Android™, Microsoft® Windows® Mobile, or Apple iOS smartphones or tablets, without the need for an external server or PC.

Print a variety of documents

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IP address. With an IP address, users can add devices that are on another subnet. Server Message Block (SMB). With SMB, users can add devices that are shared in a Windows environment. Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). With IPP, users can add devices that are shared in a Linux® or iOS environment.

Instead of having to carry a stack of paper or keep track of a USB device to access important documents, users can print directly from their mobile device.

Android For Android devices, a list of all available files that can be printed displays in the Documents menu on the Launch screen. Any compatible file stored on the device’s secured digital (SD) card can be printed. Samsung MobilePrint for Android supports printing for Adobe® Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft Office® (.ppt, .doc, .xls), text files (.txt) and Hangul Editor (.hwp) files.

Mobile solution for printing, scanning and file sharing Samsung MobilePrint is a convenient printing and scanning application for the modern work environment. The application allows business professionals to scan from and print to a network-connected Samsung printer or wireless printer through a Wi-Fi access point.

Most email attachments can also be opened and printed with MobilePrint if the email client supports this option. Any third-party application that supports sharing can also share documents with MobilePrint and print them through sharing.

Samsung MobilePrint is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones. Samsung MobilePrint supports devices such as the iPod Touch and Android and iOS-based tablets. Users install the Samsung MobilePrint application and it automatically detects compatible Samsung printers.


Users can easily find documents with the filtering feature.

Print web pages

New Android features available in the latest version of Samsung MobilePrint include: • • • • •

The availability of information anywhere at any time from a mobile device is a significant technological development. Until recently, users still had to connect to a computer to print web pages. Samsung MobilePrint now gives users even more control over web page printing needs. It is one of the only free mobile printing applications to currently offer web printing for Android and iOS mobile devices.

N-up document printing (printing more than one document on the same page) Image size selection when printing images Print Job Manager for managing multiple print jobs An interface for third-party developers to integrate their application with MobilePrint Options for enterprise customers: o Confidential printing o Job accounting

With Android and iOS devices, users can enter a URL and preview a printed web page. Other functions include navigating the website, setting a home page and loading bookmarks stored in the browser.



For iOS devices, files scanned in as PDF files or uploaded to MobilePrint from a PC can be printed. Samsung MobilePrint for iOS supports printing for Adobe® Portable Document Format (.pdf), Microsoft Office® (.ppt, .doc, .xls), text files (.txt) and Hangul Editor (.hwp) files.

Web printing for iOS devices is made possible through the MobilePrint clipboard. To print web pages from an iOS device, users can select a URL from a list and then select a printer. The clipboard stores the web page content and sends it to the selected device.

New iOS features available in the latest version of Samsung MobilePrint include: • • • • • • • •

Print Google Docs

InBuilt Gallery for selecting multiple images Google Docs™ printing and features Document (doc) printing Preview screen for multiple pages Option to select pages to be printed Clipboard to copy and paste multiple photos, text, and web pages Ability to take a snapshot and print it Ability to choose area and size while scanning

Users can print Google Docs files from Android and iOS devices with Samsung MobilePrint by logging in to a Google Docs account and printing any file stored by itself or in a collection. Users who have many documents in Google Docs can easily find what they are looking for by filtering only starred files or by sorting the files by type, date or title. The page range feature is also available for Google Docs printing; so users can print only what is needed and nothing more. The Android Account Manager, which is only available with Android devices, allows multiple users to access this print feature.

Expand print options The latest version of MobilePrint has added the page range option. Now, in addition to number of copies, duplex options, paper type, size and orientation, users can select specific document pages to print. In addition, they can now tap on any page and use the print preview screen to zoom in for a better look before printing.Other functions include navigating the website, setting a home page and loading bookmarks stored in the browser.


Transfer files from a mobile device to a PC or email.

Scan with MobilePrint

Share files

With Samsung MFPs, business professionals can scan documents directly to their smartphone or tablet. Scanning is supported for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices. Scanning formats include PDF, JPG and PNG, and scanning can be done in black and white or color at different image-quality levels and sizes. A previewing option saves time. For professionals needing multipage documents, the scanning function works on Samsung MFPs equipped with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). Scans can be uploaded to email, Google Docs or web-based file-sharing sites, such as SugarSync®1, YouSendIt™2, FTP sites3, MobileMe4, or to an internal document server on a PC or Mac.

File sharing from a mobile device to a PC or email is available for Android applications. Samsung MobilePrint is the only mobile printing application to offer this much versatility.

iOS Users can enter the iOS device address in a web browser on a network-connected PC. WebDAV is used to transfer files by mapping the device as a network drive. Microsoft documents are also accessible.

Android The Android application offers the Share With feature. By pressing, holding and releasing a selected document, users can send the file to installed networking and file-sharing applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail™ or Picasa™.

iOS For iOS devices, users can select any scanner on the network, and then select scanning options for image type, quality and file format. If only Photo is turned on, the document is automatically scanned as a JPG file and saved in the Photo Album. If Document is turned on, the user can select from the JPG, PDF or PNG file formats to save the scanned image in MobilePrint’s document utility. After scanning, the user can view scanned documents on an iOS mobile device.

Full functionality to print and scan various types of content from sources Samsung MobilePrint provides the fullest functionality possible for devices running on the Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems. Available functions include printing photos, PDF files and web pages, and scanning documents in the JPG, PNG or PDF format to the mobile device.

Android and Windows Phone For Android and Windows Phone devices, users can select a scanner on the network and indicate how the document is to be scanned. Options for image type, quality and file format are also included. Scanned images are conveniently saved in My Documents with the Android application and in the isolated MobilePrint storage with the Windows Phone. Both are accessible from the Scan screen. Saved images can be shared through the photo gallery, Facebook and Twitter.

Not only does Samsung MobilePrint provide the same basic features across all platforms, it also provides the ability to print from Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs (for Android) and web pages. No other free mobile printing application provides this feature. For security-minded users, emailing a document to a computer and then printing it later creates unnecessary security risks. Samsung MobilePrint eliminates that security concern because users send sensitive data directly to the printer.

Select a scanner and settings To scan a document to a mobile device, users go to the network or wireless MFP, place the document in the document feeder or on the scanner glass, and select how the image is to be scanned. If the document has multiple pages and the ADF is being used, the pages are included in one PDF file. Several scanner settings are available for all three operating system applications. Users can scan the image in color or black and white, change the image quality and change the file type of the image, all directly from a mobile device.


Printer models that support Samsung MobilePrint

Printer models The following Samsung printer models currently support Samsung MobilePrint. Category

Model name

Monochrome Laser Printer

ML-1630W, 1670, 1865W, 2250, 2251 NP, 2525W, 2550, 2570, 2580, 2850, 2853, 2855, 3050, 3310, 370, 3475, 3560, 3710, 405x, 451x, 455x, 501x, 5510, 6510, 8850, 8950, 8x00 Series Wired/Wireless Models

Color Laser Printer

CLP-310, 320, 350, 360, 410, 610, 620, 660, 670, 680, 770 Series Wired/Wireless Models

Monochrome Laser MFP

SCX-3200, 4500W, 4623, 4623FW, 4650, 4725, 4x20, 4x21S, 4x24, 4x25, 4x26, 4x28, 4x33, 5x30, 5x37, 5635, 5x30, 5835, 5835X, 5935, 5935X, 6545, 6545X, 6x22, 6x45, 6x55, 6x55X, 8030, 8040, 8123, 8128, 8230, 8240 Series Wired/Wireless Models

Color Laser MFP

CLX-3170, 3180, 3300, 4190, 6200, 6220, 6240, 6250, 6260, 8380, 8385, 8385X, 8540, 8540X, 8640, 8650, 9250, 9252, 9350, 9352, 92x1, 93x1 Series Wired/Wireless Models


Print and scan from mobile devices with Samsung MobilePrint.

Conclusion Although mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have given business professionals the ability to be more productive while away from the office, the biggest shortcoming of these devices is that they are unable to deliver printed output for review or signature. The free Samsung MobilePrint application for Android and iOS devices solves this problem by enabling compatible smartphones and tablets to print directly to any networked or Wi-Fi enabled Samsung MFP or printer on a network with wireless access. In addition to offering a wide array of printable documents, such as web pages, Google Docs, PDF files, images, emails and Microsoft Office documents, the Samsung MobilePrint application enables business professionals to scan directly from a Samsung MFP to mobile devices, making it fast and easy to get contracts, purchase requisitions, estimates and other documents into the system for processing.


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1. SugarSync: An instant and secure online file sync and backup for your PC, Mac, or mobile device. 2. YouSendIt: Sync your files and folders for access offline and on mobile devices. 3. FTP Sites: Sites that allow File Transfer Protocol (FTP) storage of files and documents. 4. MobileMe: Access and manage email, contacts, calendar, photos and files on the web. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 416, Maetan 3-dong, Yeongtong-gu Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 443-772, Korea