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June 08- Present New York, New York. Pastry Chef de Partie. 3 Michelin Stars. In charge of preparation, production, and spinning of all ice creams ... School Address ...
Address Email Address Russell Karath [email protected]

656 W 204 St. Apt #38

NY, NY 10034

(919) 622-1809

Russell Karath

Objective: I will be applying for a stage in your pastry department.

Education: University of North Carolina at Wilmington ▪ Business Administration. ▪ Bachelors of Science in Marketing. ▪ Graduated June, 2006 The Culinary Institute of America ▪ Baking and Pastry Arts. ▪ Associates of Occupational Studies. ▪ Graduated May, 2008

Experience: per se, June 08- Present New York, New York Pastry Chef de Partie 3 Michelin Stars • In charge of preparation, production, and spinning of all ice creams, sorbets, and sherbet bases. Preparation, production and service of all mignardes for private parties, functions, and restaurant buy outs. Contributes to the production of all pastry products in the restaurant.

Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, May 07-October 07 Naples, FL Pastry Extern 4 Star 5 Diamond Resort • In charge of preparation and service of: Lemonia dessert line, Weekly brunch menu desserts, In Room Dining dessert production, Banquet desserts, and Bread fabrication for Lemonia.

Skills: Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage Certifications: ServSafe Certified

Certified Journey Baker (CJB) –Retail Bakers Association (RBA)

Leadership Positions: Assisted with recipe formulation and testing for Chef Peter Greweling, Team Leader for Marketing Strategy Simulation, Lead Designer for Internet Marketing webpage.