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Section Two: Hiring Practices for Online Adjunct Faculty . .... that college enrollments declined close to 2% over the past year. Despite the decline in enrollment, ...

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Belhaven University, a Christian university committed to the ministry of ... Responsibilities include properly preparing for online courses; engaging with students.

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belhaven - online adjunct faculty positions in undergraduate and graduate accounting undergradute and graduate finance undergraduate and graduate marketing

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supporting online adjunct faculty: A survey of practices. Louisville, KY: .... Adjunct faculty members have been a key component in the exponential growth of online programs ..... serves, national advertising for faculty positions was more critical.

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Values Argosy University Adjunct Faculty Information Online Faculty ...

educational programs at doctoral, master's, bachelor's, and associate's ... Argosy University's online courses are offered in a five or seven and a half week ...

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Adjunct Faculty - SDSU

ARTS AND LETTERS. Amaral-Filho, Jair do, Ph.D., Latin American Studies. Anand, Chandana, M.A., Religious Studies. Ayora-Diaz, Steffan, Ph.D., Latin American Studies. Baksh, Michael, Ph.D., Anthropology. Barajas-Escamilla, Maria, Ph.D., Latin American Studies. Begler, Elsie, Ph.D., Dean's Office. Benza, Magdalena ...

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Robert B. Appleton. Adjunct Instructor of Public Administration. B.S., Norwich University Military College of Vermont. M.P.A., Marist College. Jeffrey Armstrong. Adjunct Instructor of Music. B.S., State University of New York at New Paltz. M.F.A., Bard College. Clare Armstrong-Seward. Adjunct Instructor of Public Administration.

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A.A., Dutchess Community College. B.A., State University of New York at New Paltz ..... B.A., Marist College. M.P.A., Marist College. Shahla Kia-Balaghi. Adjunct  ...

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2017-18 Adjunct Faculty

Jamie Dolkas (Spring). 27. Daniel Duan (Year). 28. Randall Farrimond (Spring). 29. Lisa Flanagan (Spring). 30. Juliana Fredman (Fall). 31. Christopher Fromm ... Donald Quigley (Spring). 88. Charles Ragan (Spring). 89. Kevin Romano (Year). 90. Kari Rudd (Fall). 91. Douglas Saeltzer (Spring). 92. Robert Sammis (Spring).

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1 Adjunct Faculty Handbook 2016-17 Welcome to Western! Western’s Mission: Western Technical College provides relevant, high quality education, in a

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