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Business - Peralta Colleges

Certificate programs range from accounting, to banking and ... representative or new accounts clerk (answering customers' questions and assisting customers in  ...

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Cosmetology - Peralta Colleges

LANEY COLLEGE. MERRITT COLLEGE. Cosmetology. What preparation will this program give me? The Cosmetology Program is designed to prepare students ...

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PERALTA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT. ... Recommended for students transferring to 4-year colleges and universities. ... HDSLR Workflow for Digital Photography …

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Real Estate - Peralta Colleges

The major in Real Estate provides excellent preparation for the broker's or ... information and training for those professionals interested in investing in real estate ...

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2003-2005 - Peralta Colleges

Laney College ° 900 Fallon Street ° Oakland, CA 94607-4808 ° 510 834-5740 http# / WWW.pera1ta.cc.ca.us/ ...... Department Abbreviations . ... Culinary Arts ..

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Peralta Community College District

Peralta Community College District ... Lyzette Alberto, Mary Shaughnessy, and Silvia Cortez. ... Silvia Cortez has joined the A&R team and is working out of class ...

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Committee: - Peralta Colleges

Request for Proposal Employee Benefits Insurance Broker and Consulting Service- Scope of Work. September/October 2014 Employee Benefits Everyone Newsletter.

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WLC - Peralta Colleges

WLC. Merritt College. 6. PURPOSE OF PLAN. Over the past two years, representatives of Peralta Community College District faculty, staff and adminstrators at ...

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Outlook - Peralta Colleges

IT Help Desk 587-7800 [email protected] Why? Check your email anywhere; Auto responses depending on email; Auto sort emails from specific sources ...

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Nilka M. Guerrero R.

Nilka M. Guerrero R. is the Director of Radiofarmacia de Centroamerica, S.A., ... which was founded in Panama in 2005 (up to 2013), responsible for the Spanish.

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