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Business Cycles

The bank lends out money and the borrower buys something with the money. b. ... Big tax breaks for the first time home buyers have a positive impact on the ...

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Business Cycles

Business Cycles. Business cycles can be described as periods of boom, contraction, recession and expansion. Boom. At the peak of the business cycle the ...

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Business Cycles

Monetizing the debt; > in the price of oil; > in public union benefits; Detailed laws; Emphasis on green technology; Unfunded liabilities; Interest on national debt ...

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Financial Business Cycles

Aug 28, 2014 ... August 2014. Financial Business Cycles. Matteo Iacoviello. NOTE: International Finance Discussion Papers are preliminary materials circulated ...

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Financial business cycles

(3) How important are shocks to asset prices for business fluctuations? .... that causes a financial business cycle is a shock to the quality of bank capital that is, ...

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Polarized Business Cycles

WORKING PAPER NO. 13-44. POLARIZED BUSINESS CYCLES. Marina Azzimonti. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Matthew Talbert. University of Texas – Austin. November 2013 ...

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Educational business cycles | SpringerLink

Abstract. Strong institutional constraints and better-informed voters may lead re- election seeking incumbents to shift the use of political business cycle ...

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Notes on Business Cycles

There are numerous theories about why business cycles occur. The book .... Supply shocks can also be good which would cause an expansion, not a recession.

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Financial business cycles

Sep 21, 2014 ... Housing. Bayesian estimation. Using Bayesian methods, I estimate a ... borrowers who use their home as collateral – defaults on their loans.

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Measuring Business Cycles - Penn Economics

Measuring Business Cycles: A Modern Perspective Francis X. Diebold University of Pennsylvania Glenn D. Rudebusch Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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