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EFL Resource - EFL Classroom 2.0

(There's…..) 'it is'… (it's…) When we talk about: Weather. Time. Distance. It's cold. It's hot. It's windy. It's 6 o'clock. It's Saturday. It's near. It's far. It's 2 miles. 'it is'…

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EFL Resource - EFL Classroom 2.0

We go home ______ the lesson finishes. I started school _____ I was 5. I left school _____ I was 16. I went to school ______ I was I6. I watched television _____ ...

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EFL Resource - EFL Classroom 2.0

a pair of trousers. a pair of ... short sleeves. Polo neck. a dress. a skirt. Shoes. sandals. slippers. boots ... a red and white spotted dress/tie ... Tall/Short; Fat / plump/ big; Thin / slim; Old/young; Black/white; Blond dark fair; Beautiful; Handsome.

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EFL Resource - EFL Classroom 2.0

Soon, I'm. (2) ______ to have a swim. I arrived here three days. (3) _____ with my family. We (4) _____ be on holiday. together here for two weeks. It (5)____ a  ...

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EFL Resource - EFL Classroom 2.0

fingers. toes. shoulders. waist. shin. calf. heel. back. chest. face. to have a headache. Health. I feel sick. (I feel ill.) I don't feel well. I've cut my finger. I've broken ...

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EFL Resource

Prepositions Go, walk, drive, run……… Along Across Towards/Away from Round Out of Into Through Over Up/down Prepositions Go/walk/drive along the road………

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EFL Resource

... Through For my purse this book working abroad a flat a telescope a word in the dictionary a party a baby An 'au pair' looks _____ children. Most ...

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EFL Resource

Many We use many with count nouns How many apples are there? There aren't many apples. ... EFL Resource Last modified by: Jonathan Jackson Created Date:

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EFL Resource

Past Simple Positive + I work ed he she work it ed we you work they ed Past Simple Negative - Past Simple ? Past Simple Past simple He works in Maidenhead.

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Halloween - EFL Club

What did the Celts believe appeared on Halloween night? ... From which country did Halloween arrive in America? France. Britain. Ireland. 10. What vegetable is ...

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