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protocols - iGEM

Reactans, Solutions and Meduims. 1) 100% sterile glycerol *. 2) LB broth. 3) 75% Ethanol. Protocol. Equipment and Materials. 1)Inoculation loop and bunsen ...

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hydrogen - IGEM

The energy constituent of coal gas was hydrogen and the UK therefore operated ... disposal in a much greener and sustainable way. 3. IGEM also sees ...

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IGEM Standards

About IGEM Standards 1 About this list 1 IGEM Standards 2 Scope of IGEM Standards 4 Placing Orders 6 Order Form 7 ABOUT ... IGEM/TD/1 Ed 5 Supp 1 Handling, ...

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Powerpoint - iGEM 2012

The Manhattan Model. Grassroots Science; 12 staff members, ... Few actual expenses beyond transportation, office supplies. Who are the Contacts we Need to ...

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38 exhibitor countr st . abb switzerland plus solar systems sdn bhd 1310 abb holdings sdn bhd malaysia 1607 abb inverter switzerland ecosensa technologies sdn ...

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Championship Presentation - iGEM

Chasis: E.coli Nissle 1917. ○ Available in pill form. ○ Has the T7 polymerase. ○ 80 years of clinical testing. ○ Non pathogenic ...

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Risk Assessment - iGEM

Biohazard Safety Cabinet risks generating aerosol particles which may be inhaled or ingested. Internal training is compulsory. Handle materials from -80 C  ...

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Exploratorium Presentation - iGEM

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid ... How does the DNA tell the cell what to do? It does this ... There are two processes that make up the Central Dogma:.

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Exhibit A - iGEM 2015

THIS MUTUAL NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT is made and entered into, as of ... The parties wish to explore a business opportunity of mutual interest and in ...

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95C 5 mins, 98C 20s, 54.5C 15s, 72C 1min 40s, 72C 4 mins , 4C-Strorage 6/22/2011 PCR Amp of GPB-1 Olivia and Steph STR2, GPB-1, GPA-5 Ordered cDNA, OX1R …

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