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The Chemistry of Explosives by Jacqueline Akhavan (1998).pdf

This book outlines the basic principles needed to understand the mech- anism of explosions by chemical explosives. The history, theory and chemical types of explosives are introduced. Thermodynamics, en- thalpy, free energy and gas equations are covered so that a basic understanding of the chemistry of explosives is ...

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Organic Chemistry of Explosives

organic explosives into one volume. This book is a reference source for chemists working in the field of energetic materials and all those with an interest in the chemistry of nitramines, nitro compounds, nitrate esters and nitration in general. We assume the readers to be new to the chemistry of explosives and so discuss ...

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Chemistry and Technology of Explosives

|[Chemistry and Teehnology oi Explosives Volume 2. Chemistry and .... The excellent Encyclopedia of Explosives and related items produced by. [the late) B. T. ...

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The Chemistry of Explosives - Springer

CHAPTER 5 The Chemistry of Explosives Jimmie C. Oxley 5.1. Background Explosive devices may be mechanical, chemical, or atomic. Mechanical explo­

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the chemistry of explosives by jacqueline akhavan pdf The internetion of chemistry and median m C. Although explosives have been known for over a thousand years, the ...

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Organic Chemistry of Explosives - Weebly

JWBK121-FM October 11, 2006 21:10 Char Count= 0 Organic Chemistry of Explosives Dr. Jai Prakash Agrawal CChem FRSC (UK) Former Director of Materials

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The Chemistry of Explosives - Springer Link

Explosive devices may be mechanical, chemical, or atomic. Mechanical explo- sions occur when a closed system is heated-a violent pressure rupture can occur. However, this doesn't make a heated can of soup an explosive. An explosive substance is one which reacts chemically to produce heat and gas with rapid ...

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Chemistry and Technology of Explosives - Survivor Library

Classification of explosives . ..... CHEMISTRY ANI) TECHNOLOGY OF EXPLOSIVES ...... Nitration can be carried out either directly by introduction of the nitro.

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~The Chemistry of Powder & Explosives by Tenney …

10 Los Alamos National Laboratory ~The Chemistry of Powder & Explosives by Tenney L. Davis

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The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives - Sciencemadness

CHAPTER I. PROPERTIES OF EXPLOSIVES. Definition. An explosive is a material, cither a pure single substance or a mixture of substances, which is capable of producing an ex- plosion by its own energy. It seems unnecessary to define an explosion, for everyone knows what it is—a loud noise and the sudden going ...

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