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การขอหมายเลข ISBN / ISSN - tapee.ac.th

Title: การขอหมายเลข ISBN / ISSN Author: noi Last modified by: Libmain Created Date: 11/30/2005 4:10:00 AM Company: library Other titles

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Springer's ISBN Prefixes

Mar 17, 2014 ... 3, ISBN-13, Publisher, Code, Imprint/s, Remarks. 4, 978-0-9711767, American Assoc. of Pharm. Scientists, AAPS, American Assoc. of Pharm.

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ISBN User Manual - Caricom

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system was ... they qualify as monographic publications and shall be assigned an ISBN. This does not apply in  ...

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Pobierz wydawców ISBN - Logo

168, TRADEMAR, spółka z o.o., Trademar Sp. z o.o., ul. Balladyny, 5, 81-524, Gdynia, +48502037737, [email protected], http://www.trademar.pl, 978-83- ...

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DOC ISBN - informns.k12.mn.us

    ISBN Author: Adam Schmalzbauer Last modified by: Adam Schmalzbauer Created Date: 6/1/2009 5:29:00 PM Company: Providence Academy Other titles: ISBN ...

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ISBN-01 - indautor.gob.mx

direcciÓn de reservas de derechos. agencia nacional isbn mÉxico folio. no. de trámite solicitud del isbn isbn-01 deberÁ llenar a mÁquina o con letra de molde ...

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ISBN 2215-2342 - procomer.com

Cuadro 2.7.3 Costa Rica: comercio exterior productos frescos 26 Cuadro 2.7.4 Costa Rica: comercio exterior plantas, flores y follajes 27

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    Spring 2006. V. Matos. Homework 3 - Book Collection. Write a VB.NET program to implement a Personal Book List. Each entry in the book list consist of a record holding Book Name and its corresponding ISBN number.

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Spring 2016 ISBN List - Paperblanks

10, PB3525-1, Old Leather Classics, Riviera, Midi, LIN. 11, 60, 978-1-4397-3525- 1, 130 × 180, 144. 11, PB3511-4, Old Leather Classics, Black Moroccan, Ultra ...

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(isbn) users' manual - CARICOM Secretariat

10th ed. ii. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Users'. Manual - Caribbean, Georgetown: CCS, 2012. ISBN 978-976-600-269-5. Regional ISBN Agency.

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