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... ZIP Codes, maps, ZIP+4, Carrier Routes, addresses, reverse phone, IP location , SIC codes, ... Displays a list of Area Code + Prefix combinations in a radius. ... Address Verify & Correct; USPS NCOA; Business Check; Property Data Append ...

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Melissa A

Philadelphia, PA. Web Design Intern . May 2013-September 2013. Photo manipulation; CSS3; HTML . Awards. Best Portfolio; Outstanding Achievement. Best of Quarter: Pro ...

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Melissa Pace

Melissa has been a University of Rhode Island Master Gardener since 2003. ... art teacher and holds a masters degree in teaching from Bridgewater University.

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Resume - Melissa

custom lettering to many materials, such as vehicles and windows. ... Temporary Tattoo Artist. Feb. ... wedding albums, which were later printed for clients.

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Melissa Kornblee

Helen Sfikas Rogers and Lana Lennington, Nashville, Tennessee, for the ... It is my intention to be able to establish a web design service for a particular.

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Integration Services (SSIS). Melissa Data's Data Quality Components for SSIS are a suite of custom Data Transformation components for Microsoft's SQL. Server ...

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Part-time Statistician Consultant July 2011 – April 2014 Conducting business analysis on claims data to identify cost savings for the client.

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Powerpoint - The Melissa Institute

Picture/video-clip bullying via mobile phone cameras; Phone call bullying via mobile ... 2/3 of students communicate via the Internet with a friend once or more than once .... Explore technological tools to filter content and control Internet access ...

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Powerpoint - The Melissa Institute

Rutgers University ... Religious Diversity Among African Americans .... African American Psychologist went to Houston to the Astrodome after Katrina; Thousands ...

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Melissa DeRosa, MD - St.Vincent

St.Vincent Medical Group is proud to welcome Dr. DeRosa. Dr. DeRosa is an experienced adult neurologist who first began treating patients in private practice in

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