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Administrator - MGMA

Administrator. Department: Administration. ... Master's degree in health care administration, ... Salary Range: Date:

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Chief Executive Officer - MGMA

Chief Executive Officer . ... Education: Graduate degree in ... Mental/Physical Requirements: Involves sitting approximately 90 percent of the day,

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Nurse Practitioner - MGMA

Successful completion of advanced practitioner training and certification as a practitioner (general or specialized) from an approved nurse practitioner program .

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Download now - MGMA

50, What is the average amount of physician time spent per application ... 54, How many different health plans do you contract with per year? (Count insurance  ...

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PREPARATION. GUIDE. Implementing ICD-10 in your practice. The government has set a final compliance date of Oct. 1, 2014, for industry adoption of ICD-10.

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Executive Summary Report - MGMA

Executive Summary Report: MGMA 2015 Cost and Revenue Report – Based on 2014 survey ... Total Operating Cost as a Percentage of Total Medical Revenue.

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(See 80 Federal Register 70886 et seq., September 16,. 2015) The changes were previously published in proposed form for public comment on July 15,.

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MGMA DataDive Glossary - data.mgma.org

If collections for professional charges and gross charges did not include the technical component, referred to as professional services only billing, select “0%.

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Smoldt presented at the MGMA 2012. Financial ... Robert K. Smoldt, MBA, emeritus chief administrative officer ... has received great fanfare over moving to pay.

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Switching your EMR? - MGMA

Switching your EMR? The challenges ... The difficulty inherent in EMR migration stifles competition and precludes physicians from choosing the best EMR system for ...

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