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Chapter 21 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies

*KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE. •. 4-6.1 List various ways that poisons enter the body. Slides 19-22. •. 4-6.2 List signs and symptoms associated with poisoning. Slides 18, 23, 25. •. 4-6.3 Discuss the emergency medical care for the patient with possible overdose. Slides 51, 62-63. •. 4-6.4 Describe the steps in the ...

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Delayed Poisoning Emergencies Poisoning and overdose can take ...

Certain drugs and chemicals are known to cause delayed-onset toxicity, but some ... mechanisms can lead to delayed onset of symptoms from other drugs and ...

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Module IV - Respiratory emergencies: CHF, Pulmonary Edema ...

vital signs, pain scale; determine weight; room air pulse ox, if possible, and oxygen PRN .... Lips and nail beds are cyanotic; ankles are swollen. .... 1 week with a productive cough of yellow-green sputum; Hx: emphysema, angina, osteoarthritis.

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Module 7 Pediatric Emergencies - Montgomery County

Module 7 Pediatric Emergencies 4 25. Which of the following is a sign of the most severe respiratory distress in a 1-year-old pediatric patient?

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PowerPoint: Module 6 - Ethanol-Blended Fuel Emergencies

Oil-type boom / absorbent will pick up gasoline leaving water / ethanol solution. 4 ... Water / Ethanol solution picked up with water absorbing boom / absorbent:.

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PowerPoint: Module 6 - Ethanol-Blended Fuel Emergencies

ethanol-blended fuel; Water introduced: Forms water / ethanol solution that drains to bottom of fuel mix. Oil-type boom / absorbent will pick up gasoline leaving ...

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woken up. • Pupils are tiny. • Skin feels cold and clammy s. Opioid Overdose. Signs And Symptoms. Don't use alone ontario harm reduction distribution program.

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Overdose Prevention and Response - …

OVERDOSE Prevention and Response A Guide for People Who Use Drugs and Harm Reduction Staff in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by Matt Curtis and Lydia Guterman

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Heroin Addiction and Overdose:

Use of OxyContin or Heroin. Before and After Introduction of an Abuse-Deterrent Formulation (ADF). Drugs Used to Replace. OxyContin After the Introduction.

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�� Any situation requiring the immediate response of a fire truck, ambulance, or police. ...... The quake was felt for 2,000 square miles in Los Angeles, Orange and ...

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