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Onco-nephrology: a decalogue - Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation

Sep 3, 2015 ... Oncology, I.R.C.C.S. San Matteo University Hospital Foundation, Pavia, Italy, 4Nephrology and Dialysis Unit, San Carlo Borromeo Hospital,.

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Advanced Practice in Nephrology Nursing - American Nephrology ...

Additional certification as a Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) ... scope of practice of the APRN should allow maximum utilization of their training and skill set.

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Nephrology - ABIM's

Exam content is determined by a pre-established blueprint, or table of ... assigned to each for a typical exam: Medical Content Category. % of Exam. Sodium and ...

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Nephrology Nurse Internship Template - American Nephrology ...

Nephrology Nurse Internship Program Template for Hemodialysis Units ... Equipment suitability for prescribed therapy, disinfected per facility protocol, and free of ..... Clinical experience in peritoneal dialysis training with preceptor/PD nurse.

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Nephrology I

2. Controversies in Assessing Kidney Function. Pharmacotherapy Self- Assessment Program, 6th Edition. Abbreviations in this. Chapter. BSA. Body surface area.

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BMC Nephrology - IGAN

Dec 5, 2005 ... BMC Nephrology. Open Access. Database. The IgA nephropathy Biobank. An important starting point for the genetic dissection of a complex ...

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Nephrology Board Review

Jun 18, 2010 ... On physical exam, T 36.6, P 84, R 12, BP 110/60. He appears thin and in no apparent distress. Cardiac examination is normal. The lungs are clear to auscultation. There is no peripheral edema. CD4 87, Glu 182, BUN 12, Cr 0.7, Na 111, K 3.6, Cl 96, Bicarb 22, Alb 3.3, Phos 2.6. Serum osm 246, UNa 117, ...

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online-HDF - Nephrology

axle of the cart of Ben Hur ... 1983 S. Shaldon: on-line-Hämofiltration as (Prototyp ): two-step procedure, 20 Ultra-Filters(!); 6/1993 first on-line-Monitor of today in ...

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Nephrolithiasis in pregnancy - Nephrology

Obesity; Environmental changes; Increased incidence of comorbidities like Diabetes Mellitus and ... Anatomical Alterations in the Urinary Tract in Pregnancy.

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1 ASN Innovations in Kidney Education Contest- 2016 Official Rules AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY . 2016 INNOVATIONS IN KIDNEY EDUCATION CONTEST

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