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Oakite 31 MSDS

Pdf Pages. Oakite 31 MSDS. Aerospace Technical Data Sheet. Structural Adhesive Scotch-Weld EC-7256 B/A Page 3 of 4 Overlap shear strength on different substrates Specimens were cleaned with an organic solvent, some were ...

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For milkstone removal: oakite 31 is used at 1/2 to 2 (1 to 4 pt) to 227 (60 gal) of water at 60°c (140°f)... (see material safety data sheet)

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Oakite products inc -- oakite 31 ;code:0310 -- 7930-01-107-2551

Product ID:OAKITE 31 ;CODE:0310 MSDS Date:01/02/1990 FSC:7930 NIIN:01-107-2551 MSDS Number: BGMDT === Responsible Party === Company Name:OAKITE PRODUCTS INC Address:50 VALLEY ROAD City:BERKELEY HEIGHTS State:NJ ZIP:07922-2712 Country:US Info Phone Num...

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