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Quality Clauses - Electroid

Certificate of Conformance (CoC) - With each delivery of products on this Contract. the Supplier shall include on the packing list or shipper or on a separate ...

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Supplier Quality Clauses - POC

Supplier Quality Clauses Page 1 of 5 Form SQC-01, Revision F Part 1: General Quality Requirements

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Quality Clauses - Electroid

The Supplier's Material Review and nonconforming product disposition ..... Electro Chemical Machining (ECM), laser or abrasive water jet cutting or drilling, flame .... and vibro-engraving identification methods are prohibited, except on product ...

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1 4/4/2017 . gdls quality clauses and . gdrs quality purchase requirements . material supplied to purchase orders must be in accordance with the quality

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supplier quality assurance requirements and quality clauses

Dec 15, 2016 ... SUPPLIER QUALITY ASSURANCE REQUIREMENTS AND QUALITY CLAUSES. PURPOSE. To establish the Supplier general provisions and quality requirements applicable to procured materials / products / services ordered under a contract / purchase order issued by Trifecta Aerospace of which this ...

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Quality Clauses for Purchase Orders

The Seller and any of its subcontractors performing special processes, such as welding, non-destructive testing, heat treating, plating, anodizing, soldering, etc.

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Title: EMS Standard Quality Clauses Number: 09492L00008 Revision: P iii Revision Policy: Individual quality clauses are not revision dependent.

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quality assurance clauses - RFI Corp.

Jan 14, 2008 ... ... etc., shall be placed in box number 1 or in an attached envelope. The box shall be clearly marked with packing slip, certifications, test reports, ...

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Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Quality Clauses

Document 253-01 12/12/2013 Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Quality Clauses Lockheed Martin hereinafter shall mean Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

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Quality Assurance Purchase Order Clauses For Parker ...

AEROSPACE GROUP Document No. P9112, Rev. C Supplier Management Parker Hannifin Corporation Subject Effective Supersedes Sheets Purchase Order …

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