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Study Design in Germany

Page. 4. Colleges of Art and Music. The German university system. Hochschule fuer Graphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. ➢ 56 state-recognised Kunsthochschulen.

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Why study in Germany?

1.8 millions study abroad – 150.00 foreign students in Germany ... 2 years); 750€ per month; Health insurance; Travel allowance; Network of scholarship holders ...

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Study in Germany - ICEF

Percentage of foreign students at Germany universities. / universities of applied sciences. Study in Germany. Source: BAMF 2014. ISL language and foundation.

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Study in Germany – FAQs

German State Universities are ... Can I also apply for programmes taught in English? Eurasia deals only with German ... programmes in Germany are taught in English ...

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Study Abroad in Karlsruhe, Germany

Program Details. •2 semesters (recommended) or 1 semester (in spring semester ) study abroad for VT undergraduates. Start planning for year/semester abroad ...

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Case Study Germany

Thomas Heil, German Society of Integrated Health Care (DGIV), Fasanenstrasse 42, 10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany. E-mail: [email protected]

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How to study Medicine in Germany - DAAD

Medical education is provided in German language only. 3. ... students studying Medicine in Germany. ... If you cannot learn enough German at school, contact.

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Short-Term Study Programs in Hessen, Germany

Hessen Universities will offer eight different Short-Term Pro- grams in various cities ... some Hessen Short-Term Programs also offer courses taught in German.

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STUDY IN GERMANY – Martin-Luther-Universität Halle …

ineurasia-institute www.eurasia-institutecom STUDY IN GERMANY ... History of Art Instrumental Music (guitar) Instrumental Music (piano) Law (State Exam)

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Study and Research in Germany - DAAD

Language Requirements. 12. Programmes taught in German | International Degree Programmes | Doctoral Studies. Learning German. 14. Application. 15 ... You can study in English. More courses and degree programmes. (currently close to 1,800) are being offered in English, especially at the Master's degree level. This is ...

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