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Types of Vegetarian Diets. Vegetarians: exclude meat, poultry, fish, seafood and other animal products from their diets. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: include milk, milk ...

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Vitamins are a group of organic substances essential in small quantities for ... It can be formed in the body by exposure of the skin to UV rays either from the sun or a lamp. .... Tissue deterioration & changes of hemorrhagic origin take place.

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Vitamins, Minerals

Vitamin D found as ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecalciferol (D3); most land animals can .... with various forms of breast, gastric, colon, neck and pancreatic cancer.

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Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins & Supplements ... and weight loss. ... How do I know if I am getting and absorbing enough B12 and other vitamins? Weight-loss surgery patients should have ...

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Vitamins - Jake

cannot produce these vitamins itself - we need to get them from our diet. Did we mess .... Jake provides 16 mg (100%) vitamin B3 in the form of nicotinamide, the.

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Vitamins & Minerals

ALL ANIMALS require a source of Vitamin A. It is important in the ration of ... Sources: whole milk, carotene, animal body oils (cod fish and tuna), legume forages ...

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Fat-Soluble Vitamins Guide

2. Fat-Soluble Vitamins Guide. How Vitamins Work Together. We know that fat- soluble vitamins are essential, but do we understand how they work together?

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Water, Vitamins & Minerals.ppt

13 vitamins. 22 minerals. Two types of vitamins. Water-soluble; Fat-soluble. Fat- Soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E and K. Excess is stored in the liver and in body fat. It is possible to build up to a toxic level. Vitamin A (Retinol). Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A: Promotes good vision; Promotes healthy skin  ...

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Vitamins as Hormones - ResearchGate

Vitamins as Hormones showing biological activities, which are charac- teristic for vitamin A. The current definition of retinoids as it was defined by the IUPAC-IUB ...

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Vitamins and Minerals - anslab.iastate.edu

Trace (micro) minerals. Cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc all required; Chromium-no established requirement; Included  ...

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