September 2013 - Hillhead High School

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Hillhead's Ewan Rutherford has been involved in Glasgow's Malawi Leaders of ... Many of them live in orphanages or extremely rural villages and cannot afford ...

September 2013

Dear Parent / Carer,

I hope that you found the first edition of Hillhead Highlights helpful and informative. I am really keen to increase communication between parents and the school and to provide you with a better understanding of life at Hillhead. If there are any specific items that you would like to hear about please let me know and I will include them in the next edition.

Curriculum for Excellence Surgery Support sessions for parents over the last two years have proven to be helpful for parents. It has allowed parents to ask questions in relation to CfE within a small, informal group setting. Sessions lasted roughly about one hour and took place during the day or after school. I would also be happy to meet with parents in the evening, if this was more convenient. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please let me know and I will arrange on your behalf.

In the first edition of Highlights I asked for your support by speaking with your son/daughter about timekeeping and litter. There have been some improvements in terms of litter. I thank you for your support and assistance with this.

Please find enclosed some of the many highlights that have happened during the month of September. It is always a difficult decision to know what to leave out of Highlights, as there is so much going on.

If I can be of further assistance in any way please contact me.

Best wishes,

W Wight Head Teacher

We have a new editorial team who will take on some responsibility for our monthly Hillhead Highlights from October. They are:

Joseph James (4F), Euan Hutchison (4A), Fintan McCloskey (4A), Martha Bose (4A), Adam Napier (4D) and Mr Moran.

All of the pupils have chosen Magazine Writing as their Wider Achievement option and we look forward to their contributions.

(MYLOL) - Making a difference in Malawi Hillhead’s Ewan Rutherford has been involved in Glasgow’s Malawi Leaders of Learning project - improving education in Glasgow and Malawi. Ewan was one of 13 young people chosen from secondary schools across the city to take part in this project. The senior pupils, chosen from 2,000 initial applications, have been busy raising money for the last 12 months to fund their trip and raised an incredible £20,000.

They flew out, with three leaders, from Glasgow Airport on Friday 6 September and spent 14 days with their peers in Blantyre Secondary School in Malawi working on a number of joint leadership and global citizenship projects and benefitting their communities in Glasgow and Malawi. The MYLOL programme has helped the youngsters sharpen their leadership skills and raise their awareness and understanding of local and global issues. All of the young people are to be applauded for their dedication and commitments, on top of exams and school work, they have engaged in extensive weekly training sessions in preparation for this trip of a lifetime. We are all very proud of Ewan who has been a wonderful ambassador for Glasgow and Hillhead High School.

Ewan’s Report on Malawi

Being asked to write a report for school would usually be a chore. But in this case I am very happy to update everyone on the amazing experience the 13 of us had in Malawi. I want everyone to know what it was like out there and I am aware that what I am about to tell you will not do real justice as to capture it all is impossible. The only way to really get a true understanding of Malawi is to go there and meet the people. I will do my very best though to share some of the highlights.

It has been a really busy year preparing for this trip. We have been involved in loads of fundraising activities as well as regular Tuesday meetings. It was hard work but it really helped us to bond as a group and to develop our confidence and our leaderships skills before we went to Malawi.

We stayed in a place called Grace Bandari which is located in the city of Blantyre. To reach the city from Glasgow took us a whole day of travelling on three different flights. There were 13 of us from different schools across the city as well as 3 leaders who work for Glasgow City Council. We worked with 15 pupils from Blantyre Secondary School and over the course of our 17 day visit we got to know each other pretty well. It really opened my eyes to the differences in our two cultures.

Many families cannot afford secondary school fees - school is not government funded as it is here. We visited children who are much less fortunate than we are. Many of them live in orphanages or extremely rural villages and cannot afford school fees. To put it in context one term in a secondary school costs £5.00. Not a great deal of money to us in Scotland, but beyond the means of many Malawians.

When visiting different villages we were met by hundreds of children. All of them had huge smiles on their faces and they made us feel very welcome and at ease. Such a positive outlook made me think twice about the things that can annoy us or bring us down in Scotland, and yet many of these people had almost nothing but still had a great attitude.

One of the best things about the trip was the bond between the MYLOLs. We supported each other through the sad moments and laughed with each other through the happy ones. The motto that we adopted for the trip was “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. This pretty much sums up the whole MYLOL experience – from the very first meeting to stepping off the plane back in Glasgow. It truly has been life changing!

A reminder that school is closed from Mon 14th to Fri 18th October.

Pupils return to school on Mon 21st October.

2nd – 13th September

Hillhead High hosted the exhibition about the life of Anne Frank in the school library last month. The exhibition was supported by The Anne Frank Trust UK. The Trust draws on the power of Anne’s life and diary to challenge prejudice reduce hatred, promote positive attitudes, responsibility and respect for others. The Trust has received funding from the Big Lottery's Realising Ambition fund to extend and develop its work in order to create Glasgow’s first Anne Frank Ambassadors with support from Sense Over Sectarianism.

Over the two weeks, 30 class groups visited the exhibition including 4 groups from Hillhead Primary and Anderston Primary. The tours ran very smoothly due to the expertise of the S2 guides. Thank you for the effort and dedication shown.

Comments from the groups included:

“Thank you so much S2 at Hillhead High! Your presentation was confident and knowledgeable. Well done.”

“The guides were absolutely brilliant. Well done! Very informative and thought-provoking.”

“This was an amazing exhibition.”

The guides will receive a special certificate to recognise their contributions.

Between the 23rd and the 26th September 40 of our S1 pupils participated in an educational outing to Broomlee Outdoor Education Centre near West Linton, a lovely Scottish village 16 miles south of Edinburgh. This outing was organised as part of our transition programme at Hillhead, with the focus being to help our pupils develop their confidence and allow them to meet new friends and develop stronger relationships with some of their new teachers. The pupils were involved in a variety of activities programmed for them across the 4 days that allowed them to enhanced their team working, problem-solving, decision making and leadership skills. There was also a great deal of peer support seen throughout each day as pupils encouraged their new friends to climb high trees, jump off logs into thin air, swing upside down from a 40 foot high suspended pole and leap backwards off the daring Flying Fox. Overall this educational outing was an outstanding success with all the participating pupils coming back with a sense of achievement and a greater confidence in their own ability. Well done to all.

____________________________________________________________________________ __________

Congratulations to Jenny Biggerstaff of 2C who won the ‘Design a Banner Competition’. Jenny’s colourful design ‘Languages are the Building Blocks of Life’ reflects the wide range of languages offered by the school and will be made into a banner to decorate the entrance to the Modern Languages Department. Competition was very strong with lots of excellent work by S1- S3 pupils, and runners-up work will be made into posters and displayed in the Department. Congratulations to everyone who took part. Fantastic Plastic!

(or how to make your first million.)

What’s the link between slime, televisions you can roll up and babies nappies?

Answer: Plastics (or to be more precise polymers)

In early September, 14 Chemists from S4 and Mr Griffin went on a trip to Strathclyde University for a lecture on Polymers, given by Professor Averil MacDonald from Reading University. Professor MacDonald is a wonderful speaker who mixes facts, inventions and humour to create an informative and enjoyable presentation.

Topics covered included:

Some ways chemists have made a million through their ideas

How polymers have a memory

Why polymers which can emit light can be very useful.

The full lecture has been recorded and can be found at

____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________

Prefects 2013-14

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been elected as prefects for this session. |S6 - GIRLS |S6 - BOYS | |Delilah Neil - captain |Ewan Rutherford - captain | |Fatemeh Nokbatolfoghahaei - vc |John Rennie - vc | |Christina Scott |Theo Bayston | |Tagwa Gaisey |Kit So | |Tallulah Lui |Liam Kenny |

|S5 - GIRLS |S5 - BOYS | |Hannah Takahashi -vc |Kelvin Dempster - vc | |Nina Kinney |Goran Sahota | |Isabel Leask |Suknoor Singh | |Sunnan Safder |Rhys Donnelly | |Sara Gasmi |Yogesh Tewari |

Chef Donald cooks up award

Former Hillhead pupil, Donald MacKinnon, 16, from Robroyston, won the Scottish Chef Apprentice of the Year . He was given the award at a glittering ceremony in the Hilton hotel in Dunblane, and was congratulated by culinary legend Nick Nairn. He trained on the scheme along with 11 other youngsters from around the country, and has now secured a permanent job as a commis chef at the Hilton Garden Inn in the city centre. Donald said: "This has been a great experience and one I've really enjoyed. I especially liked my time taking part in the master classes at the different Hilton hotels in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I've always enjoyed cooking and I'm glad it'll now be a full-time job for me." Nick Nairn, whose restaurant is located within the Dunblane hotel, said: "I'm delighted to be involved again in the mentoring and training of some great future chefs."

____________________________________________________________________________ ________________

‘Glasgow City Council and Education Services are committed to the continuing development of nurture provision and nurturing approaches as part of our commitment to early and effective intervention. The effectiveness of nurturing approaches and nurture provision is supported by robust evidence. In a large number of primary schools, and now in several early years centres, we have established nurture groups and nurture corners where trained staff work to meet the emotional needs of some of our most vulnerable children. In addition, nurture teachers and staff work collaboratively with their colleagues to support children throughout the schools in which they are based.’

Hillhead High is committed to the above approach advocated by GCC. Staff are being trained to support young people who have been identified as youngsters in ensuring a better overall educational experience. Crucially parents, carers and young people will be part of any discussions and planning which will take place.

A programme of training has been started for all staff and this will continue this session so that students can be supported in an appropriate and consistent manner as they make their way through the school. Further information on this initiative will be provided in future school communications. Further information is available on the GCC web site, however, some more information we felt may help parent / carers understanding can be found on the school website.

On Wednesday 18 September fifty senior pupils visited the Higher education convention at the Glasgow Science Centre. There they met with representatives from universities from all over Scotland and England. All of the pupils enjoyed the visit and received lots of useful information. Hopefully this visit will help them make a successful application to university later this session. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________

Hillhead High school has been involved in the Reach Scotland programme for a number of years. The project is run by Glasgow University and its aim is to help pupils have a better of chance of gaining a university place in highly competitive courses such as  Medicine, Dentistry, Vet and Law.

Pupils are involved in the project from S4 to S6.

We currently have six S6 pupils doing their final applications for some of these subjects and later this year we will be looking for S4 pupils who may be interested in participating in this project. ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

The Hillhead High Chess Club continues to make excellent progress. In 2012- 13 our junior and intermediate teams achieved second place in the Glasgow schools chess league including victories over two prominent East Renfrewshire schools, Mearns Castle High and Eastwood High .

The Hillhead High chess champion for session 2012-2013 was Erik Tayyar of S4 – congratulations to Erik on his achievement. Also, well done to Emmet Lui, Erik Tayyar, Makhib Choudkhuri and Abady Gasiey who represented Hillhead High School at an inter- schools chess tournament in Milngavie last session and achieved second place there.

As well as being fun, chess is known to develop higher order cognitive skills. The club meets in T18 in the terrace building at lunch times between 1.10p.m. And 1.40 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays and also after school for challenge matches in the school “chess ladder”. All pupils, particularly S1, are welcome. See Mr. Bhopal for details.

The Behind the Noise course ran in school throughout 2012-2013. Meetings took place every two weeks, led on a Friday after MTA by Ewan McLeod, whose vast experience of working in the music industry in Scotland includes being a founder of the radio station Beat 106 before he moved on to other projects which currently include establishing the Scottish Music Hall of Fame.

The course was primarily for 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils and was offered across Glasgow. Pupils learned how to organise their own gigs, how to promote events and how the music industry works.

Ewan also arranged for visits to recording studios where the musicians were able to record and mix a track. We also had guest visitors attend some sessions, most notably the Managing Director of the world renowned Linn Records, Mr Gilad Tiefenbrun.

Nine pupils participated in the course: Donald McCruden, Daniel Campbell, Russell Stewart, Zoe Foster, Darren Stewart, Marissa Bonar, Dominik Herzyk, Tymon Herzyk and Elaina Kelly. They all really enjoyed it and put on a great performance at the final gig. The Hillhead band played covers of songs such as Crazy by Gnarls Barkley and Creepin’ up the Backstairs by The Fratellis. I was fortunate enough to be the DJ who played throughout the night, and I got the opportunity to play some of my own original songs as well as many other dance songs. In addition to performing on the night, we all had been given responsibility for other jobs such as, Promotion, Selling Merchandise, and Lightening.

We are really delighted that the course is running once more this year- this time for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils. Like last year, Hillhead High and Hyndland Secondary are in the same group/ section because they worked well with one another and did a great job at the end. Last year, there were 12 schools taking part in the course which allowed the organisers to book the Classic Grand for 2 nights. This session, there are 35 schools taking part, including schools outwith Glasgow.

Starting from this year, the course is now offering summer work experience for pupils who wish to have a job in the music industry – e.g. Tour Crew, DJ, A&R and many more. This will surely help Hillhead pupils to develop their understanding of the music industry.

Regular updates of this year’s progress will appear on the Music Department’s web page.

Daniel Campbell S5

Home Economics Department

S5/6 Food pupils and Miss Douglas are making a great start to the new term with some excellent presentation skills being shown in the kitchen. As part of lessons based on seasonality and local produce, pupils have been fortunate to have been using produce grown locally by staff. Mrs Comrie generously provided the department with delicious courgettes and the seniors enjoyed using them in various recipes including using Japanese tempura batter to deep fry the courgettes and a range of other vegetables. Mr Wight has also kindly given us bags of apples from his garden. These are being used in pies, crumbles and French tarts with crème patissiere.

Miss Campbell’s Bird watching and Biodiversity M.T.A. class have helped the seniors by providing them with home grown cress for garnishing their savoury dishes and the M.T.A. pupils made egg and cress sandwiches amongst a range of other pursuits on Friday afternoons.

S4 Hospitality – Practical Cookery classes have been competing for prizes in a mini Bake Off. Pupils had to make short crust pastry and prepare fresh fruit to produce an apple pie in a set time. Mr Meechan attended the events as head judge and awarded runner-up to Connie Archibald (4F) and first prize to Chris Petrovitch (4D) in Miss Campbell’s class. The following day, Miss Douglas and her class carried out the same activity and first prize was awarded to Adam Napier( 4D) with Brooke Boothby (4D) being named as runner-up. All pupils produced pies to a good standard making it a hard task for Mr Meechan to decide on winners and we thank him for carrying this out with great skill and fairness.

S3 Fabric and S4 Wider Achievement Fabric classes will be visiting Remnant Kings in Argyle Street in early October. They have already chosen a paper pattern to make a textile or fashion item of their own choice and will choose suitable fabrics in the shop to carry out the task. Pupils are given a free choice but must stay within a limited budget. S3 pupils have already completed their first design and make task with a range of bags being produced in the weeks leading up to the September weekend.

S1 Food and Fabric pupils are settling in well to their Home Economics lessons. Nearly all of them have completed the first of two homework questionnaires and will complete the second one just after the change-over week. Pupils are asked about their previous knowledge of the subject, what they think they will be learning and what would they like to do in Home Economics. These surveys have been carried out for many years and year on year we learn that most pupils want to make hot chocolate, chocolate cake and pizza in the kitchen with bags and teddy bears being requested in the fabric room. Within the first two years of the Broad General Education pupils will indeed carry out those recipes and make a draw string bag amongst a vast array of other life skills. They will have the option to make a variety of cuddly toys in S3, if they choose the Fabric option.

Change-over from Food to Fabric and vice versa for S2 and S2 is the week beginning Monday 28th October. Later that week on Hallowe’en (Thursday 31st) all S1 and S2 are invited to come to the department to “dook for apples” as part of Health Promoting activities at Hillhead.

Further information about Home Economics activities can be found on the school website. Scroll down on the front page and click on ‘week beginning’ to find out ‘What’s Cooking?’ This is up-dated every week. Details are also available about ‘Early morning Sewing’ which is Miss Campbell’s daily extra- curricular activity.

The Art & Design Department took part in a Photography workshop in June 2013.

The 15 S3 pupils who took part in the competition were to look at shop fronts in the West End of Glasgow. 3 of our pupils were selected to be part of the Glasgow City Heritage Trust Photography Exhibition. Knightswood, Kings Park and Glasgow Gaelic School were the three other schools that took part.

Hillhead High School won 3rd prize, with a photograph by Matthias Jacques. Well done to all 15 pupils who took part in the competition.

Last week Liam Kenny and Flori Hanley attended the West of Scotland Young Ambassadors Conference at the new Tollcross Swimming Centre. It was a fantastic event supported by many top athletes including Robbie Renwick, David Smith and Lee McConnell. The Conference inspired the participants to fulfil their new role to: • increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their school • promote the positive values of sport in and through sport • be a role model in advocating PE and school sport • be the young people's voice on PE and school sport in their schools and communities Along with our Platinum Ambassador Christina Scott, they have many plans for the year leading up to the Commonwealth Games.

Follow the YAs on [email protected]


A new MTA, for this year only, is our Glasgow 2014 Project which as you may have guessed is all about the Commonwealth Games! Fifteen fabulous pupils with an interest in all things sporty have come together to promote the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year.

We are aiming to publicise and promote the Games and also hope to try some out! We will also work hard within the PE Department to keep improving the look of it and extending our Clubs etc.

Our next big project is a Photo session where each member of the group (and a few friends) will be depicting every sporting activity in person, with Clyde the Mascot supervising! Great job Anton btw!!! Look out for the results in next month’s issue of Highlights! Onesie Day and the Charity Flashmob

Hillhead High Charities Committee have inspired Glasgow Schools (over 50 of them!!) to raise funds for the Brick by Brick Appeal for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice newbuild in Bellahouston Park. We are aiming to raise £60,000 in the coming months which will pay for a specially designed room for teenagers who need to spend time in the hospice.

Our first initiative is our Onesie Day – a modern twist on the non-uniform day! Wear your Onesie to work on the 11th October & donate £1 to a very special cause. N.B. those not in a onesie are expected to be in school uniform.


One Direction wearing their onesies!

To publicise Onesie Day, 76 pupils will perform in George Square on Fri 4th October. Miss Kelman and Y.A. Christina have led these brilliant Dancers in learning their Flashmob in just over 3 weeks! And the performance is brilliant! No doubt footage will be available online very soon.

Hillhead High offers a wide ranging Extra Curricular Programme which is open to all pupils (and sometimes staff too).

The activities are good fun, help pupils develop their skills and offer many recreational and competitive opportunities, for example our Netballers recently competed in the Glasgow Schools Tournament with great success, our Swimmers have just qualified for the Glasgow Schools Finals and our Footballers are busy in the League.

Information is available on the PE Noticeboards and soon Club Representatives will be selected to work with our Sports Ambassadors and with Flori and Liam, our newly appointed Young Ambassadors supported by sportscotland.

Miss Gowans is in charge of the programme and Clubs run at lunchtime and afterschool. Have a look below and see what you might be interested in joining!

Day Club Time Staff Venue

Monday Gymnastics S1-6 4.00 – 5.15 J.Bryceland Gym 1 Badminton S1-6 4.00 – 5.00 I.Donaldson Games Hall

Tuesday Cricket S1-6 Lunchtime A.Coyle Games Hall Netball S1&2 4.00 – 5.00 S.Carey Gym 1 Netball S3-6 4.00 – 5.00 A.Ayton Games Hall Badminton Staff 4.00 – 5.00 B.Griffin Gym 2

Wednesday Bleep Test S1-6 Lunchtime M. Gowans Games Hall Rugby S1-6 4.00 – 5.00 T.Davidson Hughenden (tbc) Volleyball S1-6 3.00 – 4.00 Coach Games Hall Fitness &Rowing S1-6 3.00 – 4.00 M.Gowans Fitness Suite Dance S1-6 3.00 – 4.00 L.Kelman Gym 2 Tumbling S1-6 3.00 – 4.00 J.Bryceland Gym 1

Thursday Rowing S1-6 Lunchtime M.Gowans Fitness Suite Extreme Fitness( S1-6&Staff) Lunchtime J.Bryceland Gym 2 Basketball S1-6 3.00 – 5.00 J. Campbell Games Hall & Gym 2 Basketball S1-6 girls 6.00 – 7.00 Glasgow Fever Gym 2 Primary Basketball 4.00 – 5.00 Glasgow Fever Gym 1

If you are interested in any activities which are not listed above, please speak to Miss Gowans. -----------------------