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There are over 600 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the borough, which receive information, advice, ...

Barking & Dagenham CVS


JOB TITLE: Development Officer

SALARY: £29,604.00 (inclusive of Outer London Weighting)

HOURS: 35 hours per week

REPORTS TO: Community Development & Resource Centre Manager


Barking & Dagenham CVS is the umbrella organisation for all charities, community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in the borough. Barking & Dagenham is an outer-London borough in the north-east of the city facing issues of deprivation common to many inner-London boroughs, including high levels of unemployment and massive health inequalities. However, located within the Thames Gateway area and on the edge of developments for the 2012 Olympics, the borough is undergoing massive change and regeneration, presenting huge opportunities for residents and voluntary and community organisations.

There are over 600 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the borough, which receive information, advice, training and one to one support from the CVS on all aspects of community and organisational development, including income generation, financial management, governance, project management and managing volunteers. The CVS works strategically, evaluating and developing the most appropriate and effective means of ensuring that communities’ needs are best met given available resources.

In 2009 the CVS, in partnership with the Local Authority, was successful in attracting £3 million to create a new state of the art Third Sector Resource Centre (including office accommodation, conference facilities and incubation space for new groups) in Barking, which opened in the autumn of 2010 as the Ripple Centre.

The Development Officer will be an important member of the CVS Development Team. They will provide information and advice on all aspects of organisational management and directly support local voluntary and communuity organisations to develop and implement robust management structures.

The CVS Development Team plays a vital role in supporting organisations to develop their management and organisational skills enabling them to provide the valuable services that so many communities rely upon. This post is funded by the Big Lottery Fund as part of the BASIS progamme and complements the CVS’s wider work in developing a strong, effective and representative volunatry and community sector.


▪ To undertake periodic needs-analysis of the voluntary and community sector and develop a programme of work to meet those needs ▪ To support voluntary and community sector groups to develop into effective and sustainable organisations ▪ To equip both new and established voluntary and community organisations with the skills to effectively develop and implement robust organisational management structures ▪ To provide one-to-one sessions to support organisations to improve their fundraising and income generation potential ▪ To use impact measurement tools to assess the ‘distance travelled’ as a result of the support provided by the CVS ▪ To ensure that advice and information resources (including web-pages and paper resources) are up to date, accurate and relevant


1. Develop and deliver a comprehensive programme of support for organisations to enable them to implement robust organisational management structures:

1. Provide high-quality, appropriate and timely development support in order to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of organisations and community initiatives by responding to enquiries and proactively reaching out to community groups 2. Undertake needs-analysis, devising appropriate action plans and follow-up on their implementation with organisations 3. Deliver one-to-one consultations and advice sessions with a focus on management structures, governance and sustainability 4. Facilitate planning sessions with organisations, to support the development of appropriate strategies, business and project plans 5. Encourage collaborative working, brokering partnerships and joint initiatives and supporting the process of partnership formation 6. Promote enterprise and income opportunities, advising on relevant organisational structures 7. Arrange specialist advice, such as legal, where appropriate 8. Maintain full and accurate records of all interventions to enable appropriate follow-up and reviews

2. Develop and deliver a training programme to build the relevant skills of organisations enabling them to develop into effective and sustainable organisations:

1. Plan, promote and deliver a skills-based practical workshop programme, ensuring that it meets the needs of local organisations and is of a high quality and fully accessible 2. Arrange regular programmes of training, modular courses, briefings, surgeries, workshops, conferences and market-place events, that cover all aspects of organisational management 3. Ensure that the events programmes are well promoted, fully attended and that administration and logistical arrangements are efficient and effective 4. Undertake the timely evaluation of training delivered, and follow-up with participants to ensure relevance and quality are maintained

3. Research and develop a range of up-to-date, relevant and accessible resources and materials, both electronically and hard-copy:

1. Develop up-to-date and relevant information on all aspects of sustainability and organisational management 2. Produce a range of high quality fact-sheets, toolkits, information materials and guidance notes 3. Update relevant sections of the CVS’s website, ensuring that the information meets the needs of organisations and the wider sector 4. Write articles and think-pieces for the CVS’s monthly e- bulletin and quarterly newsletter 5. Build and maintain a ‘reference library’ that can be utilised by organisations and partners

4. Reporting and Accountability

1. The post-holder will be responsible for accounting and reporting to the Community Development & Resource Centre Manager through monthly supervisions and the preparation of regular written reports 2. The post-holder will monitor the work, including the people worked with, training delivered and progress of beneficiaries

5. Flexibility

5.1. In order to deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed and the post-holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above. Such duties will fall within the scope of the job, at the appropriate grade. The job description will therefore be subject to periodic review with the post-holder to ensure that it accurately reflects the duties of the job.

6. Personal Effectiveness

6.1. With the support of the Community Development & Resource Centre Manager, the post holder will need to effectively manage their own workload. This will involve assessing priorities in order to be responsive to the demands of the sector, as well as proactively pursuing medium and long term aims.

7. Equal Opportunities Statement

7.1. As part of its recruitment policy, the CVS intends to ensure that no prospective or actual employee is discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, employment status, class, disability, age, religious belief or political persuasion, or is disadvantaged by any condition or requirement, which is not demonstrably justifiable.

Development Officer

Person Specification

Decisions in the recruitment process will be based on the following criteria only. These have been identified as either being essential or desirable.

Your ability to met these criteria may be demonstrated through paid or unpaid work.

|Essential |Desirable | | | | |Experience | |Experience of assessing organisations’ |Experience of providing intensive | |support needs using a range of |organisational management support to | |approaches/tools |voluntary, community and social | | |enterprise organisations | |Experience of supporting voluntary, |Experience of providing organisational | |community and social enterprise |development support to voluntary, | |organisations to improve their |community and social enterprise | |organisational management and |organisations across different | |structures |performance areas | |Experience of supporting voluntary, |Experience of organising and | |community and social enterprise |facilitating events or training | |organisations to improve their | | |sustainability and effectiveness | | |Experience of using monitoring and | | |evaluation techniques | | |Experience of working within teams and | | |on own initiative | | |Experience of researching, collating, | | |analysing and disseminating information| | |Experience of implementing good | | |equalities practice | | | | | |Skills | |Excellent inter-personal skills |Income generation skills, including | |including the ability to communicate |trading and contracting | |effectively with people from a wide | | |range of backgrounds and roles | | |The ability to research, collate, | | |analyse and disseminate information | | |The ability to assess, action plan, | | |monitor and evaluate effectively | | |Appropriate ICT and administration | | |skills | | |Excellent communication skills (verbal | | |and written) | | |Excellent spoken and written English | | | | | | | | | | | |Essesntial |Desirable | | | | |Knowledge | | |Knowledge and understanding of the |An understanding of how on-line | |current operating environment for |resources can be used in fundraising | |voluntary, community and social | | |enterprise organisations | | |Knowledge and understanding of a range |Knowledge of the range of income | |of organisational development tools and|opportunities available to voluntary, | |techniques |community and social enterprise | | |organisations | |Knowledge of the range of |Knowledge and understanding of outcomes| |infrastructure support available to |and evidence based bid development | |voluntary, community and social | | |enterprise organisations (locally, | | |regionally, and nationally) | | | |An understanding of how on-line | | |resources can be used in fundraising | | |Knowledge and understanding of | | |sustainable income models | |Knowledge and understanding of a range | | |of principles and practices to sustain | | |the financial stability of voluntary, | | |community and social enterprise | | |organisations | | | | | |Equalities | |Commitment to equality of opportunity | | |and anti-discriminatory practice | | | | | |Other requirements | |A flexible approach to working methods |The ability to work evenings and | |and service delivery, and a willingness|weekends | |to learn new skills | |

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