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Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History! I hope that you will find this class interesting, informative—and fun! ... SYLLABUS 8TH GRADE US HISTORY-SIELER Author:
Willow Glen Middle School 8th grade 2013-2014

Mr. Sieler Instructor


Dear students, parents, and guardians: Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History! I hope that you will find this class interesting, informative—and fun! You will be working very hard to develop new skills and understand new concepts this year. I strongly believe in challenging students through a variety of activities that will make history “come alive”. This syllabus will give you information about how to become a productive member of my classroom, so that you become your very best by doing your very best. I am looking forward to what we can accomplish this year. Please review this packet carefully. CONTENT This class is an exploration into the birth and development of America with special focus on the geography, economy, government, military, foreign affairs and the people who helped to shape the new nation. The class will begin with a look at Colonial America and the events that lead to revolution and independence from England. Students will examine the United States Constitution and the major debates that helped to shape the young Republic. Students will study Westward Expansion and the affects it had on Native Americans, the land and other nations. We will look at the causes and main events that lead to the American Civil War. Students will study the complex issues connected to American Reconstruction. Students will comprehend the economic and social factors that contribute to American Industrialization. Finally students will be asked to study the major concepts of Democracy. Each assignment will be based on California Content Standards for 8th Grade Social Studies. TEXTBOOK The state adopted text is Creating America, A History of the United States, published by McDougal Littell, Inc. The class also uses a variety of other resources, including slides, videos, games, workbooks, simulations, guest speakers, and other texts. Students are held financially responsible for lost materials or any damage they cause to the materials and/or facilities in the classroom SUPPLIES Spiral notebook (8 ½” x 11”, 70 pages, college width, NOT wireless) Binder or 2 pockets, 3 prong folder (plastic is suggested) Binder paper Highlighter Box of colored pencils 2 Pencils School Planner STUDENTS: • You are expected to have these supplies with you when you come to class—and to replace any supplies you are missing or have broken as the school year goes along. 1

• If a student cannot afford items from the supplies list, the student must see me, or place a note in my mailbox at the front office with their name and what they cannot afford within two days of receiving this letter. ALL SUPPLIES ARE DUE ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2013. CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a program supported by San Jose Unified School District to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence. It is a school-wide strategy for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals and we practice it in this class. When good behavior and good teaching come together, students will excel in their learning. As part of PBIS, there are several clear classroom expectations for behavior that will help students Respect all, Achieve their best, and Make good decisions. These expectations include, 1. Keep your hands, feet and inappropriate language to yourself. 2. Raise your hand to speak. 3. Before second bell, be in your seat and prepared to learn 4. Turn off all electronic devices before class. 5. The classroom is a food and drink-free place. 6. Gum belongs at home! Used gum belongs in trashcans only. POSITIVE REWARDS Various incentive programs are used throughout the year, including extra credit and movie days. CONSEQUENCES A 3-strikes policy is in effect in my classroom. If a student chooses not to fully participate in class or to misbehave, that choice will be met with real consequences. They are as follows: 1st and 2nd infractions Warning rd 3 infraction On-Campus Suspension* *Please note that sudden, severe misbehavior can be met with an immediate On-Campus Suspension. Expulsion from the classroom may also result in a phone call home, parent conference and/or administrative intervention. GRADING Grades are based on a total point percentage scale. Behavior and attitude will be a deciding factor when students are on the border between two grades A B C D F

90% and above 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% 59% and below


Most in-class and homework assignments are combined into a notebook and a portolio of student-assembled unit work. • The unit work must be kept in a 3-prong folder or binder. All students should write down these due dates into their homework planner and highlight them. • Planners will be checked periodically for points. HOMEWORK • Expect homework. Know that I expect your work to be turned in—neat and complete—on the day it is due. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED. • There is NO excuse for not knowing homework assignments and when they are due—even if you are absent. You can find your homework assignments: - By reading the board each day - Listening to homework announced in class each day - Writing it down in your student agenda - Emailing me or by asking your friends - Sign up for my Twitter feed. • Most units also have a major project associated with it, worth equal or more points than the unit test.

*I will occasionally post announcements, homework assignments, and other important class information at my Web site. Go to the Willow Glen Middle School Web site, click the teachers link, and select Patrick Sieler. Or, enter the following address in your Web browser:

UPCOMING MAJOR ASSIGNMENT DUE DATES Student Survey Syllabus Parent Signature Supplies Welcome Project

Friday, 8/16 Monday, 8/19 Wednesday, 8/21 Monday, 8/26

LATE WORK All assignments are expected at the beginning of the period on the day they are due. Completed homework will be stamped on the due date. This means that the page is eligible for full credit. If you know you are going to be away from school, your work is due on or before the due date. I do not accept late work. 3

RESTROOM PASSES Restrooms used during class time are for emergencies only. Students are given plenty of time during passing periods to take care of bathroom needs. Each student will receive a sheet containing four personalized restroom passes to be used at their discretion. After recording the date, time, and their period, • get my signature for approval. • sign-out before leaving the room. • sign-in when you return. Upon return, you must forfeit the pass to me. Once a student has used all their passes, they are gone. No more will be provided. Therefore, students must plan responsibly and wisely in order to have passes available. (Students with an emergency can use the restroom if they have no passes left, but they will be required to make up the lost class time at lunch.) Lost passes will not be replaced. Any passes left at the end of the semester will be worth extra credit for “extra” time spent in class. MINDSET Students are expected to be seated quietly when the bell rings. Students not seated at the second bell are considered tardy—this is a school-wide policy. Each day, students will copy the day’s agenda in their planner. There will also be a warm-up assignment on the front board for every student to complete at the beginning of each class. If a student is tardy, they will forfeit the activity points. EXTRA CREDIT Extra credit is not offered to individual students who have not first completed their regular assignments. I expect students to perform at their highest ability from the beginning in order to earn their grade. ABSENCES Students are responsible for knowing what work is assigned during their absence (see Homework section above). A student returning to class from an excused absence must see me to find out about missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to know which assignments they need to complete. Remember, an absence does NOT excuse a student from work assignments. Project and paper due dates will NOT be changed due to absences. WISH LIST Much of what we do in class throughout the year involves participatory, hands-on lessons. Because of this, many materials are necessary for instruction in class. Any donations of the following materials would be greatly appreciated: - Paper towels - Kleenex - Glue sticks - Personal pencil sharpeners - Scotch tape In addition, excess materials (unused, open packages) that you may have lying around can be recycled for in-class projects. Please consider donating extra materials such as, - Popsicle sticks/stirrers - Cotton balls 4

- Straws - Yarn - Disposable cups/plates/bowls - Sticky note pads - Empty paper towel/toilet paper cardboard rolls - Any usable craft material All donations can be sent to school with your child. Thank you in advance for your help! GRADES Periodically, grades will be posted by ID number on the refrigerator on the back wall. These grades are also available on-line through Parent Information Viewer (parents and guardians, please contact the office for your PIN number if you don’t have it). If a student finds they do not have points for an assignment that they know they have completed, it is the student’s responsibility to check the “Abandoned Work” box in the back of the room. PHILOSOPHY A teacher has the right to teach just as students have the right to learn. I recognize that students bring with them their unique experience and personality to class. My overall philosophy is that in the classroom, students get to be who they are—but they can’t be so much of who they are that the teacher can’t teach or other students are prevented from learning. All students know how to behave properly. Therefore, proper, respectful behavior is expected at all times. Any student who has the desire to learn and the willingness to put forward his or her best effort will receive every possible support from the teacher. I will be available for extra help through a mutually agreed upon time. If a student has a concern or question, they are encouraged to talk with me, or to put a note in my mailbox. HOW TO REACH ME If you have any questions or concerns students and parents can best reach me by email. My address is: [email protected] (the phone system at school is not a reliable way to leave me a message, so I rarely check voicemail, relying instead on email communication. To try to reach me live, call me at the school at 535-6277 x419. In keeping with school policy, please allow up to 72 hours for a response. I am truly looking forward to working with you over the coming year! Sincerely, Patrick Sieler Please detach the next page. Please sign it and have your child return it to me by Wednesday, 8/18/10 for class points.


RETURN TO MR. SIELER –8th Grade U.S. HISTORY I have read and understand the expectations listed in this syllabus. I also know that I will be held responsible for the information in this syllabus Student name (print) ______________________________________________________ Student signature _________________________________________________________ Student primary home phone (_____) _________________________________________ Student cell phone (_____) _________________________________________________ Student email ____________________________________________________________ FATHER name ______________________________ Language spoken _____________ FATHER signature _______________________________________________________ Home address ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Home phone (_____) ___________________ Cell phone (_____) __________________ Place of work _________________________ Work phone (_____) _________________ Email address ____________________________________________________________

MOTHER name ______________________________ Language spoken _____________ MOTHER signature _______________________________________________________ Home address ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Home phone (_____) ___________________ Cell phone (_____) __________________ Place of work _________________________ Work phone (_____) _________________ Email address ____________________________________________________________ Note to parents/guardian: Is there anything that you would like to tell me about your child (for example, medical or special educational needs, custody arrangements, etc?)