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The power to make you more profitable. TAM Online™ The Interne t-accessed version of The Agency Manager ®, the insurance technology used by more agents and

The Internet-accessed version of The Agency Manager, the insurance technology used by more agents and brokers than any other system in the insurance industry ®

[Your business is good to grow.]

The power to make you more profitable.

Let us be your ASP. We provide your TAMOnline application and related services. When you purchase TAMOnline, you do not operate or maintain your servers or purchase software upgrades. Instead, Applied Systems runs and upgrades the necessary software through its own servers, hosting your system via the Internet.

TAMOnline is your ASP-hosted agency management system.

Enjoy access to your data anytime, anywhere.

What is TAM?

The Agency Manager (TAM) ® is the industry's leading automated agency management system, used on 125,000 desktops in more than 10,000 agencies. Since 1983, TAM™ has evolved to stay ahead of the needs of insurance agents always looking to save time and boost profits. TAMOnline, the ASP-hosted (Internet-accessed) version of TAM, affords the same benefits and full features of desktop TAM without the related IT burden.

How will your business benefit from using TAM?

tomer file and see all policies and issuing carriers to easily identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Efile with integrated imaging, faxing, and email. Scan attachments to the client file at the policy level with one easy workflow. View incoming faxes and attach to the client's efile. Create bar codes to index attachments. Everything is available at the client file for immediate fax or email. Save time, eliminate E&O exposure, and accomplish true efiling. TAM is fully featured with critical capabilities such as integrated faxing and imaging. One file stores every policy component and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Sell more insurance. Productivity increases because staff members save time and effort with TAM's true single-entry system. All TAM modules are integrated, so data is entered once in any part of the system and it is simultaneously created in all parts. Another benefit: Reduced E&O exposure.

Access full accounting and general ledger. Generate invoices and statements with TAM's accounting module. Track and reconcile agency payables, record payments and returns, and build financial statements that allow you to compare to previous-year total and budget figures.

Increase renewal retention, and market/cross-sell/upsell more efficiently. Improve communication to prospects, customers, and business partners. Issuing new policies is simple and quick. Issue binders, print auto ID cards, or add new lines to current policies in a few easy steps. TAM's powerful marketing tools help develop strategic, targeted campaigns. View a cus-

Integrate with third-party software. From within TAM, navigate to other programs you need to conduct business daily. Customize features. Set up agency- and user-defined workflows. Designate consistent procedures, streamline processes, increase efficiency, lower E&O exposure, and improve new employee training.

Can you communicate with carriers through TAM? Yes. More insurance companies interface with agencies using Applied Systems products than with all other systems combined (Spring 2006 statistics from ACORD, the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development). In fact, more than 250 insurance carriers offer nightly downloads to TAM, automatically updating your policy information (new, renewal, endorsements, cancellation, reinstatements, and more) and direct bill commissions. Claim status will be added soon. As for real-time interface between your agency and your carriers, Applied Systems really wrote the book. Applied Systems originated real-time interface and, with our customers, created most real-time transactions. For more than 20 years, Applied Systems had been the leading implementer of agency-carrier interface and ACORD standards. Applied Systems continues to lead the way with more carrier real-time transactions than any other system.

What additional benefits are specific to using TAMOnline? Access TAMOnline at any hour, day or night, from any work station with an Internet connection. Enjoy timely access to customer information, and increase out-of-office productivity. More automation for less of your agency's IT budget. Applied Systems upgrades the software and maintains the hardware. You have continuous access to the latest TAM version without the risks, costs, and administrative duties associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure. Smaller agencies avoid productivity loss caused when staff members administer the agency management system. Larger agencies save costs associated with employing in-house IT personnel or outsourcing the related tasks. All agencies protect their investment in legacy equipment, since Applied Systems' servers handle the intensive processing required by sophisticated applications. Log on to TAMOnline, and your business is good to grow. Are you running TAM through your own server? Imagine how less cost and a lighter IT burden will free your staff to devote time and energy to your core business: selling insurance and servicing your insureds. Is this your first experience with agency automation? TAMOnline allows you to skip the hassle of hardware configuration and IT infrastructure development.

How safe is your data? With TAMOnline, your data is likely safer than you can afford to make it on your own.* Applied Systems maintains state-of-

Based on findings published in "Security, Redundancy, and Disaster *Recovery," in The Technology Report, December 7, 2004, published by the Council of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers, Washington, DC. For new Applied Systems customers. Does not apply to users migrating ** from LAN TAM.

the-art data centers certified compliant with the rigorous standards in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70. Multiple security levels, as well as sophisticated technology, backup policies, and redundancy factors protect your data from disasters, outsiders, and other TAMOnline users. What's more, TAMOnline provides many layers of protection that make it virtually impossible for a virus to infiltrate the system. Since Applied Systems' ASP-hosted solutions went live in October 2000, the systems have never been compromised by a virus. Spyware and adware are never a problem, as the applications offer a lockeddown desktop with tight security. If a local computer is experiencing a problem, TAMOnline allows you to connect to your data from any other computer.

How does TAMOnline's cost compare to LAN TAM? Dramatic cost reductions in maintenance, upgrades, and system administration combined with gains in user productivity can yield substantial cost savings with TAMOnline (based on total cost of ownership comparisons conducted by Applied Systems). Your sales consultant will assist you in estimating your business's total cost of ownership for using TAMOnline compared with operating TAM using your own equipment and administrative services.

Can system options be used with TAMOnline? TAMOnline allows you to add flexibility and further streamline workflows by choosing other products that help maximize TAM: • [email protected]® for integrated desktop faxing • InScope® for integrated 24/7 client access

What additional services are available with TAMOnline? Your TAMOnline purchase includes six months of web-based training and interactive tutorials for all agency staff members who will use TAMOnline.** The unparalleled customer service the industry has come to expect from Applied Systems also offers a number of optional services: additional comprehensive web-based training as well as onsite training; support by phone or online real-time chat; our always-accessible KnowledgeBase, an extensive storehouse of up-to-date information; review, analysis, and planning assistance from Strategic Services, including Applied Consulting Services.

TAM windows of opportunity Your sales consultant can furnish additional screen captures.

From TAM Home Base, view and easily attach incoming email to your client file. Also view your to-do list.

Powerful Marketing tools include prospect importing, multi-letter campaigns, account rounding, and sticky notes.

Attach email, documents, and images, and sort by user-defined categories and subcategories.

With IVANS® Transformation Station™, your agency/company interface gives you the industry’s quickest access to insurance company websites.

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The power to make you more profitable.

Applied Systems, Inc., is the world leader in insurance technology for agency and broker management. The company develops and supports insurance software products and services for accounting, customer, policy, claims management, and all related agency functions. More than 125,000 users in more than 10,000 agencies of every size and complexity level use Applied Systems technology and services. The company leads the industry in agency/carrier real-time and batch communication solutions. Applied Systems automates insurance transactions at every distribution level from consumer through carrier, providing technical support and professional services to maximize customers’ return on investment.

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The power to make you more profitable.