Telephone directory. Christchurch. 1922

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Arm-Avo -----22 01'l'lOIAL TISLl!PHONW DfRI!:CTORY. 3756 978 1613 32388 A7156 A5196 A5279 2975 1770 1696 A4526 974K 3006K A6429





Alphabetical Directory OF THII


A 2539 424 235 1262 2281

Aabbey Taxi and Touring Service (Ltd.), (Geo. Dic :inson), L atimer Sq. A1. Hotel, see Ho tels (Public ) A. and P. Association, see Cant erbury Ag riculLural and Pastoral Abattoirs, Sockb urn Abattoirs (2nd Telephone), Sockburn 3834 Abbott, Miss F., 28 Medway St., Richmond 2845 Abernethy, Rex. C., Solr., Pyne's Bldg., cr. Cashel and Manchester Sts. 559 Accident Ins~ance Co. (N.Z.), see N.Z. Accident insurance Co. 3115 Accllmatlsatlon Society (North O,mterbnry Acel ima tisa t ion Society, O. W. Ilervey, Secretary), 59 Cathedral Sq. 315 Aoellmatisation Society's Gardens 346 Ace Motor Agency (Showr ooms & Office), 114 Lichfiehl St. Ace Motor Agency (Garage & Workshop), Oxford Terrace ~181 ·5142 Acetone Illuminating and Welding Co. (Ltd.), 22U Armagh St. 1536 Acetylene and Hardware Ltd. (N.Z.), 134 Armagh St. 2130 Ackroyd, A. E., Agent, 161 Hereford S • 1211M Ackroyd, A. E. (res), 94 Ranfurly St., St. Alb8Il8 Acland, Dr. H. T. D. (res.), 381 Montreal St. 3043 241 Acland, H. D. (Office), (Wilding, Acland and Murchison, Solrs.), cr. Hereford St. and Oxford Terrace 21125 1929 Aeland, H. D. (res.), 42 Park Terrace 2352 A'Court, Dr. Frank C., Dental Surgeon, Dominion Bldg 2332 A'Court, Dr. F. C. (res.), Buxton's Corner, Shirley A6303 Adair, Mrs. C. (res.), 54 Chapter St., St. Albans 2501M Adam, E. P. (res.), 353 Armagh St. 3632 Adams, Bruce (Ltd.), 458 Tuam St. 1651 Adams, Bruce (Ltd.), Cake Manfrs., cr. Cashel and Colombo Sts. 2212 Adams, D. N. (Ltd.), Printing Dept. only, 191 Manchester St. 3036 Adams, D. N. (Ltd.), Office and Manager 2019 Adams, F. N. (res.), Clifton, Sumner 2841 Adams, G. H. & Co., Manufacturers' Reptvea., 150 Lichfield St. ·5043 Adams, G. H. (res.), Aynsley's Terrace, Opawa Adams, H. T. (res.) 24 Idris Rd., Fendalton 349 A5315 Adams, Justice A. S. (res.), 29 Waira.r&pa Terrace, Fendalton A4426 Adams, J. (res.), • Hazelmere,' 13 Glandovey Rd .• FAnl'ialton 220 Adams, Limited, Head Office, Motor Cycle & Motor Car Depts ., High St 534 Adams, Limited, Indent Wholesale Depts., 152·154 Hi~h St Adams, Limited, Motor Car Dept., and Garage, 219 Tuam St. 2561 1053 Adams, Luke, Potter, 383 Colombo St., Sydenham &5426 Adams, Mrs. (res.), 9 Glasgow St., Linwood A6456 Adams, R. Dobson (res. ), 136 Office Rd., St. Albans 3814 Adams, R. M. (res. ), Rata St., Riccarton 401 Adcock, G., Tinsmith, 11 Dundas St.



Phones - Garag" 3556; Res. 8175



24 O XFO R10D8 TE RRACE. p. m . (S unda y. Inc ucled ,

Garaoc H ours - 8. m.

1882 119R 339 2814R 1504 2108 2828M 1926 1539 A4966



Addington Saleyards, see Canterbury S aleyard~ Addison, J. J. (res. ), R edcliffu Adley, H. A., 137 H ereford SI. Adley, H. Antill (res.), Clifton, Sumner Adnams Bros., Cycle Makers and Repairers, 269 Durham St Aerodrome, Wlgram, see W igram Aerodrome Agar, C. H. & Co., Grocers, 85 Lon don St. , Lyttelt on Agar, Percy, Sharebroker, 176 Hereford St. Agar, Percy (res.), 10 Cashel St. W . Ager, B. J., Architect, Oxford Chbrs., cr. Hereford St. & Oxford T errace Agriculture, Department of, se Govt. D1'p' s. 30670 Alnger, J. (res.), 23 Lonsdale St., New Brighton A6426 Alrd, W. B., The Grosvenor , Papanui Rd. A6251 Airey, J. F. (res.), 39 H awkesbury Avenue, St. Albans 1880 Aitchison, Steans & Co., Merch nts, l:.>:l Lichfield St. &5275 Aitken, George G. (res.), 'Thornton,' Wairarapa Ter race, Fendaltoo 2265 Aitken, G. G. & J. H. & Co., Share brokers, etc. , 94 Hereford St. 2161 Aitken, H. G. (res.), Springfield Rd. 1405 Akaroa Express Co. (Ltd.' , (W. H. Went, Mgr. ), 21 Southwark St. 1588 1"lbe~tso?, H. G., Optician, 176 Manchester St. A5484 AlbIon Hotel, see Hotels (Public) 2165 Alderson, Mrs. Ryves, Masseuse, High St . ChamberA 2165 Alderson & Wilson, Masseuse, Acetapathy, H igh St. Chambers 925 Aldridge, A. G. (Mitchell & Aldridge, Prof. Acc ts l. 154 Mancbester Bi. 1114 Aldridge, A. G. (res.), 448 Madras St. , St. Albans 218. Aldwin, Wm. H., Wellsinker, 35 Harrow St., Linwood &5244 Alexander, A. L. (res.), 40 Gracefield St. 1432 Alexander, Mrs. H. E., 446 St. Asaph St., Linwood 3800 Alfeld, G. F. (res.), 36 Riocarton Rd. A4499 Allan, D. T. (res.), 45 Jackson's Rd., F endalton 104 Allan, I., Indent Agentr, 140 Hereford St. 2688 Allan, MIss E. (res.), 282 Madr..;; St: 1362 Allan, R., 104 Merivale Lane A4036 Allard, C. W. (res.), 219 River R d ., R ichmond 2422 Allen Bros., Builders, 161 Victoria St. A5124 Allen, C. E. (ratI.), 13 Rutland St ., St. Albans A4938 Allen, F. W. (res.), no Victoria St. . 3631s Allen, G. F. (res.), Euston St ., Sumner 3034 Allen, H. & E., Storekeepers, 43 Randall St. , Richmond A 5406 Allen, Miss S. L., Dressmaker, Costumier, Stewart Dawson's Bldg. A6052 Allen, Mrs. Maurlee (res.), 16 May 's Rd., St. Albans 923 Allen, Richard (res.), • The Mill H ouse,' Fendalton R d . A4789 Allen's Sweet ·Shop (Mrs. T ucker, P ropriet r rl , Cathedr"l Sqnare 1282 Alleway, H. B. & Co., Garage and Motor Engineers, 976 Colombo St. 19 Alliance AssuraRce Companies, 135 Hereford St. 1320 Allison, Dr. H. K. (D.D.S., L.D.S.)- Dental Surgeon, 183 Caahel St . &4315 Alllson, Dr. H. K. (res.), 122 Merivale Lane 2111 Alllson, H. (res.), Lincoln Rd., Addington 1146 All Night Dispensary, Dominion BuildingE, Gloucester St 163} Alpers, O. T. J., Barrister End Solicitor. 104 Gloucester St. 792 3182 Alpers, O. T. J. (res.), 69 Fendalton Rd 1529 A1~tons Utillty stores, 186 Antigua St. 3829D Alva Studios (N. Turner, Senr., Propr.), 788 Colom bo St. 3811 Amalgamated Socy. of Carpenters Joiners, Trades' Hall, Gloucester St. 3791 Amalgamated Society of Engineers, see Trades H all 2112 AmaIgo Manufacturing Co., (Hampton Bros., Agents), 50 Tuam St. A4109 Amberley Racing Club (A. H . N oall, Secy.). ](i5 Cashel St. 2519 Ambrose, J. A. (re!!.) 33 St. J aml'R i"t. Linwond 2614 Ambulance, st. John, Office and Depot 119 Worcl'stor St. 818 Ambulance, St. John, Wagon D"pt. 442 Amodeo, P. P. J. (Cassidy, Amodeo & Jacobson), Solrs., 135 Hereford St 2935W Amor, F: (res.) Avonhead Rd. Upper Riccarton A5232 Amos, MISS E. A. M. (res.), 139 Clarence Rd ., Hiccarton 309 A.M.P. Society, see Atlstralien Mutual etc. 1112 Amurl Motors Ltd., Durham St. 5258 Amurl Motors Ltd., Repair Dept., D urham St. &5311 Amurl Motors Ltd. (L. Treleaven, MIn'.) (res.), 52 St raven Rd. A1248 Amyes, H. C. (res.) Frankley S' . , Spreyd on 3293W Amyes, S. H. (res.) 81 Dyers Pass Rd. Cashmere 1038 Analyst, Govt., see Health Dept. (Govt. Depts.)








~ ~



""CJ d t'-I CU ...c:I

A5036 2399 1273


A7110 A7258 A6420 3230



- -<-. N

8267 629






52 A6256 2289



2189 2784 3285M

c:> c:>

Q ...c:I N


. Q t:;


3589 174 A.4872 A4349 2479 8361




2781 A4676 1420 2966 2176 1416

461 939 1984 178 2818 1643

6394 ·7028 1884 1707 A6387



2291 A6306 31240 599 2711 &4619 2691 A6392 3147 3079 593 1810 A6037 !868


~ ~ II


3116S 2388

A6472 A5422 3749"4193 8324


Anchor Exchange & Loan Co. (Meltzer Bros.), 95 Armagh St. Andersen & Hudson, Leather & Grindery Wareh'se. 175 Manchester St Andersen, capt. T. J. (res.), 831 Ferry Rd., Woolston Andersen, Mrs. M. E. (res.), Valley Rd., Cashmere Andersen, Mrs. U. (res.), 29 Colombo Rd., Ca.shmere Anderson, A. (res.), • Merchiston,' 82 St. Marlin's Rd. Anderson, A. K., Headma.ster St. Andrew's College, Papanui Rd. Anderson, A. V., Engineer, 487 Selwyn St. Anderson, Bicknell & Co., Public Accts., Civic Chrs., 213 Mancheeter a. Anderson, C. E., Motor Car Trimmer, 132 Victoria St. Anderson, Dr. C. Morton, 142 Worcester St. Anderson, Dr. Douglas, 25 Armagh St. Anderson, Dr. Richard W., 380 Colombo St., Sydenham Anderson, F. L. (res.), 11 Hawkesbury Avenue, St. Albans Anderson, F. W. (res.), • Risingholme,' Opawa Anderson, George & Co., Auctioneers and Land Agents, 63:1 Colombo a•. Anderson, Harry, Engineer, 198 Cashel St. Anderson, Hugh (res.), 82& Ha.ckthorne Rd., Cashmere Anderson, J., Undertaker, 107 Victoria St. Anderson, James (res.), 336 St. Asaph St. Anderson, John (res.), 17 Armagh St. West Anderson, John (res.), 54 Straven Rd., Riccartoo Anderson, Miss Knox (res.), 53 Gloucester St. Anderson, Mrs. A. (res.), 97 Winchester St., Merivale Anderson, Mrs. R. (re'!.), 245 Fitzgerald St., St. Albans Anderson, Oscar W. B., Pub. Acct. & Ar., Civic Chrs., 213 Mancheeter S. Anderson, Oscar W. B. (res.), 21 Victoria Avenue, Opawa Anderson, P., Butcher, Riccarton Bd. Anderson, R. J. (res.), 194 Waltham Bd. Anderson, Wm., Sharebroker and Acct., 148 Oxford Terrace Anderson, Wm. (res.), 12 Garden Rd., Fendalton Anderson's (Ltd.), as underHardware Department, 48 Lichfield St. 1st Telephone } 2nd Telephone General Office, 43 Lichfield St. 3rd Telephone Foundry, Lyttelton Anderton & Co., Ladies' and Gents' Tailors, 23 Victoria St. Andrea & Co. (Ltd.), Wool brokers, 172 Manchester St. Andreae, L. B. (res.), 37 Knowles St., St. Albans Andrew, Brlg.-Gen. A. W. (res.), 6 Kiclson Terrace, Cashmere Hill. Andrew, Mrs. A. C. (res.), 49 Tankerville St. Andrew, P. J. (res.), 257 Armagh St. Andrew, W. (res.), Heaton .St., St. Albans Andrews & Beaven, Engineers, 359 Moorhouse Avenue Andrews, Baty & Co. (Ltd.), Printers, 184 Hereford St. Andrews, E. H. (res.), 22 St. Andrew's Square, Strowan Andrews, F. O. (res.), 137 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Andrews, G., Pork-butcher and Ham and Bacon-curer, 642 Colombo 8"Andrews, G. (res.), 131 Slater St., St. Albans Andrews, H. D. (res.), 217 Armaf,"(h St. Andrews, Miss M. E. (res.). 50 Webb St., St. Albans Andrews, Mrs. J. P. (res.), 29 Knowles St., St. Albans Andrews, Novello, • Bridge Vale,' Heathfield Avenue, Fendalton Andrews, Thos. and Son, Plasterers. 73 Moorhouse Avenue Andrews, T. Senr. (res.), 62 Moorhouse Avenue Andrews, WIlliam (res.), Lansdown Terrace, Dallington Andrews, W. Douglass (res.), 35 VlTeston Rd., St. Albans Angllss, W. & Co. P~y (Ltd.), Frozen Meat Exporters, cr. Cashel and Manchester Sts. Anglo-American Dental Co. (Fred. W. Gresham), Barlow's Bldg, cr. Colombo and Hereford St~. Anglo-N.Z. Cycle Company (P . W Sowden), 753 Colombo St. Angus, Jas. (res.), 92 \Vestminf;ter St., St. Albans Animals' Home (S.P.C.A.), 41 ~ Montr. RI St. AnImals' Hospital & Boarding Home (Johnson's), 90 McFaddene Rei. Anson, G. (res.), 405 Gloucester St. Anson, Mrs. T. H. (res.). Bridle Path Rd., Heathcote Valley Anthony, A. H. (res. I, 206 Bealey Avenue Arcadia Private Hotel, see Hotels (Private)




2664 1621

2357 1828

Archbishop, Jullus, Office, 173 Ca.shel St. Archbishop Julius, • Cloudesley,' Hackthorne Rd., Ca.shmere Arehbold Bros. (Ltd.), Furniture and Builders' Woodware Manufactor..., as under-Furniture, Gramophones and Builders' Woodware Mnfg. Headquarters, 336 Manchester St. Upholstery, Bedding, Carpets, Linoleum Showroom, 338 Manchester St No.1 City Sample Furniture and Gramophone Showroom, cr. High and Tuam Ste.

A4730 Archbold, E. (res.), 113 Edgeware Rd., St. Albans 1293 Archbold, T. J. (res.), 147 Rolleston St., Linwood 2901 Archbold, W.& SOB (S.J. Archbold), Boot Mfrs., 501 Tuam St., Linwood 31305 Archbold, W. L. (res.), 65 Hawford Rd., Opawa A4404 Archenhold, A. (res.), Springfield Rd., St. Albans 146 Archer, Mrs. F. A. • Colwell,' 46 Burnside Rd., Fendalton A5174 Archer, J. K. (res.). 2 Elgin St., Sydenham 3928 Archer, L., Builder, 69 Francia Avenue, St. Albans A5470 Archey, G. E. (res.), 25 Totara Rd., Riccarton 8175 Arohlbald, A. J. (res.), 11 Konini St. A7296 Archibald, D. (res.), 81 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere 3556 Archlbalds Garage (A. J. Archibald), 24 Oxford Ter. next Royal Hot.!1 520 Ardagh, Dr. P. A., 31 Carlton St., Merivale Ardagh, J. J., Dental Surgeon, Standish and Preece Bldg., High St. A5151 2703 M Ardagh, J. J. (res.), 26 Hereford St. W. 1278 Arlow & Co. (Ltd.), Merchants, 148 Lichfield St. Arlow, Mat. (N.Z. Suppliers' Exchange, Ltd.), Moa Bldg., Poplar S• . 2611 Arlow, Mat. (res.), Heaton St., Merivale A6381 A4752 Arlow, R. Hay (res.), 82 Springfield Rd., St. Albans 2617 Armiger & Co., Dye-works. 76 Cashel St. A4885 Armiger & Co., Works, 53 Broad St., Woolston A5282 Armiger, E. J., Painter, Glazier and Paperhanger, 147 RiccartolJ Rd. A5077 Armitage, H. L. (res.), 131 Rugby St., Merivale A4446 Armitage, Wm. C. (res.), 66 Derby St., St. Albans 624 3413 A5126 103 301 3512 W A,6468 126 12516 1498 476 &4879 1482 A4907


859 1049 3049 960 1473 3432


Armour & Co. of Australasia (Ltd.), 143 Hereford St., as under-1st Telephone 2nd Telephone Armstrong, A. E. (res.), 26 Carlton Mill Rd. Armstrong & Ball (Ltd.), Fellmongers and \Voolscourers, WoolstoD Armstrong & Fan (Kent Plating Works), 148 Victoria St. Armstrong, C. E. (res.), Moncks Bay Armstrong, F. (res.), 'Merniong,' 369 Papanui Rd. Armstrong, F. W., Elect. Engr. and Inspector, Somerset Bldg... 153 Hereford St. Armstrong, H. J. (res.), 24 Papanui Rd. Armstrong, H. T. (res.), 363 Hereford St. Armstrong, J. G. (res.), • Waitikiri,' Marshland Armstrong, Mark (res.), Gloucester St., Linwood Armstrong, Morgan & McCreary (Ltd.), 201 Tuam St. Armstrong, Mrs. L. (res.), 37 Flockton St., St. Albans Armstrong, T. & Co. (Ltd.), Drapers1st Telephone } 2nd Telephone Colombo St. Store 3rd Telephone 1st Telephone } 2nd Telephone High St. Store 3rd Telephone

Phone 301 (Armstrong & Farr) Electr:Piatinl We bave fouod tba' Bleo'roplaUog 10 alii," braoohes demalld.lumele ... e&1".an4 IPeciali&&tioo to hk. UII A.LL our iime. Tbe relun jIJ Ibown 10 'be 1I1111bed work. Our plaot is aalllJ 'be Jarll'" ."d mOl' mod«" 10 ill. Domlllioll. " it', aa,ytlUDI in the ,.platiDI lin. we CaD do it. QuotaboDi fumiobecI to tho trade. hot........ , . ._ _



148 Vieteria St.







--------------------3756 978 1613 32388 A7156 A5196 A5279 2975 1770 1696 A4526 974K 3006K A6429 1175 1483 270 3643 2587 3643} 2587 8383 A6264 1427 3480 139 A4155 A4588 316 173 &1192 65356 3586 736 A7052 3859 244 &4476 A499 I 1160 31 &4953 65283 738 64441



2694 1477 1571 A6001 A4249 1132 309 650 1846 3444 614 3489 419 2569


2789 A5499

Armstrong, T. T. (res.), 36 Holmwood Rd. Armstrong, T. W. (res.), 16 Morris St., Avonside Armstrong, W. J., Chimney Sweep, 51 Fairfield Avenue, Addington Armstrong, Wm. (res.). 23 Bishops Rd., Papanui Arnold, G. (res.), 11 Southey St., Sydenham Arnold, J. (res.), cr. Chrystall St;. and North Avon Rd., Richmond Arres, Mrs. E. (res.), 10 " 'an-ington St., St. AIl::ans Art Gallery (G. L. Donaldson, Secretary), Armagh St. Arthur, A. G. (res.), 90 Hills Rd., St. Albans Art Printing and Supplies Co. (N. C. M. Turner, Prop.), 631 Colombo Bt Aschman, C. T. (res.), 35 Gracefield St. Ash, Wm. (res.), Prebbleton Ashby, C. H. (res.), 76 Bryndwr Rd.



B 8364 67054 A4252 1·899 55 A4013 8133 11235 1422R A7178 2118K 1852D 2598S 1'311 2270 &6317 &5070 15645 A4046 2619 &4654 311 2801 302 61024 2080 3568 2558 22688 1441M 65260 546 66094 2567 513 23865 &4354 A4691 431

Direct Retail Nos., after 5 p.m.



m4l 1073 3372 1026 93


Avon Garage, Motor (Mills, Newell & Co.), 190 Oxford Terrace Avonhead Demonstration Farm, see Agriculture, Go\'t. Depts Avonside Lawn Tennis Club, Avons:de Avon Woolscourlng Co. (Ltd.), Avonside Ayers, H. (res.), 27 L ;nwood Avenue Ayers, Mrs. (res.), 246 Gloucester St. Ayling & King, Plumbers, cr. Faraday and Colombo Sts Ayrshire Home-made Cake ShOll (Robb & Oswald), 386 Colombo St.

A4964 3106 1923 A5182 3283 3902 A713"6 2094

Ashby, J. (ree.), 18 Paparoa St., Papanui Ashby, ·Bergh & Co. (Ltd.), as under1st Telephone ) Wholesale (Cashel St.) 2nd ~ and 3rd. Retail (High St.) Uh J All Departments 5th Ashman, Mrs. M. Freeman (res.), cr. Cashel and Montreal Sts. Ashworth, Major H. F. W. (res. ), 116 Heaton St. Ashworth, H., Dentist, 91 Gloucester St. Ashworth, R. (res.), 203 Kilmore St. Associate to Mr. Justice Adams, Supreme Court Aston, H., Sample Rooms, Times Chambers, Gloucester St. Aston, H. H. (res.), 38 Hoon Hay Rd. Atkinson, Bros., Manufacturers' Agents, 82 Lichfield St Atkinson, Carlyle (res.), cr. Randall St. and Stapletons Rd., North Richmond Atkinson, C. (res.), 1 Cracroft Terra:'e, Cashmere Hills Atkinson, H., CasU Furniture Warehouse, 124 Manchester St Atkinson, H. A. (res.), 4 Carlton Mill Rd. Atkinson, J. S., Dentist, 77 Hereford St. Atkinson, J. S. (res.), 33 Valley Rd., Cashmere Atkinson, Mrs. Wm. (res.), 5 Queen's Avenue, Fendalton Atkinson, St. G. & Co., Merchants, 250 St. Asaph St. Atkinson, St. George (res.), 29 Fairfield Avenue, Addington Atkinson's Confectioners, Dominion Bldge., 727 Colombo St. Atkinson's Foundry, 98 Lower High St. Atlas Assurance Co. (Ltd.), (Walter J. Moore, Attorney). 47 Cathedral Sq Atmore, G. W. (res.), 131 Chester St. Audit Department, see Govt. Depts. Audit Dept. (M. F. Instone), District Treasury Office Augarde, P. C. J. (res.), 342 Madras St. August, C. L., Junction Supply Stores, Marshland Rd., Shirley Aulsebrook & Co. (Offices), Biscuit Manfrs., 72 St. Asaph St Aulsebrook & Co., Export Store, cr. Montreal and St. Asapb St,s Aulsebrook & Co. (Store), 82·96 St. Asaph St. Austin, J. & Son, Pottery Works, 91 Carlyle St., Sydenham Austin, Miss M. E. (res.), 45 Brown's Rd., St. Albans Australasian Conference Association (Ltd.), 902 Colombo St. Australian Alliance Assurance Co. (J. L. Scarvell, Agt.). lC,5 Hereford 1St Australian Mutual Provident Society, 47 Cathedral SqURrp Australian Provincial Assurance Association (Ltd.), (T. M. Oh art ers , Branch Manager), 133 Htlreford St. Australian Provincial Assce. Assn. (Ltd.), (File, Marine and Accident Depts.), 83 Hereford St. Australasian Temperance and General Mutual Life Socy. (L. J. Lewis, Inspector), 79 Hereford St. Automatic Stamping Company (E. Moss), 486 Retreat Rd., Dallington Automatic Stamping MachIne Co., (Ltd.), (Mr. Horace Gilby, Secret.ary), Royal Exchange Bldg., Cathedral Square AutomobIle Association, see Canterbury Automobile ABBociation AutomobIles (Ltd.), (N.Z.), see N.Z. Automobiles (Ltd.) Auton, Mrs. E. (res.), 446 Cashel St., Linwood Avon Dairy Co. (Ltd.), 23 Manchester St. Avondale Golf Club (.1. 1\1. Preston, Secretary)


Baas, F. W. (res.), lO~ Riccarton Rd. Baby Hospital (Plunket Society), Cashmere Badger, Mrs. W. (res.), 207 Westminster St., St. Albans Badger, Honald S., Licensed Land and Indent Agt., 187 Manche.ter 811 Baggs, A. D. (res.), Stapletons Rd., Richmond Baggs, N. A. (res.), cr. North Avon and Stapleton's Rds., Richmond Bagshaw, R. A. (res.), Rossall St. Bailey, G. W. (res.), Templeton BaUey, Jos. (res.), Templeton Bailey, Miss 1. C., 56 .Iflsher St, Beckenham Bailey, W. (res.), 38 Nsyland St., Sumner Baln, D. M., Importer, Marriner's Bldg., Madras St. Baln, D. M. (res.), 21 Thorrington St., Cashmere Baln, K. B. (res.), 202 Worcester St. Baln, Mrs. A. W. (ros.). 17 Rastrick St., Merivale Bain, Thomas (res.), 15 Innes Rd., St. Albans Bainton, C. (res.), 67 Montreal St., Sydenham Baird, D., Grocer and Coal Merchant, 202 New Brighten Rd., Burwood Baird, Samuel (res.), 317 Cashel St. Baker, A. J., Furniture Manufacturer, 16 Truro St Baker, A. J. (res.), 80 Edwa:d Avenue, St. Albans Baker Bros., Estate Agents, Auctioneers, etc., 166 Manchester St Baker, G. (res.), 142 Salisbury St. Baker, J. E. (res.), 54 Park Terrace Baker, Leyden W. (res.), Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Baker, Miss C. W. (res.), 41 Cambridge Terrace Baker, Owen F. (res.), 123 Hackthonle Rd., Cashmere Baker, T. H. (res.), 32 Winchester St., Merivale Baker, T. Norris (res.), 14 Hardwick St., Sumner Baker, W., Cycle and Motor Engineer, 185 Manchester St. Balch, Wm. (res.), 123 Warrington St., St. Albans Baldwin & Hayward, Patent Agents (Hart & Reese), 106 Cashel s~. Baldwin, J. C., General Store, 193 Papanui Rd 8alklnd, L. W., Draper, 88 Hereford St Balklnd, L. W. (res.), 'Woodham,' Woodham Rd., Dallington Ball, E. L. (res.), 105 Bordesley St., Linwood Ball, F. C. (res.), 472 Moorhouse Avenue Ball, H. (res.), 12 Byron St., Sydenham BalIan, T. (res.), 150 Kilmore St. Ballantyne, J. & Co. (Ltd.) Ballantyne, J. & Co. (Ltd.) Ballantyne, J. & Co. (Ltd.) Ballantyne, J. & Co. (Ltd.) Ballantyne, J. & Co. (Ltd.) Ballantyne, J. (res.), 306 Worcester St., Linwood Ballantyne, H. (res.), 10 Carlton St., Riccarton Ballantyne, W. (res.), 58 Hanson's Lane, Upper Riccarton Bailin Bros., Wine, Spirit Merchants, etc., 9 Byron St., Sydenham



CYCLES Rin' 2616







1863 A6346 2317K "4256 3835 8209

617 A5190 &5405 286

2839 586 100 53


1336 "5262 986 248 "6458 A5241 1022 A7291 9740 37528 3541 3103M "6153 252

A5229 8292 "4070 1428 "4914 493s 1418M A5074 3584 A4893 "4357 1640 3904 3487 787 2666S A4071 3232 2345 1602 2543D 3924 654 3702 337 514 A4458 A5251 3782 2425 22648

2196 A4754 721 A6236 3459 K 23



Ballin, B. (res.), • Rotomah,' 33 Ne.seby St.. Merivale Ballin, H. J. (res.), 112 Leinster Rd., St. Albans BaIlIn, Moss, Dentist, 220 High St. Ballill, Moss (res.), 429 Durham St. Ballinger, A. E., Cabinetmaker, 119 Kilmore St. Ballinger, Arthur E. (res.), 456 Manchester St. Ballinger, Thos. & Co. (Ltd ), Electrical Engineers, 149 Gloucester St. Ballinger, W. H. (res.), 648 Worcester St., Linwood Banfield, F. (res.), 15 Madras St., Sydenham Banks-Australasia, 158.160 Cashel St. Commercial, see Commercial Bank of Australia (Ltd.) NatIonal, see National Bank New South Wales, 197 Hereford St New Zealand, 182 Hereford St., as underGeneral Office Manager and Bill Dept. Accountant and Securities Sydenham Branch, 418 Colombo St. P.O. Savings, 800 Post and Telegraph (Govt. Dept!!.) Union, see Union Bank of Australia Banks Bros., Builders, 23 Mays Rd. Banks Commercial College (P. Harle, Director), Office Liverpool Chbrs cr. Hereford and Liverpool Ste. ' ., Banks, E. H. (res.), 19 Bishop St. Banks, F. (res.), 11 Dyers PIlllB Rd., Cashmere Banks, F. G. (reil.), Prebbleton Banks, H. (res.), Coutts Island, Bellast Banks, Leonard (res.), • Kenilworth,' Banks Avenue, Shirley Banks, Miss M. (res.), 7 Banks Avenue, Shirley Banks, W. H., Timber Merchant, cr. Frank St., Papanui Rd Bannehr, H. M. (res.), 84A Dyer's Pass Rd., Oashmere Barbour & Lane, Metal Founders, 168 Madras St. Barbour, J. H. (rell.), 69 Sherbourne St., St. Albans Barclay, Colonel G. (res.), 18 Gresford St., St. Albans Barcock, W., (res.), 11 London St., Richmond Barlett, T. R., House Furnisher, 127 Manchester St. Bargrove, R., Draper, New Brighton Barker, Geo., Fishmonger, 318 Lincoln Rd. Barker, J. G., Watchmaker and Jeweller, 94 Worcester St. Barker, Miss Vera (res.), 69 Stevens St., Lancaster Park Barker, Miss V. M., Confectioner , 22 5 Manchest er St . Barker, Mrs. D. (res.), 67 Hills Rd., St. Albans Barker, T. (res.), 16 Salisbury St. West Barlow, A. A. (res.), 9 Naseby St., Merivale Barlow Bros. (Davies &: Lamb), Tobacsts., cr. Colombo, Hereford Sta. Barlow, F. J. (res.), 64 Carlton Mill Rd. Barlow, H. H. (res.), Hardwicke St., Sumner Barnes, W. A. (res.), 51 Leinster Rd. Barnet Glass Rubber Co. (Ltd.), 95 Cashel St. West Barnett, C. M. (res.), 8A North Parade, Shirley Barnett, M. F. (res.), 854 Colombo St. Barnett, S. F. (res.), 57 Geol'§/l St., New B ighton Barnett, W., Taxi Propr., 21l Durham St. Barnett, W. & Co., Chemists, Cathedral Square Barnett, W. & Co., Chemists (2nd Phone), Cathedral Square Barnett, W. & Co., Chemists, Oxford Terrace Baron, H. J., Cycle Manufacturer, Clock Tower Baron, H. J. (res.), 167 Stanmore Rd. Barr & Boult, Waltham Furniture Factory, 13 Shakespeare Rd Barr, J., Bott le Dealer , Bangor St. Barr. J. (res.), 117 Forfar St., St. Albans Barraclough, J. W. & Co., Indentors, 112 Lichfield St. Barrell, A. F. (res.), 13 Naaeby St., Merivale Barrell, C. W. (res.), cr. Elizabeth St. and Clarence Rd., Addington Barrell, George, Undertaker, 221 Durham St. South Barrett, A. J. (res.), 3 Brown's Rd. Barrett, F. E., Registered Plumber, Sea View Rd., New Brighton Barrett, John (res.), 14 Oxford Terrace West


Barrett, J. S., Solicitor, 94A HereCord St. Barrett, J. S. (res.), 436 Papanui Rd. Barron, J., Shorthand Typist and Reporter, 12 Chancery Lane Barrow, T. W., Butcher, 132 Armagh St. Barrow, T. W. (res.), 123 Westminster St., St. AlbaIll 217()B Barry, W. (res.), 58 George St., New Brighton Barsham, Mrs. M. E. A. (res.), 460 Colombo St., Sydenham A4OO8 3543M Barter & McGloin, Sidecar Manfre., 25 Tuam St. W. 2666K Barton, W. H., Fruiterer and Florist, Sumner 3257 Bartram, B. C. (res.), 182 Peterborough St . Bascand, A. W. (res.), 60 Bligh's Rd., Papanui &6481 1103 B.ascand, C. H., Manager Co·operative Printing Works, 151 Kilmore at 2921 K Bashford, Miss E. (res.), 48 Linwood Avenue 2371 Bassett, J. (res.), 141 Redruth Avenue 34708 Bassett, Ken (res.), Richmond Hill, Sumner A5325 Bassett, Mrs. E. R. (res.), 255 River Rd., Avonside 313 Bassett, W. & Co., Implement Merchants, 21 Manchester St. 2804 Batchelor, H. S. (res.), 125 Bealey Avenue 8205 Batchelor, J. B., Solicitor, Bonnington's Bldg., cr. Cashel and High Ste A4836 Bateman, F. E., Cabinetma.ker, 115 Salisbury St. 1287 Bates & Edgar, Solicitors, Royal Exchange Bldgs., Cathedral Square A4362 Bates, David (res.), 5 Cranmer Square "4977 Bates, Dr. Wm., 136 Worcester St. 458 Bates, H. D., Storekeeper, Sumner 1859 Bates, John (res.), Clyde Rd., Fendalton Bates, John & Co. (L'td.), China, Crystal Spec'lists, 118·120 Cuhel S•• 443 2096 Bates, Mrs. L. M. (res.), 34 Gloucester St. 2809 w Bates, Mrs. Wm. (res.), 128 Esplanade, Sumner 1835 Bates, W. (res.), 30 Lower High St. BathsPubllc Baths, see Ohrilltchurch City Oouncil 2428 Hydro, see Hydro Hot and Cold Sea Baths 385 A4959 Battery Co., 94 Gloucester St. 912 Batty & Brown, Storekeepers, Oarriers, 475 Worcester St., Linwood 2814K Baughan, Miss (res.), Clifton 3535B Baumber, Rev. W. (res.), • Somersby,' 9l H ackthorne Rd., Cashmere Baunton, Mrs. H. G. (res. ), 127 Hawfo rd Rd., Opawa. 2348 2526K Baxter, A. E. (res.), Esplanade, Sumner 2829 Baxter, A. & W.o Manfg. Chemists, 602 Colombo St. 585 Baxter, J., Chemist, 29 Victoria St. 1524 Baxter, J. (re '.), Helmore's Rd. . A6083 Baxter, J. M. (res.), cr. Papanui and Hawthorne Rds. 1305 Baxter, Miss S. I. (res.), 38 Ensor's Rd., Opawa "4735 Baxter, Mrs. M. (res.), 42 Sherbourne St., St. Albans "6313 Baxter, W. J. (res.), 24 Matsons Rd., Pa panui 8187 Bayley, E. W. B. (res.), 167 Edgeware Rd. 1703 Baylls5, W., Nurseryman, 100 Jeffrey's Rd. Bryndwr 19660 Baynon, T. (res.), 42 Randall St., North Richmond "6409 Beadel, C. R. (res.), 21 Knowles St., St. Alban .. A6079 Beade), H. J. (res.), 26 Paparoa St., Papanui &5230 Beadel, Wllfrid (res.), 78 Fendalton Rd. 8301 Beale, S. (res.), 345 Wilson's Rd., Linwood 2372 Beals, R. B., Importer, 143 Hereford St. Bean, C. & Co., General Agts., Imprs., 127.129 W'ester St. as unM~ Office and Warehouse 185 Repair Department A4127 A6093 Bean, Charles (res.), 19 St. Albans St. 1721 Bean, G. V., Ra.ilway Bookstall A5414 Bean, John (res.), 151 Strickland St., Spreydon 8221 Bean, P. E. (res.), 95 Riccarton Rd. 612 Bean, Rev. Walter S., 2 Park Rd., Addington 8266 Bean, W. D. (res.), 90 Opawa Rd. 1042 Beanland, J. W. (res.), 237 Edgeware Rd., St. Albans 3857 Beardsley, E. & Son, Photographic Suppliers, 117 Mam>hester St. A5130 Beardsley, Mrs. M. J. (res.), 84 Clarence Rd., Riccarton


145 "6145 "4671 1695 &5203

764} 2m 1056 1029

Beath & Co. (Ltd.), (Chas. Ogilvie, Manager), Drapers, 146-1110 Cuhel St Beath & Co. (Ltd.), (Tea Rooms), Cashel St.






Beath, G. L. · (res.), 26 Gloucester St. Beaton & Ullrich, Cycle Makers, 284 Lincoln Rd. 3675 Beattie, J. A., Solicitor, 106 Gloucester St. 2034 Beattie, Misses R. & M., Hair Specialists and lI1asseuses, 758 Colombo St. AV071 Beattie, Mrs. J. (res.), 8 \Vayorley St., Sydonham 1123K Beattie, R. (res.), Hornby 3809 Beaumont, E. (res. ), 368 Wilsons Rd. 2242 Beaumont, W. T. H. (res.), ' G'en Iris,' 3.0 Barrington St., Spreydon 2666w Beaven, A. W. (res.), .l tedcliffs A6339 Beaven, M. W. (res.), !J7 St. Albans St., St. Albans A6194 Beck, H. J. (res.), 138 Innes Road, St. Albans 1965 Beck, H. W., Land Agent, 179 Manchester St. A4069 Beck, Mbs Florence, Model Kitchen, 25 High St. Chambers 314M Beck, Miss J. (res.), 29 Pee) St., St. Albnns A7269 Beckenham Bowling Cluj), Fi!>her St., Eccl
1616 576 1240 A7020 1456 2033 A6246 &4250 3510 2817 1074 512R A5223 1163 785 3621 1726 A428 1 1224 3434 1934M

Bennett, A. G. (res.), 305 Madras St. Bennett, A. W. (res.), 14 McMillan A "enUA, Cashmere Hills Bennett Bros., Cycle Manufacturers, 77 CashpI St. West Bennett, G. W., Indent Agent, 161 Hereford St. Bennett, G. W. (res.), 16 Knowles St., St. Albans Bennett, R. B. (res.), 12 Eversleigh St., St. Albans Bennetts, H. A. (res.), 11)8 Selwyn St., Addington Bennetts (Ltd.), Cycle and Motor Agents, 143 Tuam St. Bennetts, R. H. (res.), 74 Linvoln Rd., Spn'ydon Benny, H. (res.), 177 Harewood Rd., Papanui Benson, R. (res.), 74 Fendalton Rd. Benson, W. H., Dairy Machinery Merchant, 4 'Tattersalls,' Cashel St. Beresford Tea Rooms (E. & F. Broadway), Cathedral Square Beresford Tea Rooms (E. & F. Broadway), Cathedrai Square Beresford Tea Rooms (E. & F. Broadway), Bakehouse, Gloucester St Bergamini, Mrs. E. J. (re~.), 50 Buckley's Rd., Linwood Berkeley, Mrs. M. H. (res.), Armagh St. "'est Berndtson, F. E. (res.), 15 Wroxton Terrace, Fentl.\lton Bernstein, Mrs. F. (res.), 15 Richmond Terra<'e, New Brighton

Berry, A. M. (res.), 119 Dean St., St. Albans Berry & Glasson, Land and Estate Agents, 177 Manchester St. Berry, Geo. L. (res.), 432 Manchester St. Berry, H. & Co. (Offies), Salt and Spice Merchants, 127 Lichfield St Berry, H. & Co., Tailors and Mercers, 90 Ca.shel St. \Vest lIerry, J. S. (res.), 38 Berry St., St. Albans Berry, Mrs. M. (res.), 53 Armagh ..,t. Berry, R. E., Electrical Engineer, 165 Manchester St. Berry, W. D. (res.), 'Llandath,' Portland St., St. Albans Berry, W. D. & Co., Panhard Garage, 102 Armagh St Besley & Son, Bakers, 24 Buffon St., Sydenham Best, B. & Sons, Picture Frame Makers, etc., 14 Opawa Rd. 3466 1307 Best, H. R., Public Accountant and Auditor, 63 Cathedral Square 2937 Best, H. R. (res.), Circuit St., St. Albans 1821 BeS\, Phlllp, Licensed Land and Estate Agent, 621 Colombo St &5303 Best, P. (res.), 12 Feilding St., Addington Best, T., Furrier, 53 Wordsworth St., Sydenham 38 2947 M Best, W. E. (res.), 126 Esplanade, Sumner 2083 Beswick, H. J. (res.), 91 Carlton Mill Rd. 1990 Bethell, Mrs. R. (res.), 47 Webb St., St. Albans 2432 Bethune, Mrs. L., 6 Cashel St. West 3779 Bettle, A. C. B. (res.), Heathcote Valley A4360 Bettie, G. W. (rtl/J.), 222 I1am Rd., Riccarton 8207 Bettie, T. J., Rennet and Jelly Crystal Manfr., 18 Disraeli St., Addington A4514 BettIe, T. J. (res.), 344 Selwyn St., Addington A7046 Bevan-Brown, C. E. (res.), 10 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Hilla 1041 Bevan-Brown, Dr. F. V., 172 Hereford St. A7046 Bevan-Brown, Dr. F. V. (res.), 10 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere 447 Beverley, F. (res.), 82 River Rd., Avonside A7080 Beynon, Miss L. (rps.), 51 Southampton St., Sydenbam A6325 Bickerstaff, Rev. J., The Manse, Papanui 1038 Bickerton, A. A., Government Analyst, 10 Brittan St., Linwood 1775 Bicknell, H. (Anderson, Bicknell & Co.), Public Accountant 10508 Bicknell, H. (res.), 80 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere A4759 BIddie, Mrs., Midwife, 'Santa Cruz,' Maternity Hospital, Carlton Sa A5033 Bidgood, Albert (res.), cr. Barbadoes and Chester Sts. 1814 Biggins, W. J. (res.), 566 Gloucester St. 3634 Biggs, H. (res.), 10 Poynder Avenue, Fendalton Blgg-Wlther, J. (res.), 93 Springfield Rd., St. Albans ~132 2452 Big Tree Petroleum Products, A. S. Paterson &; Co. (Ltd.) 2458 BllcllU, G. H. (res.), 108 Poulson St., Addington 2493 Billens & l)on, LampmakerR, High St. 1551 Billingham, Fred., 89 Cashel St. 2386D Bills, A. H. (res.), 137 Bordesley St., Linwood 8334 Blltcllff, Mrs. F. E. (res.), 158 Peterborough St. 2894 Bingham, S. C. (res.), 7 Cashel St. West

3366 A4618 3255 1345 2738 430 1230 A4974 2613 2596 A4965


BenJamin' s (Ltd.), 90 Lichfield St.• as underFancy, Tobacco, Crockery and Hardware Depts. Offices and Manager .





2220 2230 2240 2178 875 28140 1551 A5291 2160 159 467 21700 3161R 1444 A4916 1264 3720 A6163 A4937 A5337 A4987 517 2518

Bing, Harris & Co. (Ltd ), Warehousemen, 68 Lichfield St., a.~ underBoot Department Manchester, Clothing and Mercery Departments Hosiery, Haberdashery, Tobacco and Fancy Goods Depts . Millinery, Corsets and Dress Departments Offices Binnie, A. (res.), 140 Esplanade, Sumner Biplane Tea Co. (Browne & Heaton), 89 Caehel St. Birilh, A. (res.), Jeffreys Rd., Fencalton Births, Marriages, Deaths, Registrar of, see Reg.·Gen. (Govt. Depts.) Bishop & Co., Wine Merchants, 101 Armagh St. Bishop & Godfrey, Solicitors, 161 Hereford St. Bishop, G. W. (res.), 142 S.. aview Rd., New Brighton Bishop, Miss M. A. (res.), HA.ckthorne Rd., Ca!"hmere Bishop, R. C. (res.), 263 Cambridge Terrace East Bishop, W. (res.), 359 Barbac!oes St. Blshopscourt Hostel, Victoria St. Blss, Mrs. Holm (res.), 45 Rugby St., Merivale Black, H., Electrical Engineer, 10 North Rd., Papanui Black, J., Gloucester Club, 109 Gloucester St. Black, Kennedy (res.), 284 Madras St. Black, Miss J. L., 30 Wroxton Terrace, Fendalton Black, Phipps & Wallace, Grain & Mercantile Brokers, 202 Cashel Si. Black, T. (res.), 184 Westminster St., St. Albans





486D 2349 234 1694 784 2184 1753379 3376 2342. 8124 428 23422323K 8303

2575J 3145 1384


23388 2338-



2032 A5040 A4342 8363


.... .... ...

-..e== ~





392 2517 2517 A4203 A6218 A6146 168 &4206 A7251 1464 3054 3836 3295D 232 "4561 A6475 A5365 A4967 1G57 3205 1257 s IIj

A4219 A6233 580 A4693 2018 111

A5212 2216D 35035 124 A1106 A1099 &4029 2696 A4391 2133 3484

A5390 A5146 A4616

Black, W. G. (res.), Clifton, StlIllIier Black, W. H. PhIpps (res.), 98 Ranfurly St., St. Alba.ntl BlackbaU Coal Company (Ltd.), (A. A. McKellar), 77 Hereford at Blackburn, A. J., Propr. Light Service Delivery, 107A Oashel St. Blackburne Smith & Co. (Ltd.), Commission Agents, a6 Manchester Bt Blackburne, Smith & Co. (Ltd.), (Store), Tuam St. 'Black Cat' Confectioners and Florists (G. E. Hurle), 380 Worcester St. Black Horse Hotel, Bee Hotels, Public Blackle, Mrs. 1. R. (res.), 53 Lyttelton St., Spreydon Blaekmore, A. 1. (res), 423 Barrington St., Spreydon Blackmore, Forbes A., 11 Ayr St., Lower Riccarton Blackmore, G. A., Licensed Plumber, 457 Colombo St., Sydenham Blackmore, G. A. (res.), 52 Tainui St., Spreydon Blackwell, L. G. (res.), 74 Barrington St., Spreydon Blaekwell, Mlss E. M. (ree.), 38 Berwick St., St. Albans Blackwell Motors (Ltd.), Buick Service Station, cr. Durham & llilmore Sta. Blackwell, W. F. (res.), 3 Repton St., Merivale Blades Patent Gas Fnmlgatlng Co., 153 Hereford St. Blair, Mrs. E., Papanui Bakery, 471 Papanui Rd. Blair, Mrs. (res.), cr. Blighs and Papanui Rds. Blair & Arbuckle, Fruiterers, 245 Armagh St. Blake, C. H., Cartage Contractor, 14 Euston St., Riccarton Blake, L. J. (res.), 93 Caledonian Rd. Blake, Mrs. L. (res.), 24 Brougham St., Sydenham Blake, Mrs • .W. (ros.), 121 Bristol St., St. Albans Blakeley, H. (res.), 20 Francis Avenue, St. All2ans Blakely, T. Guthrie (res.), 17A Salisbury St. Blakemore, I. T. (res.), 8 Ricoarton Rd. Blanchard, C., Butcher, 283 St. Asaph St. Blanchard, J. W., Butcher, 63 Fitzgerald Avenue Blanchard, I. W. (res.), cr. Tuam St. and Fitzgerald Avenue Blanchard, Mrs. K. M. (res.), 66 Carlton Mill Rd., Merival eBlank, A. R. (res.), cr. Poynder Ayenue and Leinater Rd. Blank, W. F. (res.), 7 Paparoa St., PapRnui Blathwayt, Mrs. E. (res.), 25 Papanui Rd. Blease, J. J. (reR.), 259 Ferry Rd., Linwood Blogg, Bros., Asphalters and Painters, 38 Malcolm Avenue, Beckenham Blogg, Mrs. F., Confectioner and Pastrycook, 159 High St. Bloxam, Mrs. A. R. (res.), 116 Merivale Lane Blumhardt, Miss E. (res.), 74 Chester St. Blunt, F., Draper, Seaview Rd., New Brighton Blunt, Professor T. G. R. (res.), ' 19 Carlton Mill Rd. Blyth, David (res.), 369 Wilson's Rd., Linwood Boag, T. D. (res.), 66 St. Andrew's Square, Strowan Board of Trade, BOO Govt. Depts. Bodega Cafe, Cashel St. Bolam, W. I. (res.), 39 Rugby St., Merivale Bolt, F. W. (res.), 290 Papanui Rd., St. Albans Bond, George A. & Co. (Ltd.), Hosiery and Underwear- Specialists, " . 185 Hereford St. Bond, Madame, Oriental Toilet Room, Room I, Roynl Ex.' BldgB Bonnlngton, Cecil (res.), 77 Brown's Rd .• St. Albans,., Bonnlngton, Geo. (Ltd.), Chemists CT. Cashel and High - Sts: Bonnington, G. H. (res.), 17l Bealey Avenuo Bonnlngton, L. (res.) 39 Springfield Rd. Bonnlngton, Mrs. G. (res.) 123 Pnpnnui Rd. Boocock, F. A. (res.), 211 Selwyn St. Spreydon Book Co., Dominion, BOO Dominion Book Co. Boon, A. (res.). Lonsdale St., New Brighton Boon & Co., Carriage-builders 102 Lower High St. Boon, C. E. (res.) 126 Tennyson St. Beckenham Boon, Charles E., Baker and Pastrycook, 221 Colombo St., Sydenhnm Boon, Joseph K. (res.), 81 Matheson's Rd., Linwood Boon, Mrs. E., 'Ruahine' Private Maternity Hospital, 45 Bealey Av. Boon, W. J. (res.), 55 Mathesons Rd., Linwood Boot, J. A., Confectioner, 701 Colombo St. Boot, J. A., Confectioner (Factory), 57 Hereford St. Boot, J. A. (res.), 8 Avon St. Boot, L. L. (res.), 15 Mayfield Avenue, St. Albans Boot, R. (rea. l, 208 Lichfield St.

3254 3512D &6201 1329

Booth & Co., Pelt Merchants, 202 Hereford St. Booth, C. S. (reB.), 90 Esplanade, Sumner Booth, G. T. (res.), 242 Papanui Rd. Booth, J. A., Sewing Machine Expert, 541 Colombo St.

3708 3709

Booth, Macdonald & Co. (Ltd.), Carlyle St., Soydenham



191 2087 3511 1257 2417


1266 3451

Bootherstone, W., Electrical Contractor, 95 Montreal St. Borough councilsLyttelton, see Lyttelton Borough Council New Brighton, see New Brighton Borough Council Rlocanon, see Riccarton Borough Council Sumner, Bee Sumner Borough Council Borrle, Dr. F. I., 236 Hereford St. Borrows, A. (res.), 472 Gloucester St., Linwood Borrows, A. (res.), 226 Linwood Avenue Borthwlok, J. A. (res.), 66 Idris Rd., Fendalton

Borthwlok, Thomas & Sons (Australasia, Ltd.), as underFrozen Meat Buyers, Office, 94A Hereford St. Second Telephone, 94A Hereford St. 1043 Frozen Meat Works, Belfast 3660 2244 Bosch Service Station (Watkinson & Kennett), 261-265 Tuam St. 2170- Bosomwonh, J. (res.), 117 George St., New Bright.on 3193 Bostock, F. W. (res.), 110 Peterborough St. 1300 Boswell, J. A. (res.), 138 Kilmore St. A1166 sott, H. (res.), 17 Beaumont St., Sydenham 897 Bottle Lake Hospital, BOO Infectious Diseases A6025 Bottrell, WllUam (res.), Chaptsr St., St. Albans 1017 Boulton, E. (res.), United Service Hotel 1318S Boulton, T. B. (res.), Richmond Hill, Sumner 2443 Bourke, Wilson & Co., Woolbuyers, cr. Hereford and Liverpool Sts. A4853 Bowden,l. W.& Son, House Painters, etc., 34 Glandovey Rd., Fendalton 8152 Bowden, Mrs. C. S. (res.), 157 Papanui Road &4172 Bowen, G. M. (res.), 84 Holly Rd., St. Albans 2468 Bowen. Miss L. L. (res.), 'Middleton Grange,' Upper Riccarton A5362 Bowen, Mrs. Croasdalle (res.), 316 Montreal St. A5011 Bower, Mrs. A. Spencer (res.), 54 Fendalton Rd. Bower, W. (res.), 72 Innes Rd., St. Albans A6121 2205 Bowes, E. (res.), 19 Domain Terrace, Spreydon 1K Bowes, W. (res.), Springfield Rd. 3435 Bowie, C. B. (res.), 28 Wairarapa Terrace, Fendalton 2802 Bowie, J. S. (res.), 44 Chester St. &4363 Bowie, Mrs. D. B. (res.), 117 Sherbourne St., St. Albans 611 Bowker, H. L., 172 Hereford St. 3601 Bowker, H. L. (res.), • Buckworth Lodge,' Shirley A7225 Bowker, J. B. (res.), 26 Rossmore Terrace, Cashmere 2424 Bowker, Mrs. H. L. Senr. (res.), 'The Elms,' 354 Durham St. Nth. 336 Bowker's Land Agency (H. W. Heslop, Proprietor), 778 Colombo S •. 2282- Bowles, W., 'Moosbury,' 189 New Brighton Rd. A6435 Bowllng Centre, Christchurch, see Christchurch Bowling Centre BowlIng C1ubsBeckenham, see Beckenham Bowling Club A7269 Canterbury, BOO Canterbury Bowling Club A4809 Edgeware, see Edgeware Bowling Club A4222 Linwood, see Linwood Bowling Club A4399 Opawa, see Opawa Bowling Club A5154 st. Albans, see St. Albans Bowling Club A6348 Sydenham, see Sydenharn Bowling Club &1138 United, see United B. T. and C. Club 2121 A6454 Bowman, Mrs. (res.), 112 Innes Rd., St. Albans 3884- Bowman, W. J., Engineer, 132 Main South Rd. 3009 Bowron Bros. & Co., ·162 Manchester St. &1050 Bowron, G. (res.), Hackthome Rd., Cashmere Bowron, G. L. & Co., Tannery, King Edward Terrace, Woolston 3801 1826 Bowron, W. G. (res.), 7 Stafford St., Riccarton 2543R Bowron, W. G. (res.), 146 Esplanade, New Brighton A1161 Box, Mrs. H. (res.), 94 Milton St., Spreydon 1263 Boyce & Congreve, Tinsmiths and Japanners, 239 Moorhouse Avenue





, ..



A6288 Boyce, W. J. (res.), 32 Matsons Rd., Papanui 3164R Boyd, Nurse, Midwife, Lyttelton 1137 Boyle, A. (res.), 45 Riccarton Rd., Lower Riccarton 8294 Boy Scouts' Assn., Dominion Headqrs., 28 Victoria Chbrs., Armagh at.. A5499 Boy Scouts' Local Association (H. Rhodes, Secy.) 2869 Boys' Gordon Hall, see Y.M.C.A. 2082 Boys' High School (Headmaster), Worcester St. 1706 Boys' IDgh School Hostel, 70 Harakeke St., Lower Riccarton "6479 Boys' Presbyterian Home, see Presbyterian Boys' Home 1298 Boys' Probation Home, see Education (Govt. Depts.) 828 [Boys, Sir Francis, Warwick House, Armagh St. 635 Brabner's (Ltd.), Carriage and Motor Builders, 144 Fitzgerald Avenue &7057 Bradbury, D. M. (res.), Cashmere Rd., Cashmere 947RTBradbury, E. S. (res.), cr. Marriotts Rd. and Osborne Terrace, Nth. Brio. "4827 Bradley, Allan (res.), 368 Barbadoes St. 23949 Bradley, Allan (res.), 'Knaresborough,' Governor's Bay Bradley Bros. (Ltd.), (Harold Bradley, Mgr), Glass Merchants, 782 Colombo St., as underII (" Leadlight and Metal Casement Dept. 7 1. Bevelled Mirrors and Plate Glass Dept. 8121 Bradley, G. W., Signwriter and House Specialist, 365 Ma.nohester S,' 117 Bradley, H. (res.), 153 Kilmore St. "5258 Bradley, W. B. (res.), 55 Lawl'en<;e St., Linwood 3409 Bradnock, Mrs. F. J., Direct Taxi &Touring Car Propr., 17 Marlborough St., Riccarton Bradshaw, Dr. J. C. (res.), • Suncot,' 25 Dyer's Pass Rd., Cashmere &7191 Brake, Oapt. L. H., 191 Cashel St. 3505 Brake, Miss M. A. (res.), 70 Bealey St., St. Albans 2623 Brake, R. (res.), 8 Church St., Upper Riccarton A4128 Brake's Stables (F. Trusoott, Proprietor), 238 Durham St. 1105 3517K Brandt, F. L. (res.), 4 Port Hills Rd., Cashmere Hills Branthwaite, H. (res.), 514 Manchester St. 3362 Brass, W. Geo., Secretary and Valuator, 8 Chancery Lane 1624 Brass, W. G. (res.), 27 Clissold St., Merivale 3786 Brent & Co., Carbonic Acid Gas Mnfrs., 261 Moorhouse A vanue 8182 Brett, Herbert (res.), 219 Ferry Rd., Linwood 2695 3336R Brewer, Mrs. N. (res.), 102 Trafalgar St., St. Albans Brice, W. & Sons, Consulting Hair Specialists, 218 High St. 2930 Brick & Tile Co., Glenmore, Hillsborough lOS Brick Company, Christchurch, 180 Tuam St. 272 Brick Company, Christchurch, Horsley, Farnley, Opawa A7oo7 Bridge, C. Hastings & Parkinson, Surveyors, Dalgety's Bldgs., 6.7 756 Oathedral Square Bridge, H. P. (res.), 174 Papanui Rd. A4492 Bridge, H. W. (res.), 9 Dyer's Pass Rd., Cashmere "7205 Bridge, Walter (res.), 8 Bishop St. 3004 Brlghtl1ng, F. W., Contractor, 633 Gloucester St. A4567 Brlghtling, J., Railway Cartage Contractor & Brick ;\1an£r., as underGeneral Office, 493 Colombo St. 816 Brickworks, St. Martins A7256 BrightIlng, J. (res.), 296 Cashel St. East 890 Brinkman, H. (re9.), 4 Hawthorne Avenue, Cashmere 1724 1152 2859 2124 3308 1399 2590 2506 2054 "5012 1709 2317K "7250 2796 2792

Briscoe & Co. (Ltd.)General Office Manager and Accountant Store, Carlyle St. Brlsted, A. H. (res.), 62 River Rd., Avonside Bristol Plano Co. (Ltd.) (Manager, R. A. Horne) and Office, Cashel St Bristol Plano Co. (Ltd.), Cashel St., Booking Office, Music Dept., 6to. Bristow & Co. (Ltd.), Engineers, 170 Madras St. Bristow, C. (res.), 59 Weka St., Fendalton Britannia Private Hotel, see Hotels, (Private) British and Foreign Sailors' Society, Lyttelton British Dental Parlours (Moss Ballin, Manager), 220 High St. British General Electric Co (H. A. Mazey, Rep.), 89 Barrington St., Spreydon British Imperial Oil Co. (N.Z.), Ltd. (Gollin & Co.), 183 Cashel St. British Permanent Paint Co. of N.Z., The fS. Ockenden, Mgr.), 215 Glouceeter St.

3093 3505 2856 A6178 2616 A5327 1669 1725 80 512M 558 26~7

A7206 785 3621 1726 8288 2457 2254 A4i68 A6107 &6223 3794 1342 A4739 3498 33715 A5187 3096 8i71 A7101 A5177 3703R A7046 &7087 701 } 3384 3579 245 A7108 &6448 &4896 615 3395 A4156 0\6111 A4436


14185 1066 1135 2135 "6082 &6105 362 367

"4090 823 3761

British Traders Insurance Co. (Ltd.), Fletcher Hnmphr )'8 Bldg-q., 49 Cathedral Square Br!jlsh Vulcanisers, The, 191 Cashel St. Brltt!\n, F. H. (rl'ls.), 59 River Rd., Richmond Brlttl..., Rev. F. G. (res.), 11 Chapter St., St. Albans Britten, A., Proprietor Butler's Cycle 'Yorks, no;) Colombo St. Britten, A. (res.), 328 Armagh St. Brlttenden, W. B. & Son, W arehousemen. 201 Tuam !:>r Britten, F. (res.), 72 it. Asaph St. West Broadfoot, J. E. (res.), cr. Holmwood Rd. & Queen's i\xenue, Fendalton Broadhurst, C. (res.) 166 Harewood Rd., Papanui Broadway, E. (res.), 42 Bristol St., St. Albans Broadway, Miss (res.), 39 Hackthome Rd., Cashml'lrl'l Hills Broadway, W. (res.), 21 Dyer's Pass Rd., CashmerE' Hills Broadway, E. & F., Beresford Tea Roorna, Cathedral Square Broa~way, E. & F., Beresford Tea Rooms. Cathedral Square Broadway, E. & F., Bakehouso, Gloucester St. Brock, D. (res.), Clyde Rd., Riccarton Brock, William (res.), 52 Rugby St., St. Albans Broderick, Mrs. S. A. (res.), 192 Montrenl St. Brodrick & Co. (Ltd.), W'h'sm'n (A. Ne"'son, Rep.), 203 Tuam St. Bromley, 1I., Butcher, 199 Papanui Rd. Bromley, H., Butcher (2nd Phone), 199 Papanui Rd. Brooklands Motor Works, 95B Cashel St. Brosnan, A. M., Car Electrician, 246 Durham St. Broughton, C. (res.), 167 Westminster St., St Albans Broughton, E. A. (res.), 407 Worcester St ., Linwood Broughton, Wm. (res.), 65 H~kthorne Rd., Cashn:ere Brown, A. Evelyn (res.), Weka St., Fendalton Brown, A. E. & Co., now Park, Davis & Co., LichfieJd li!t. Brown & Trengrove, Reg(l. Architects, 140 Hereford St. Brown, A. J., Wood and Coal Mcht., 158 Colombo St., Sydenham Brown Bros., Electrical Engineers, 641 Colombo St., as underOffioo and Showrooms ~rown Bros., Storekeepers, Belfast Brown (C. E. Bevan·Brown) Brown, David (res.), 284 Colombo St. Brown, D. H .• & S')n, Brookfield Roller-mills, 38 Moorhouse Avenue Brown, E. (res.), 194 Peterborough St. Brown, E. B. P. (res.), cr. Harakeke and Stafford Sts. , Riecart&n Brown, E. D. (res.), 233 Nf'rwood St., Be('kenham Brown, F. M. (res.), 58 Offi(;e Rd., St. Albans Brown, G. B. (res.), • Ta.huna,' 52 Weka St., Fendalton Brown, H., Chemist, 294 Lincoln Rd., Addington Brown, H. P. V., Surgeon Dentist, High St., Chambers, 2i2 Hi.;h St. Brown, H. P. V. (res.), 49 Gracefield St. Brown, J., Grocer ana Dairyma.n, Papanui Rd., St. Albans Brown, Jas. (res.), 46 Mayfield Avenue, St. Albans Brown, J. A. (res.), Grafton St., Sumner Brown, J. C., Hairdresser and Tobacconist, 354 Lincoln Rd. Brown, J. G. (res.), 69 Bealey St., St. Albans Brown, J. Macmillan, (res.), • Holmbank,' Hallktbome Rd., Cashmere Brown, John (res.), West Belt, Riccarton Brown, John (res.), 68 Paparoa St., Papanui Brown, J. R. (, 11 Murray Place, St. Alpans Brown, J. T. & Sons, Tmlber I'llerchants, 574 Colombs.. St. Brown, J. T. & Sons, Timber and Coal Mrchts., 574 Colombo St Brown, Little & Co., Butchel s, 210 Cashel St. Brown, Little & Co. (J. MI'.rshall, ?ropr.), Butchers, 422 Colombo St. Sydenham Brown, !'fIlss (res.), 32 Hereford St.




Phones: 362 and 367 574 COLOMBO STREET








21184S2} 8319 2927 &4117 1188 2586 A4971 1551 1176


33670 3533 2716 &1196 13122854 36565 &5162 &5160 1000

802} 1371 2706 2881 2393 1475 &4328 486K "4662 281 2283 &4224 3021 5118 &4769 &6322 25145 2430 2262 8 1586 2544 27170 8125 1889 &1188 A6204 198 &5299 1'\218 5 &4583 598 3398 &4343

Brown, Mrs. H. G., IH Euston St., Sumner Brown, M. S. (Wynn-Williams, Brown & Gresson), Solr., cr. Manchester and Cashel Sts. Brown, M. S. (res.), 29 Webb St., St. Albans Brown, O. P. (res.), 59 Mayfield Avenue, St. Albans Brown, R. W. {res.}, 65 Holly Rd. Brown, Thos. (Ltd.), Coal Merchant, 169 Hereford St. Brown, W. {res.}, 25 Ayr St., Lower Riccarton Browne & Heaton (Fred Billingham, Mgr.), Importers, 89 Ouhel St. Browne, Dr. W. F., 12 Latimer Square Browne, John, Storekeeper and Land Agent, Wakefield Ave., Sumner Browne, Robart, Optician, 323 Cambridge Terrace Browne, W. G. (res.), 263 Armagh St. Brownie, E. C. (res.), cr. Chrystall St. and North Avon Rd., Richmond Browning, A. {res.}, 82 Dyer's Pass Rd., Cashmere Browning, Miss Ethel {res.}, 142 Kilmore St. Browning, Reg., 'Woodbury' {res.}, 51 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Brownings' (Ltd.), Boot Importers, 170 High St. Brownings' (Ltd.), Boot Importers, 679 Colombo St. Brownlee, Dr. J. J., 256 Cashel St. East Brown's Hlghbury Laundry61 Peterborough St.

Receiving Office, 743 Colombo St. Receiving Office, 112 Lichfield St. Bruce, A. Selwyn, Indentor, 13 Dalgety'. Bldg., Cathedral Square Bruce, A. Selwyn (res.), 92 Opawa Rd. Bruce, C. M. (res.), 6 Jackson's Rd., Fendalton Bruce, H. A. (res.), Clifton Bruce, Miss, Regd. Midwife, 166 Linwood Avenue Bruce, Mrs. E. (res.), 'Norman House,' 110 Chester St. E. Bruce, Mrs. Ellen (res.), 94 Opawa Rd, Brnce, T. H. (res.), 10 Wroxton Terrace Bruges, F. H. (res.), Cashmere Hills Brunt, J. R. {res.}, 16 Buccleugh St., Linwood Brunt & McLaren, Joiners, St. David St. Bryan, A. (res.), 58 McFaddens Rd., St. Albans Bryan, Mrs. E. (res.), 150 Westenra Terrace, Cashmere Bryant & Co., Motor Carriage & Flying Machine Builders, 7 Papanui Rd Bryce, J. (res.), Hornby Bryson & Kerr, Butchers, cr. Madras and Salisbury Sts. Buchanan, C. (res.), 44 Naseby St., Merivale Buchanan, E. E. (res.), Grafton St., Sumner Buchanan, F. (res.), 220 'Westminster St., St. Albans Buchanan, G. H. (res.), 43 Fendalton Rd., Fendalton Buchanan, J. (res.), 15 Cracroft Terrace, Cashmere Buchanan, J. D. (res.), 68 Murray Place, St. Albans Buchanan, J. F. (res.), 18 Peterborough St. Buchanan, J. R., Manufacturers' Agent, 148 Manchester St. Buchanan, L. R. (res.), 60 Bordsley St., Linwood Buchanan, Mrs. D. (res.), 577 Manchester St., St. Albans Buchanan, R. & Sons, (Ltd.), Ironfounders, 210 St. Asaph St. Buchanan, R. S. H. (res.), 76 Holly Rd., St. Albans Buchanan, Vere (res.), cr. Springfield Rd. and Ranfurly St., St. Alban. Buckham, Mrs. (res.), 122 Papanui Rd. 483 &5015 Buckhurst, E. B., Eng. & Motor Works, 95 Cambridge Terrace 2906 Buckhurst, W. B. (res.), 38 Cashel St. &4338 Buckley, Thomas (res.), 11 Leinswr Rd., St. Albans 13 Bucktln, C., Gilbertthorpe Rd., Hornby 720 Budd, L. D. (Proprietor J. Trist), 81 Cashel St. -'4486 Budd, L. D., Wholesale Merchant, Lichfield St. &4981 Budd, L. D. (res.), 135 Straven Rd., Fendalton 3161 M Budden, Miss A. H. (res.), 122 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Buddie, J. W. (res.), 368 Papanui Rd. &6464 &6252 Buddo, D. (res.), 150 Heaton St., Papanui 2515 Buick Service Station (Blackwell Motors), cr. Durham & Kilmore Sta. 3145 Buick Service Station (Night Telephone) 1961 Builders' Association, Canterbury, see Canterbury Builders' Association 1132 Building and Land Socy., see Christchurch Building, etc. 3511 Building Socy., Starr-Bowkett, see Christchurch Starr-Bowkett, etc.


Buist, G., Coal Merchant and Carrier, cr. Mile Rd., Patten St., Avonside Bull, A. G., Butcher, 375 Colombo St., Sydenham Bull, A. G. (res.), 15 Springgrove St., cr. Redruth Ave., Spreydon Bull, Ansley (res.), 125 Antigua St. Bull, A. S., Butcher, 339 Selwyn St., Addington Bull, Fred A. (res.), 51 Elizabeth St., Riccarton Bull, G. L. (res.), 9 Abberley Rd. Bull, M!ss I. (res.), 40 Clissold St., Merivale Bull, R. (res.), 64 Bealey St., St. Albans Bullard, G. H. (res.), cr. Paparoa St. and Papanui Rd. 894 Bulllvant, H. W. & Co., Printers, etc., 163 Armagh St. 24318 Bullivant, H. W. (res.), 671 Worcester St., Extn., Linwood '5218 Bullock, F. A. (res.), 629 Hereford St., Linwood 1162 Bullock, G. T. (res.), 319 Cambridge Terrace 1799 Bullock, S. (res.), 'Sundorne,' 42 Glandovey Rd., Fendalton &4467 Bultltude, W. J., Joinery Works, 184 Montreal St. 2828D Bundy, J. D. (res.), 30 Brittan Terrace, Lyttelton 2891 M Bunn, Nurse E., 24 Forth St., Richmond 2145 Bunt, R. B. (res.), cr. Bealey Avenue and Manchester St. 2704 Bunt, W. T. (res.), 226 Salisbury St.

&4195 &7063 1008 2t10 901 2853 1019 5817 2855 8 &6081

1494 954 2161 &6111 3465

&6318 &6212 I765W 3227» 8132 3381 A4076 2550 3411 8304

&6129 501 8368 268 A6023 3358 &4633

2210 2715 3240 5270 A4246 2414 945R 1632

1108 1112 3549 2407 &6438 5893 1807 8185 2867 1251 1549 1 8238 &4678 '7017

Bunting & Co. (Ltd.), Brush Manufacturers, Fife St., as underOffice Order and Despatch Depts. Bunz, Alfred (res.), 79 Springfield Rd., St. Albans Burborough, J. F., Butcher, Papanui Burgess, H. (res.), 16 Roseall St., Merivale Burgess, J. G. (res.), 19 Chapter St., St. Albans Burgin, Thos. (res.), 55 Murray Place, St. Albans Burke, Mrs. M. E. (res.), 'Mooroo,' Esplanade, Sumner Burlington (Mrs. W. Foster, Proprietress), 704 Colombo St. Burn, O. D. (res.), 13 Kinlock St., St. Albans Burna, A. M. (res.), 244 Manchester St., North Bums, Andrew (res.), 144 Kilmore St. Burns, Gilbert (res.), Snowden Rd., Fendalton Burns, John & Co. (Ltd.), Hardware & Machy. Mchta., Lichfield St. Burns, John & Co. (Ltd.), Warehouse, 165 Lichfield St. Burns, J. S. (res.), 35 Innes Rd. St. Albans Burns, Madam Gower (res.), 35 Chester St. West Burns, T. (res.), 26 Chancellor St., Shirley Burns, W. F., Windsor Terrace, Avonside Burr, K. I. (res.), 25 Kinloch St., St. Albans Burrell & Hampton (H. Hampton), Photographers, 11 Victoria. Sq. Burrell, F. W. (res.), 53 Bealey Avenue Burroughs Adding Machines (R. M. Watson, Manager) Burrowes, Mrs. J. C. (res.), 24 Bristol St., St. Albans Burrowes, W. H. (res.), 221 Wainoni Rd. Burrows, G. (res.), 268 Ferry Rd. Bury, H. N. F., Customs Agent, 215 Manchester St. Burson, C. H., 'Shellal,' 111 Slater St., St. Albans Burson, F. W. (res.), 40 Norwich St., Linwood Burson, Henry & Sons, Wicker Furniture Makers, cr. Barbadoes and St. Asaph Sta. Burt, A. & T. (Ltd.), Plumbers, Engrs' Mchta., Elect. Engrs., 146-150 Tuam St., as underPlumbing and Engineering Supplies Office and Manager Electrical Dept. (Contracting and Supplies) Burt, F. O. (res.), 203 Waltham Rd. Burt, J. R. (res.), cr. Bretts Rd., and Knowles St., St. Albans Burtt, J., Bookseller, 90 Worcester St. Bush Inn, see Hotels (Public) Bush, R. L. (res.), 464 Armagh St., Linwood Bushell, A. C. (res.), 212 Kilmore St. BushEll, Mrs. J. (res.), 24 Aikmans Rd. Buss, Miss C. H. (res.), Scarborough Hill, Sumner Buss, W. (res.), 121 Puriri Rd., Riccarton Bussell, H. R., Grain and Produce Broker, ~04 CasOOI t:lt. Bussell, H. R. (res.), cr. McMillan Avenue and Dyers Pass Rd., Cashmere





Ol'nOUL TELlU'RONB DIll.arOa , .

1223 A4413 2720 8 3334 A5440 1445 273 2246 8345 1474 2616 3546 33140 330 3405 A6424 3791 8344 147 16098 3900 1628 "7252 A7253 8314 3350M 468 M 1656 &6119 &5056 &5381 3355

Butoher, A. (res.), 422 Manchester St., St. Albans Butcher, C. (res.), 480 Armagh St., Linwood Butcher, F. W. (res.), 130 Upper Dyers Pass Rd., Cashmere Butler, C. E., 255 Montreal St. Butler, F. (res.), 359 Gloucester St. Butler, John D. (res.), llO But.ler's St., off Hawford Rd., Opawa Butler, John E. (Ltd.), Wholesale Saddlers, 90 Lichfield St. Butler, S., 225 Armagh St. East Butler, Sydney (res.), 18 Oxford Terrace Butler, Waiter, Sand, Shingle Mcht., etc., 14 Roger St., Sydenha.m Butler's Cycle Works (A. Britten, Proprietor), 605 Colombo St. Butlers (N.Z.) (Ltd.), (H. P. Finemore), Mirs' Agts., Geneml Merchante. 143 Worcester St. Butters, Mrs. J. W. (res.), 14 Draper St., Richmond Butterworth Bros. N.Z. (Ltd.), Warehousemen, 80 Lichfield St.Offices, Manchester and Dress Departments Millinery, Mantles, Hosiery, Clothing and Mercery Depal'tm~te Buttle, F. L. (res.), 35 Bennett St., Papanui Buttle, Mrs. A. (res.), 16 Bealey St. Buttle, Mrs. E. (res.), 18 Oxford Terrace Button & Purdie, Dentists, 697 Colombo St. Button, H. E. (res.), 235 Papanui Rd., St. Albans Butwell, Albert G., Grocer, cr. Rolleston and Hereford Sts. Buxton, A. W. (Ltd.), Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and Florists, as underFloral, Seed and Landscape Dept. Nurseries (7.30 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.) Nurseries and Residence Manager, Secretary and Office Buxton, J., Carrier and Coal Merchant, Sea View Road, New Brightoo Buxton, J. F. (res.), Clifton By-products Co., Canterbury, see Canterbury By·products Co. Byrch, Mrs. C. (res.), 12 Knowles St., St. Albans Byrne, A. E. (res.), liS Waiwetu St., Fendalton Byrne & Co., Acets., Sharebrokllfs. Mere. Broker", 176 Hereford at. Byrne, P. (res.), Gloucester St., Extension, Linwood

C 226 1441 A5324 151 2552 2386M 1123B 783 &5464 1385 &4653 1501 A4743

Cabinet, Mantel and Shopfltting Co. (Paynter & Hamilton), cr Tua.m and Durham Sts. Cablecords (Ltd.), (Office), 703 Colombo St. Cablecords (Ltd.), (Warehouse), King's Lane Cabs Stand (Horse) City Council, OfflclalCathedral Square Stand Cabs, City Council Official Cabstand, see Taxi and Cab Stands Cadena Cake and Catering Rooms, 109 Caahel St. Cadenhead, Mrs. M. (res.), 69 Bordesley St., Linwood Caesar, J. A. A. (res.), Templeton Cafe de Paris Hotel, see Hotels (Public) Camn, E. M. (res.), 3 Stratford St., Fendalton Cain, J. J., Victoria Dairy and Fruit Shop, 179 Victoria St. Cairns, Miss M. (res.), 5 Avonglade, Avonside Cairns, P. (res.), 459 Casbel St., Linwood Cairns, S. G. (res.), 30 Onslow St., St. Albans





Produce Merchant 12-16 Papanui Road.





1736 Cairns, T. E., 'Wholesale Icecream l\fanfr., 26 Harman St. 8108 Caithness, D. & Son, Coal & \Yood ~lel'Chants, cr. Tusm & l\1t\dras Sts. A4927 Calder, W. (res.), 75 Riccarton Rd., Lower Riccarton "4785 .caledonIan Hotel, see Hotels (Public) 1028 Callender, Geo. (res.), 15 Webb St., St. Albans "7143 Callon, R. F. (res.), 60 Burlington St., Sydenha.m 1058 Calvert, C., Builder and Contractor, Stirling St. &4890 Calvert, C. (res.), 91 Rugby St., St. Albans 2185 Calvert, J. P. & Son, Tinsmiths, 138 Bishop St., t. Albans "4474 Cameron, A. (res.), 124 Edward Avenue, St. Albans 2811 Cameron, G. D. (res.), 21 Bealey St. 216s Cameron, J. H., Overseer Telegraph Engineers' Branch (res,), ~79

Cashel St. Cameron, J. R. (res.), 39 Weston Rd., St. Albans Cameron, J. S. (I'lls.), 22 Peterborough St. West Cameron, Miss A. E. (res.), 75 Gloucester St. Cameron, Wm. A. (res.), 109 Flockton St., St. Albans Campbell, J. B. (res.) 541 Barbadoes St. Campbell, J. H., Grocer. 130 Colombo St., Beckenllam Campbell, Mrs. Michael (res.), 54 River Rd., Avonside Campbell. Mrs. W. R. (res.), 30 Clissold St., Merivale Campbell, P. & R., West End, Hairdressers & Tobacconists, 37 Cath. q. Campbell, Prof. R. A. (res.), 3 Carter's Lane, Cashmere Campbell, W. O. (res.), cr. Snowden a.nd Fendalton Rds. Campion, F. (res.), 'Bryn Cardon,' 9 Stafford ~t., Ricca.rton Campion, Mrs. M. A. (res.), 16 Aylmer St., Spreydon Campion, W. T. (res.), 'Stoke Rochford,' Prebbleton Canadian Government Merohant Marine (Ltd.), (W. M. Luke, Agent), 103 Hereford St. 19529 Canal Stores (.Railton & Partridge), cr. BuckJeys Rd. and Linwood Ave. 3067S Canavan, J. J. (res.), 266 Esplanade, New Brighton 8322 Cane, T. W. (res.), 17 Wairarap8 Terrace, Fendalton 3126w Cannon, Mrs. (res.), Heathcote Valley &4714 Cant, A. (res.), 26 Riccarton Rd. Cant, D. (res.), 135 Stanmore Rd., Linwood l4448 38629 Canter, Rev. A. L., 'The Vicarage,' Prebbleton 235 Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Assn., Caledonisn Hall, 151 \,"or. cester St. 133 Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Assn., Sho" G1'oun('s, Addington 479 Canterbury Automobile Assn., 151 Worcester St. &4809 Canterbury Bowling Club (Mr. R. Tait, SE'cretary). Salisbury St. 1961 Canterbury Builders' Assn. (R. E. Nightingale, Secy.), Room 3, 153 Gloucester St 1656 Canterbury By-Products Company (Tallow Works), Sockburn 451 M Canterbury Cleaning Co. (B. Brownrigg, "propr.), High St. Chambers, 272 High St. 490 Canterbury Club 799 Canterbury Clu b (Secretary ) Canterbury Collecting Agency, 133 Hereford St. 3331

1.6039 1654 3713 A5413 2584 1.7117 1545 3762 3148 3656» 956 &4352 3828 3862B &4669

460 3788 1198 549 3741 2022 570 6159 1568 2612 1033 2891 2412 339 759 470 873 44 2692

Canterbury College, as underRegistrar, cr. \Vorcester and Montreal Sts. College (Rector and Professors), Worcester St. School of Engineering, Worcester St. Students' Club, Montreal St. Helen Connon Hall, Park Terrace RoUeston House (Matron), Worcester St. RoHeston House (Students), Worcester St Canterbury .Concrete Construction Co. (Ltd.), Factory, Dormer St., Papanw Canterbury Dairy Company (W. H. Jakins), 161 Lichfield St. Canterbury Drivers' Union, see Trades Hall Canterbury Employers' Association, 196 Cashel St. Canterbury Engineering Company, 68 Kilmore St. Canterbury Federation of Unions, see Trades Hall Canterbury Fire Underwriters' Assn. (H A. Adley), 137 Hereford St. Canterbury Frozen Meat Company, 172 Cashel St., Christchurch Canterbury Frozen Meat Co. (Ltd.), (2nd Phone), 172 Cashel St. Canterbury Frozen Meat Company, Belfast Canterbury Frozen Meat Company (Fellmongery Dept.), Belfast Canterbury Hotel & Restaurant Employees Union, see Trades Hall







3676 555 &4851 10 III >

264} 2707 282 1361 1369 266 &5120 3798 2408 2322D &4740 3658 &5217 8225


Canterbury Industrial Co-operative Society (Ltd.), 637 Colombo St. Canterbury Jockey Club, 128 Oxford Terrace Canterbury Labour Exchange, Female Bureau, 173 Cashel St. Canterbury Law Society (Strong Room, Land Office), Old Govt. BldgB•• Durham St. Canterbury Motor Co. (Ltd.), (Ford Service Depot), 166 Tuam St. Canterbury (H.Z.) Seed Company, 206-208 Cashel St.1st Telephone, Cashel St. 2nd Telephone, Cashel St. Heathcote Store, Addington

532 3242 &7172 &4679 1515 1487 &4114 33251 750 3765 3456 &.4394 2427 647 2576 1396 448 138R &6282 742 3604 1887 &4308 A4570 3862D 2383M 2394M 3871 &4089 &4198 &7010

Canterbury Offleers' Club, 115 Worcester St. Canterbury Orchardists' Co-op. (0. E. Duncan, Mgr.), 551 Colombo S .. Canterbury Patriotic Fund (R. T_ Tosewill, Secy.), 89 Worcester St. Canterbury Press Club, Times Chambere, Gloucester St. Oanterbury Progress League, Headquarters, 59 Cathedral Square Oauterbury Publlshlng Co., see • Sun' Office Canterbury Rowing Olub, Cambridge Terrace East CanterbUlJ Bugby Football Union (J. O. McGillivray, Secy.), Ridley. Bldga., Lichfield St. Canterbury Saleyards Company (Auctioneere), Addington Canterbury Saleyards Coy. (Auotioneere), Addington Canterbury Saleyards Company (Public), Addington Canterbury Sheep owners' Union (W. H. Nicholson, Sec.), 90 Hereford St Canterbury Sports Depot, 249 High St. Canterbury Steamship Co. (Ltd.), Lyttelton Canterbury Steam Shipping Company (Ltd.), (A. H. Turnbull & Co.), 150 Manchester St. • Canterbury Times,' see • Lyttelton Times' Canterbury Wlreworklng Co. (Ltd.), (W. J. Jenkin, Mgr ), 628 Colombo St. Canterbury Women's Club, 131 Worcester St. Canton Marine Insurance OUlce (Ltd.), Kinsey & Co. (Ltd.), Agent. Cantrell, Dr. C. S. (res.), 86 Colombo St., Beckenh&m Carbon, W. O. (res.), • Belvoir,' 88 Rossal! St., Merivale Cardale, Miss, Victoria Chbrs., 108 Armagh St. Carden, W. J. (res.), 374 Gloucester St., Linwood Carey, D. (res.), 16 Radnor St., St. Albans Carey, W. R. (res.), Dyers PaM Rd., Cashmere Hill. Carey's (Ltd.), Ready-money Stores, Drapers, etc., Colombo St. Carey's (Ltd.), 2nd Phone, Managing Director and Offices, Colombo S .. Cargill, Mrs. F. (res.), 34 Cranmer Square Carlisle, W. J. (res.), 484 Manchester St., St. Albans Carlton Butchery (E. J. Bryan), 181 Victoria St. Carlton Cafe (Dickson's), Cathedral Square Carlton Dairy & Fruit Shop (A. T. Mutton, Propr.), 183 Victoria S.. Carlton Hotel, see Hotels (Public) Carlton Pharmacy (R. S. Cook), 185 Victoria St. carlyle, J. T. (res.), 71 Corson Avenue, Beckenham Carmichael, A. B. (res.), 140 Office Rd., St. Albans Carmichael, MIss J., Fruiterer and Confectioner, 116 Cashel St. Carmichael, Mrs. E. A. (res.), 277 Armagh St. Carmichael, Mrs. L. J., Ladies' Outfitter, 165 Victoria St. Carney, Miss M. (res.), 358 Madras St. Carney, W. I. (res.), 164 Papanui Rd. Carpenter, Fred., • Thornhill,' Prebbleton Carpenter, J. (res.), 81 Barbour St., Linwood Carpenter, W. A. (res.), Governor's Bay Carpenters' Union, Trades Hall, Gloucester St·. Carpet Import Coy., 75 Lichfield St., next D.I.C. Carplnter, B. ~., Bricklayer, 95 Edgeware Rd., St. Albans Carrick, R. (res.), MacMillan Avenue, Cashmere Hills

2480} "4298 917 1667

Carrlen' Stands, City Council OfflclalLichfield St. Liverpool St. Railway Station

1882 3047 1059 3763 3673 20660 2411 757 1605

(Contmued next page)



Carriers' Stands, City council Official-Continued. Victoria Square and Armagh St. Motor Stand, Gloucester St. Privat..-

6591 Carrlen, At, Christchurch & Suburban Exprell Co., Tuam St. 1126.5 A4384 Carriers, Brighton (City Depot), 322 Armagh St., Lin~ood 1127 Carrington, Very Revd. The Dean (res.), 78 Armagh St.

&4231 31641> 646 3477

Carrying Co. (H.Z.), see N.Z. Carrying Co. Carson, W. G., Plumber, Lyttelton Carter, A. R .. Motor Engr. and Garage, 65 Victoria St. Carter, F. & Son, Coal Merchants and Carriers, 411 Ferry Rd., Woolston Carter, H. D. (res.), 21 Cornhill St. Carter, James & Sons (Ltd.), Engineer, cr. Montreal & St. Asaph Sts. Carter, R. C. (res.), cr. Cuthberts and Breezes Rd., Bromley carter, W. (res.), Valley Rd., Cashmere Casey, E. (res.), 395 Tuam St. Cash Clothing Co. (J. Phillips, Manager), 109 Manchester St Cash Tailoring Coy. (D. MacDonald, Propr.), 632 Colombo St. • Cash elbridge,' Garage (N. H. Fraser, Propr.), 170-2 Lichfield St. cassells, J. J. (res.), 52 Hereford St. Cassidy, Hugh, Grain and Produce Stores, 291 St. Asapb St. Cassidy, Amodeo & Jacobson, Barristers & Solicitors, 135 Hereford St. Cassidy, Mrs. J. A. (res.), • The Spur,' Sumner Cassin, MIss M. M. (res. I, 67 Cranford St., St. AJbans Casualty Ward, Lyttelton Cathedral Grammar School (Rev. S. Parr, Headmast,Ar\. Iii Park Terra.ce Cathollo Girls' Hostel, 2.5 Cashel St.

3179 1002 ·5469 46445 &4176 A7018 1097 2259 3024 3106 &4530 &7098 3027 3022 132 3548 39 .7157

cathollc Presbyterie!cathedral, Barbadoes St. St. lIary's, Manchester St. Saered Heart Church, Addington Cave, E. W. (res.), 14 Hawkesbury Avenue, St. AlbRns Cavell, A. H., Solicitor, 140 Hereford St. Cavell, A. H. (res.), 5 Pine Avenue, Cashmere Cavell, E. H. (res.), 167 Springfield Rd. Caven, W. M. (res.), 103 Salisbury St. CaverhllI, T. H., Accountant and Auditor, Pyne's Bldgs., Cashel St. Caverhlll, T. H. (res.), 119 Bristol St. Cayglll, E. R. (res.), 82 Forfar St., St. Albans Cayglll, Miss (res.), 18 Southey St., Sydenham Cayglll, Newburgh & Co., Pub. Aacountants, Auditors, 183 Cashel St. Caygill, Newburgh & Co., Sharebroking Dept., 183 Cashel St. caygllI, O. (res.), 31 Stratford St., Fendalton Cemetery, Bromley, see Christchurch City Council Cemetery, Linwood, see Christchurch City Council Cemetery, Sydenham, see Christchurch City Council

769W 5152 3267 .4955 2536 987 3285R 2365 1674 1873 &4839


1685 442


Central Dairy Co. (Ltd.), as underSecretary and Public Office (S. J. Smith, Sec.) S&les Dept. Central Mercantile Agency, Room 2, 146 Manchester St. Central Music Stores, 168 High St. Central Saleyards, 27 Lichfield St. Cereal Food Co. (Ltd.), (N.Z.), see N.Z. Cereal Food Co. (Ltd.) Chalmers, Mrs. F. A. (res.), 43 Innes Rd., St. Albans 339 Chamber of Commerce (H. Antill Adley, Secretary), 137 Hereford St. 5870 Chamberlain, A. (res.), 541 Manchester St., St. Albans 7690 Chamberlain, F., Surgeon Dentist, Lyttelton &4216 Chamberlain, Mrs. E. A. (res.), 170 Bealey Avenue &4459 Chamberlain, W. C. (res.), 8 Straven Rd., Riccarton 1192 Chambers, John & Son, Engineers & lmptrs., Office, 200 St. Asaph St 5588 Chambers, John & Son, Engineers, lmptrs., W'hse, 200 St. Asaph St. 308B Chamben, P. S. H. (reB.), 188 Lyttelton St., Spreydon 5430- Chammen, W. M., Confectioner, New Brighton 3089 Champion, C. F. (res.), 111 Bishop St., St. Albans &4512 Champion, C. W. (res.), I Bristol St., St. Albans 1275 Chandler & Co. (Ltd.), Advertising Specialists. 188 Hereford St

·5485 495 &4963 818 A4336 3878 &6125




8236 A4889 "6272 "6284 1184 "4309 "5333 "6174 3652 "7086 741 A7124 A7207


...e ~


A4811 519 A6457 8245 699 2991 A7174 1973 "4377 2531D A4684 A4334 983 8252 832 A5493 A6477 A5289 1227 2090 8353 327 A432 I 3781 A4355 A4959 A6435 272 A7007 1132 1262 2287 2428 3548 39 "7157 793 793 } 3616 2437 A7152 807 1\6229



Chaney, Mrs. L. R. (1'&ti.). :149 Cambridge Tena( e Chapman, A. E. (res.), 33 Portland St., St. Alb.ns Chapman, A. T. (res.), 43 Knowles St., St. Albans Chapman, E. F. (res.), 133 St. Andrew's Square, Stl'owan Chapman, H. (reB.), 41 Falsgrave St. Chapman, Mrs. W. (res.), 103 Rugby St., MelivaJe Chapman, W. J., Acetone Welder and Cutter, 175 Armagh St. Chapman, W. P. (res.), 15 Church St., Papanui Chapple, T. J. (res.), 20 Springfield Rd., St. Albans Charitable Aid Board, Orphanage, see Hospita~ and CharitableBoard Charitable Aid Office, Riccarton Rd. Charleson, A. W. (res.), 58 Malcolm Av., Beckenham Charlewood, W. T. (ree.), 31 Dyer's PaBS Rd., Cashmere Charters, Cecil W. W. (res.), 55 Woodham Rd., L inwood Charters, T. M. (res.), 314 Bealey Avenue Charters, W. W. (res.), Fitzgerald St., St. Albans Chatfield, J. (res.), 11 Tuckers Rd., Papanui Chatfield, L. C., Engineer, Kat!. Electrical Eng. Co. (res.), 30 ChrystallSt Checkley, J. (res.), 278 Barbadoes St. Cheeseman, W. H. (res.), • Brentor,' 60 Patten St., Avonside Chegwin, E. C. (res.), 28 Fisher St., Beckenham Chennelis, E. J. (res.), 141 Clyde Rd., Fendalton Cherry, J. (res.), 57 Idria Rd., Fendalton Chetwin, J. B., Sign Painter, 159 Manchester St. Chew Lee, Fruiterer, 10 Ferry Rd. Chew Lee & Co., Fruiterers, Cashel St. Chew Lee, George & Son, Fruiterers, 615 Colombo St. Chldgey, A. (res.), 457 Manchester St. Chief Postmaster, see Post and Telegraph (Govt. Depts.) Chllde, A. H. C., (res.), 36 Onslow St. Children's Home, see Presbyterian Children's Home Childs, Mrs. E. R. (res.), 460 Worcester St., Linwood Chilton, Dr. C. (res.), 16 Hereford St. Chimney-sweep (T. B. Smith), 39 Andover St.. St. Albans Chisholm, J. S. (res.), 21 Harakeke St., Lr. Riccarton Chlsnall & Stewart, Cookham HouBS, 750 Colombo St. ChlsnaJl, Mrs. A. (res.), 454 Lincoln Rd. Chlsnall, W., Universal Fish Supply, 668 Colombo St. Cholmondeley, Miss M. (res.), 25 Clissold St., Merivale Christchurch Battery Co., 940 Gloucester St. Christchurch Bowling Centre (E. W. Wade, Secy.), 40 Office Rd., St. Alba Christchurch Brick Co. (T. N. Horsley), 180 Tuam St. Christchurch Brick Co., Horsley, Farnley Christchurch Building & Land Society (J. L. Scarvell), 165 Hereford St. Christchurch City CouncllAbattoirs, Sockburn Abattoirs (2nd telephone), Sockburn Baths, 216 Manchester St. Cemetery, Bromley Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery, Sydenham ELECTRICITY DEPARTIfENTComplaints consumers, Dept. Electrical Showrooms 1st Telephone Electrical Store 2nd Telephone Engineer's Office 3rd Telephone Foremen, Destructor and Power Station Spreydon Electrical Supply Chief City Inspector Chief City Inspector (L. Hardie) (res.), II Brown's Rd., St. Albans (Continued next page)




STENING, Plumber Cr. Cambridge Terrace and Cashel Street (Successor to T. DANKS).


508 A5123 A4337 3888 807 1306 30 A7125 1304

3185 3407 &6177 A7077 1812 817 404


1665 1121


2142 669

3163 84 1878 3532 3511 112 2743 3856 2408 "6443 A7165 A6292 3825 184 &4535 239M 3760 3181 1169 1374 2667 3421 A4305 648 3133 3141 2226 1974 3274 2958 2062 3135 A4921 1108 2303


Christchurch City Council (E lectricity Dept. )-C ontinued. Motor Inspector, 81 'Worcester St. Inspector of 'W aterworks, 6li Patten St .. Avonside Ranger (W. T. Theilroan), Parkes St., 'Woolston Taxi and Cab Stands, see Taxi and Cab Stands To'lVll City Surveyor, Rate Colledot'. etC'. Town Clerk and City Surveyor Town Clerk and City Surveyor (2nd telephone) Treasury, 81 Worcester St. Waterworks, Colombo St., Cashmere Yard (Central) and Destructor Yard, Linwood Yard, Moorhouse Avenue Yard, St. Albans Yard., Sydenham Yard, Woolston Christchurch Clothing Factory (White & Myhre), 244 St. Asaph St Christchurch Club, Latimer Square Christchurch Club (Secretary's Office), Latimer Square Christchurch Coaching Coliege (C. T. Mo~ley, Director), Royal Exchange Bldgs. Christchurch Dairy Company, 79 Tuam St. Christchurch Domains Board (W. F. Hilson, Secretary), Royal Exchange Bldgs., Cathedral Square Christchurch Domains Board (Jas. Young, Curator) (res.), Botanio Gardens Christchurch Gas Co., see Gas Co. Christchurch Hospital Christchurch Hospital (Medical Superintendent's Office) Chr!stchurch Mechanical Works, Hortic!. BrassfdI'S., 108 St. Asaph St. Christchurch Motors, no Tuam St. Christchurch Nursery Co. (Grant & Macdonald), 355 Ferry Rd . Christchurch Starr-Bowkett Buildlng· Soclety (J. B . Neale, Secretary) 162 Manchester St. ' Christchurch Stock Exchange, 128 Oxford Terrace C.hristchurch Vulcanising Co., 26 Yictoria St. Christchurch Window & General Cleaning Co. (W. J. Jones), 220 Hazel. dean Rd. Christchurch Woolbrokers' Association (R. T. Tosswill, Secretary), 89 Worcester St. Christensen, G. E. (res.). 15 Albany St., St. Albans Christensen, Mrs. J. (res.), 66 King St., Sydenham ChrIstian, F. H. (res.), 63 Weston Ro., Flt. Alhans Ohrlstian, Rev. G. W. (res.), 522 Worcester St. Christie & Co., Printers and Publishers, J 70 Lichfield St. Christie, G. H. (res.), 317 Gloucester St., Chr!st!e, H. F. R. (res.), McCormack's Day, Radcliffe ChristIe, L. P. (res.), 206 Gloucester fo·t. Christmas, H. (res.), 56 Disrasii St., Spl'eydon Christ's CollegeBursar's Office (Mr. E. R. Webb) College House (Rev. J. Russell Wilford) College House Rtudents. Rolleston Avenue Crickt't Ground, Riccarton Rd. Kitchen Head Master's House (Rev. E. C. Crosse) Schoolhouse (Miss Wright, Matron) Mr. T. W. O. T othill, HoUl!o Tuto.·, School House Rev. O. W. Williams Mr. A. E. Flower Mr. Flower's House (Miss Bull, Matron) Mr. Condell's House (Mr. Dennis10n) Mr. Jenkins (Waiting House) Messrs. Tebbs & Baines Chrystall, Mrs. W. (res.), 885 Colombo St. Chubbs & Sons, Lock & Safe Co. (Ltd.) (A. & T. Burt, Ltd., Agents) ' 146 Tuam St. Church Bros., Grain and Produce Merdlants, 5 North Parade, Richmond






3880 ...

156 1267 3228 2309 &4778 "4688 156 310 1122 2567 A,5266 8108 3323 608


3086 1306 2333

1297 3014 18242164 3427 3664

8178 356 &7128 1839· 18395 "~13

35435 &4215 "6133 2155 1213 1858 A6209 2462

8113 661

A7005 2830

2921w 3755 A7030 1645 "4969 8277 3338 278D "7299 8111 1567 183 2065K 2008 &4745 866

1723 8386 3831 1052 1589 3807 2835 158

Church House, 173 Cashel St.The Archbishop Church Property Trustees Diocesan Office St. Saviour's Orphanage Order of St. Anne: Chureh News Archbishop Julius, see under letter" A .. Ohurch Missionary Society, N.Z., see N.Z. Church Missionary Society Church, Mrs. E. (res.), 33 North Avon Rd., Richmond Ohurch Property Trustees, -173 Caahel St. Citizens & Ratepayers Assn. (S. F. Marshall, Secy.), 213 Manchester St. CItizens' Defence Corps, 240 Durham St. Citizens Loan & Disoount Co., 88 Hereford St. City Buffet, see Hotels, (Private) City Coal & Wood Yard (D. Caithness & Son), cr. Tuam and Madras Sts. City Oouncll. see Christchurch City Council City Fish Mart (F. L. Knowles, Proprietor), 130 Armagh St. City Hotel, see Hotels (Public) City Market (H. C. Smith), Auctr. and Prod. Mcht., 550 Colombo 8 .. City Plano and Machine Co., 92 Cashel St. City Surveyor, see Christchurch City Council Clapham, L. & Co., Clothing Manfrs., 95 Caahel St. Clarendon Hotel, see Hotels (Public) Clarendon Hotel, see Hotels (Public) Claridge, E., Bootmaker, 389 Worcester St., Linwood Claridge & Co., Auctioneers, 95 St. Asaph St. Clark, A. (res.), 323 Ferry Rd., Linwood Clark, Arch. & Sons (Ltd.), Warehousemen, 115 Lichfield St. Clark Bros., Construction Co., (Ltd.), Riccarton Rd. Clark, Charles, Auotioneer and Estate Agent, 109 Hereford S •. Clark, Charles (res.), • Thorrington,' 65 Colombo Rd South Clark, O. A., Chemist, 323 Bealey Avenue ' Clark, C. A. (res.), cr. Hills Rd. and Sheen St. Clark, E. (res.), Armagh St. W. Clark, E. C., Wood-turner and Toy-maker, 23 Tuam St. West Clark, E. H. (res.), 15 Hewitt's Rd., Merivale Clark, F. B. (res.), 10 Innes Rd., St. Albans Clark, Franels, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, 160 Hereford St. Clark, Francis (res.), 12 Cooper's Rd., Shirley Clark. G. (res.), 97 Bristol St., St. Albans Clark, H. M. (res.), 118 Innes Rd., St. Albans Clark, J., Solicitor, 152 Hereford St. Clark, Joseph (res.), 520 Moorhouse Avenue Clark, K. (res.), 35 Harakeke St., Riccarton Clark, Leonard 30 Thorrington St., Cashmere Clark, Mel J., Painter, 40 Cowlishaw St., Avonside Clark. Miss K. (res.), 58 Linwood Avenue Clark, Mrs. E., Queen's Conf(lctionery, HAreford St. Clark, Mrs. E. C. (res.), 110 Dyers Pass Rd., Cashmere Clark, Mrs. Evelyn, Land and Estate AgLlnt, New Brighton Clark, Mrs. H. (res.), 73 Fairfield Avenue, Addington Clark, Mrs. M. (res.), 250 Gloucester St. Clark, P. E. (res), 74 River Rd., Avonsine Clark, R. (res.), 13 Bordesley St., Linwood Clark, S. A. (res.), 6 Somerfield St., Spreydon Clark, S. B. (res.). 91 Riccarton Rd. Clark, Walter (res.). 271 Worcester St. Clark, W. H., 100 Bealey Avenue Clark, W. H. (res.), Esplanade, Sumner Clarke, E., Painter and Paperhanger, 89 nordesley St. Clarke, J. A. (res.). 176 RolleRton St., Lillwood Clarke, John, Oil, Colour and Varnish MerC'hant, 21 Bedford Row Clarke, Joseph & Co., Mchta., National Mutual Bigs., 143 Hereford St. Clarke, W. E., Tailor, 84 Cashel St. Clarkson, A. J. (res.), cr. Canon and Mancl"'ster Sts., St. Alb&ll.l Clarkson, C. H. N. (res. I, 54 Ranfurly St., St. Alban.~ Clarkson, E. & Son, Butchers, 607 Colombo St. Clarkson, E. (res.), 34 Papanui Rd. Clarkson, E. W. (res.), 46 Wellington f:t.., Linwood Clarkson, J. C. (res.), Clyde Rd., Ric~arlon



1765 K

'-6199 228 307 3061

2204 1383 A7263

2292 2266

A,5044 451M A,5r37 2358 3194


157 344 17

1963 967


A4807 3373 1096



'-4597 &4808 2877 2075 "4922 1788 175 1350


1210 490


A5120 2322D 34TI 404 1704 1 549 533 1570 5671 } 3754 3500 532



3910 2882

&4465 '-4589 &4286


A,7021 '-4728 691 2199 2006 2460 "4420


Clarkson, Mrs. G. W. (res.), 27 Idris Rd., FendaJton Clarkson, Mrs. W. B., Senr. (res.), 7 Stratford St., Fendalton Clarkson, Mrs. W. B. (res), • ::lwmnyoock,' Sumner Clarkson, R. Waldo (res.), 62 Murray Place, St. Alb8.IUI Olarkson, W. B. & Sons, Meat Exporters, 168 Manohester St. Olarkson, W. B., Junr. (res.), 64 Bristol St. Class, O. (res.), 26 North Avon Road Claxton, G. A., Butcher, 143 North Avon Rd., Richmond Clay, Wm., General Storekeeper, cr. Tuam St. and Fitzgerald Avenue Clay, Wm. (res.). 295 Eastern Terrace, Beckenham Glayden, Oapt. (res.), 60 Idris Rd., Fendalton Clayton, T. E. & Co., Mercantile Brokers, 76A. Lichfield St. Clayton, T. E. (res.), 1 Judge St., Opawa Cleaning Co., Canterbury (B. Brownrigg, Propr.), High St. Chambers 272 High St. ' Oleanlng Co., Dominion, see DominIOn Cleaning Co. Cleaning Co., Vacuum (H. Mellish), March & Co., 614 Colombo St. Cleaning 00., Vacuum, see Vacuum and General Cleaning Co. Cleaning Co., Vacuum, see Vacuum Cleaning Co. Oleanlng Co. of N.Z., Vaeuum, Bee Vacuum Cleaning Co. of N.Z. Cleary & lnlmer, Coal Merchants, 258 Waltham Rd. Oleary, P. E. (res.), 19 Clyde Rd., Riccarton Oleary, P. M. C. (res.), 87 Rugby St., St. Albans Clegg, W. J., Builders, etc., 17 St. David St., off Montreal St. Clemens, John (res.), 12 Walpole St., Waltham Clements, Guy (res.), • Kaumonin,' 198 Fendalton Rd., FendaltoD Cllbborn, C. H. (res.), 56 Bristol St., St. Albam Clifford, H. H., Photographer, 152 Cashel St. Ollfford, H. H. (res.), 309 Montreal St. Clifford, Str George, Fendalton Clifford, W. L. (res.), 14 Garden Rd., Fendalton Clifton-Mogg, Mrs. M. (res.), 422 Montreal St. Cltmle, Percy R. (res.), 25 Salisbury St. West Ologgie. Wm. (reB.), 177 Edgeware Rd., St. Albans Close, Mrs. F. H. (res.). 60 Cornwall St., St. Albans Close, Mrs. M. (res.), 284 Hazeldean Rd. Clothing Factory (N.Z.), see N.Z. Clothing Factory Clough, MIss (Miss Free, Propr.), Ladies' Hairdresser, 240 High St. Olouston, Allan W. (res.), 11 Holly Rd_ Club Hotel, see Hotels (Public) ClubsOanterbury, see Canterbury Club Canterbury (Secretary), see Canterbury Club Oanterbury Offlcers', see Canterbury Officers' Club Canterbury Press, see Canterbury Press Club Catholte Girls', see Catholic Girls' Club Ohrlstchurch, see Christchurch Club College, see Canterbury Collego Club Federal, see Federal Club Nurses', see Nurses' Club Returned Soldiers', see Returned Soldiers' Club Sydenham Money, see Sydenham Money Club Women's, see Canterbury Women's Club Workingmen's, see Workingmen's Club Workingmen's (Richmond), see Workingmen's Club, RichmoDd Coal & 011 Co. (Ltd.), N.Z., see N.Z. Coal and Oil Co., (Ltd.) Coates, C. C., Patent Attorney & Consulting Engineer, 134 Hereford 8t. Coates, C. C. (res.), 45 Idris Rd., Fendalton Ooates, G. & Co. (Ltd.), Watchmakers and Jewellers, 744 Colombo at. Ooates, G. & Co. (Ltd.), Jewellers, 270 High St. Coates, G. W. (res.), 72 Fit-l.geraJd St. Coburn, H. G. (res.), 3 Pine Avenue, Cashmere Cochran, Miss (res.), 89 Bishop St., St. Albans Oook, John, Produce Merchant, 12 Papanui Rd. Cocks & Sons, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers, 76 Victoria St. Cocks, F. A. (res.), 142 Lyttelton St. Cocks, Miss Bromley (res.), 25 Ranfurly St. Cooks, W. B. (res.), 38 Straven Rd., Riccarton





2684 352 2994


3246 2532 26S8 2118B A4645> A6C47 A4804 672D 1181 426.


460 1198 3788 1169 4 6024 46420 46090 98 1940 3445 1749 15000 A5442 3123 376 224 17535


z :c



2279 A4205 A6220 2068 2911 14470 2118w 3644 426

233 3669 223 30S6 858 902 A4942 8284

A4592 A41SO 692 2470 1520 A4920 2839 1340 567

762 2464 A6159 A4454



Coe, Mn (res.). 21 Repton St., Merivale Coffee and SpIce Co. (Ltd.), N.Z .. see N.Z. Coff e and Spice Co. Oogan, C. B. (res.), 6!l Armagh St. Ooker's. Hotsl, see Hotels (Public) C.oldbeek,. Mrs. (reB.), 13 Braddon St., Sydenham Cole, E. W. M. (res.), 146 Fendalton Rd. Cole, Mrs. C. (res.). 9 Cornhill St., St. Albans Coleman, D. (res.), I!l Agusta St .. Redclills CoJe:m:an, Miss E. (res.). 81lA Camtric'f o 'Jerre.(e Coleman, Mn. (res.), 72 'Yeston Rd., St. Albans Coleman, Mrs. E. (rPH.). ~37 Peal ey A\em:e CoIi!maDI W. (res.), Buchanans Rd., Yaldhurst Cotes, Mrs. C. (res.), 142 Canon St., St. Alban!! (loles, W. I., Mercantile Agent, 221 Manchester St., cr. 'YorcesteF B.t. College House Students, Rolleston Avenue

8188 979 A4144 1398

OollegesCanterbury, see Canterbury College Canterbury (Engineering Dept.), see Canterbury College (Engr. Dept) Canterbury (Professors), see Canterbury CollegeChrIst's, see Christ's College at. Andrew's, see St. Andrew's College

1123M A4187 306 A4950 670 &5114 266ID 459} 505 45224 1331 &6162

St Be.des, see St. Bedes College St. Margaret's, see St. Margaret's College TechnIcal, see Technical College Te Walpounamu, see Te Waipounamu College TraInIng, Education Bd., see Eductn. Ed., Training College Oollett, D. E. L., Chemist, 1 London St., Jl..yttelton OoIleU, Mrs. J. (res.), 247 Cambridge Terraee Oollett, !lrI. L. (res.), 30 Armagh St. Collins &; Harman, Architects, 81 ffereford St. Colltns Bros. & Co. (Ltd.), Wholesale Stationers, 19 Bedford Ro .... Collins Bros., Drapers, Mercers and Juvenile Outfitters, 380A ·Wor· cester St. Collins, David (res.), Dyers Pass Rd., Cashmere CollIns, Frank M. (res.), 29 Bealey St., St. Albans. Colllils, H. J. (res.), 81 Office. Rd., Merivale. Collins, J. G. (res.), SpringfieId Rd. Collins, J. J. (res.), 230 Fitzgerald Avenue Collins, Wm. C., Mufrs.' Agent, etc., 7 First Floor Express Bldg. Collins, Wm. C. (res.), • The Spur,' Clifton. Sumner C01llns, W. J., Secretary and Accounta.nt, Room 12, Royal Exch. IDdgtl Colombo 'lea Co. (Ltd.), (W. J. Coles), 221 Manchester St., er. WorceBten St. ColonIal Mutual LUe Assurance Society (Stringer &. Bridge, Age:n~, 81 Ca.thedral Square ColonIal Mutual LUe Assurance Society (Ltd.), (W. Miller, SuperiIrtea. dent), 140 Hereford St. Colonna, Capt. C. A., Surveyor to Lloyds' Register, 153 Hereford S •. Colonna, H., Strand Tea Rooms, 85 Cathedral Squar61 Coltart, J. A., Chemist, Fitzgerald Avenue, cr. Hereford St Colville, O. &; J., PI'bra., Gasf'rs (Showr'ms, Off's), ~07 Manche!tteF 8L ColvllIe, C. & J., PI'bl's, Gasf'rs (W'kahp, Fact'y). 30G Cambridge Till. ColvlIle, 1. D. (rllll.), ~~7 Barbadoes St. Colville, V. W., (res.), 362 GloucesteJ: St., Linwood CoI,w lll's Can&dlan Fur Store, 205 High St. Comber, C. A. (res.), 131 Lyttelton St., Spreydon Cember, Wm. (-res.), 464 Lincoln Road Combined Buyers (Ltd.), 132-136 Oxford Terrace Comerford, L. V. (res.), 29 Leinster Rd., Fendalton CommercIal Bank of Aushalla (Ltd.), 143 Hereford St. CommercIal Travellers' and. Warehousemen's ASS4CiatIon.,. High St. CommercIal Union Assuran.ce Company (Ltd.), (Frank Graham & Son). 107 Hereford St. Oommonwealth and Domlnron LIne (Ltd.), Kinsey & Co. (Ltd.), Agent. Compton, G. P. (res.), 11 Montreal St., Sydenbam Concrete Construction Co. (Ltd." Canterbury, see Canterbury Can· struction Co., Ltd. Oondell, T. D., 50 Gracefi,,\d St.

43 - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -



290 }

Condllffe, J. B. (res.), 13 Everaleigh St. Congreve Cycle Importers (Ferguson & Steere, Proprs.), 749 Colombo St Congreve. G. H. (res.), 13 White1eigh Avenue Congreve, W. (res.), 53 Clissold St. Connal, G. A. G., Solicitor, Room 10, Royal Exchange Bldgs.

296 A4948 Conquest, A., Tailor, Room 6, 12 Chancery Lane 7 M Constable, H. (res.), 56 Oxley St., St. Albane 23940 Constable, Mrs. M. (res.), Governor's Bay liS

984 2442 1469


A4761 2293 2661 M A411S 8263 2779 455 448 1392 A4151 A4161 4S183 884 21835

920 44433 197 21701 &4540 &5145 A6056 2255 8195 45067 3314 2653· 23235




ConventsSisters of The Mission, Ferry Rd. st. Mary's, see St. Mary's Villa Maria, see Villa Maria Sisters of The MIsSion, Addington, see Catholic Conway, H. (res.), Islington (Look, A. E., Grocer, 53 "ictoria Rt. Cook, Arnold W., Land and Eslat~ ,\gpnt and Ynl.uator, 102 Armagh Sl. Cook & McKenzie, Bakers, 3l Chssold St., MerlVale Cook & Ross, Chemist!!, 779 Colombo St. Cook, E. R., Chimney-Sweep, 933 Colombo St. Cook, F. A. (res.), 433 Madras St. Cook, Frank A. (Ltd.), Grocers, 'Yine & Spirit Mehts., 759 Colombo St Cook, Harvey H. (res.), 22 Cholmondeley Avenue, Opawa Oook, H. E. (rea.), 48 Hawthorne Rd., Papanui Cook, H. G., 133 Packe St., St. Albans Oook, H. H. (res.), • Wainoni House,' Wainoni Rd. Cook, H. H. & Co., Farm Salesmen, Inglis Bldg., cr. Cashel &; High Ste. Cook, H. S. (res.), 46 Packe SI.. St. Alilnns Cook, John (res.), Irvine St .• Lower Riccarton Cook, J. T. (res.), 356 Lincoln RL1. Cook, M. E., Butcher, Chtu'ch COl'llpl', Ripcnrt on Rd. Cook, Miss (res.), • Warwick House,' 52 Armagh St. WeBt Clook, R. S., Chemillt, Carlton Pharmacy, 185 Victoria. St. Oook, Thos. & Son (Percy Helmore, Manager), 136 Hereford St. Cook, W. E. & Co., Grain and Pr4>duce Mercbants, 170 Caehel St. Cook, W. E. & Co., Produce Store, 152 Carlyle St. Cook, W. E. (res.), 236 Gloucester St. Cook, W. R., Land, Est. Agt., Grain Mcht., 155 Hereford St. Cooke, A. H. (res.), 11 Berry St., North Beach Oooke, J. A., Chemist, 129 Cashel St. Cooke, Mrs. James (res.), 43 Rugby St., Merivale Oooke, W. R. & Son, Chemists, 218 High St. . Cooke, W. R. (res.), cr. Richmond TerrD.!'e & Rodney St., New Bflghton Cooks (Ltd.), Grocera,Victoria St. Cookson J. A. B., Accountant, Bank of Austral!lsia Ohbrs., CMhel St. Cookson: L: (res.) 113 St. Andrew'!'; fiqusl'e, St.rowan 0001 Stores, N.Z., see N.Z. Cool Stores Coombs, Miss S. F. (res.), 68 Peverill fit.. Riccarton Coombs, Mrs. M. E. (res.), 159 St. Albans Fit. Ooombs, W. S., Butcher, 68 Madras St., Sydenham Oooney, Matthew (res.), 40 Middlepark Rd., Upper Riccarton Coop, Edward W. (res.), 184 Burnside Rd., Fendalton Cooper, A. D. (res.), 376 Barrington St., Spreydon Cooper, A. D. (C. T. Mosley & Co.), Accountants and Auditors, Royal Exchange Bldga.


JAS. J. NIVEN & CO. LTD. Engineers and Engineers' Merchants ~ Warehouse-160 Lichfield st.

Works- 562 Colombo St. Olliee (Worh) W crk. (Worlu Man ••er)

13111 A.4S6




A5018 Oooper & Cree, Manufacturers' Agents, 63 Cathedral Square 1315 Cooper & Duncan (Ltd.), (Main Telephone), 562 Colombo St. &4456 Oooper & Duncan (Ltd.), Engineers (Works Office), Colombo St. 1458 Oooper & Emmett, Coal & Firewood Mchts., 56 ~ontreal St., ~yde~alD 1829 Oooper & Pryce, Motor Body Builders and Pamters, 100 V.lcto~a s•. 1020 Oooper, C. A., Painter, Paperhanger and Decorator, 15 VLCtoru~ s•. &4268 Cooper, 0. A. (ree.), 30 Leinater Rd., S •. Albane &6237 Oooper, C. J. (res.), 86 Brown's Rd., St. Albans A5204 Cooper, O. W. (res.), 85 Westminster St., St. Albans 3060 Cooper, E., Painter and Paperhanger, 22 Thornton St., St. Albans A4445 Cooper, George (res.), 206 Linwood Avenue A474 I Oooper, L. H. (res.), 217 Fitzgerald Avenue 1215 Oooper, M. C. (res.), 65 Garden Rd., Fendalton &6216 Oooper, Mrs. A. E. (res.), 134 Office Rd., St. Albans 1256 Cooper Thornhill, Accountant and Average Adjuster, 154 Hereford S •. A6038 ooope;, Thornhill (res.), cr. Weston and Papanui Rds. 3107 Cooper, Wilkes & Brookes, Warehousemen and Eastern Mchts., 96 Lichfield St. 1103 Oo-o;leratlve Printing Works, 151 Kilmore St. A5079 Qopeland, F. H. (res.), 524 Lincoln Rd. A5473 Copeland, Wm. (res.), 24 Cholmondley Avenue, Opawa 1576 Oopplestone Bros., Wholesale Tinsmiths, 62 Wordsworth St., Sydenham 2029 Corbett, James (res.), 48 Winchester St. 1437 Cordery, E., Cycle Mechanic, cr. High and William Ste. A6213 Cordery, L. L. (res.), 277 Papanui Rd. 1216 Cordner, J. (res.), 248 Blenheim Rd., Riccarton 1290 Cordy, Mrs. M. (res.), Holmwood Rd., Fendalton -'4263 Cornish & Walker Builders and Contractors, 10 Crohane St., Spreydon &7002 Coronation Hospital for Consumption, Cashmere Hille 2049 Ooronatlon Studio ( F. W. Burrell, Prop.), Photographer, 2 Victoria S•. &4926 Corrlek, A. H. (r8fJ.), 47 Clissold St. &5199 Corrigan, W. H. (res.), 130 Holly Rd., St. Albans A6057 Couble, L. R. (res.), 22 Scotston Avenue, St. Albans 780 Couble, Miss E. M. (res.). 16 Derby St., St. Albana Corson, F. R. (res.). 305 Lincoln Rd .• Addingt:on &4831 8115 M Corson, Mrs. A. R. (res.). 85 Pages Rd., Aranm A5366 Cosgrove, J. (res.), 466 Madras St., St. Albans 945D Cosslns, H. W. (res.). 39 Norwich St., Linwood 31341> Costello & Berryman, Tailors. cr. Manchester and Gloucester Sts. A4613 Costello, W., Financial Agent, Hallenstein's Bldgs., High St. 2126 Costello, W., Tailor, 102 Cashel St. 2838 Costelloe, A. (res.), 213 Gloucester St. 1765D (lother, F. C. (res.). Grafton St., Sumner 315(1& Cotter, C. F., Electrical Engineer. 68 Lower High St. 3150· Cotter, C. F. (res.), 55 Lower High St. 216- Cotter, J. (res.), 48 Flockton St .• St. Albans A7047 Cotterill, H. (res.), • Blakeney,' Hackthome Rd., Cashmere 2280 Cotterill, Miss H. (res.), 24 Cashel St., West 1212 Cotton Bros. (Ltd.), Rubber Merchants, 212 Madre.s St. 1010 Counsel, A. (res.), lOS Fitzgerald Avenue 3482M Counsell, Hurse E. A., 15 N ormch St. &4332

3268 1019 1837 297 8357 2842M 2800 589

&4074 2118 1 &6403

1218 2156 728

2105 &5415

County CouncllsHeathcote, see Heathcote County Council Paparua, see Paparua County Council Walmalrl, see Waimairi County Council Courteney, C., 166 Bealey Avenue Courtney, E. C., Commercial Stationer, 88 Hereford St. Courts, see Justice Dept. CouseD', A. W. (NIl.), 20 Oxley St., St. Albana Couzins, T. H. (res.), 100 Hackthorne Rd., Cashmere Cowan, Miss Lucy (res.), Roya.1 Exch. Bldg. Cowell & Dore, Engineers, cr. St. Aeaph and Antigua Ste. Cowley, Sidney R. (res.), 156 Antigua St. Cowllsllaw, F. l. (r,'s.), 6 Grafton St., Sumner Cowllshaw, Mis. I. M. (res.), 88 Knowles St., St. Albans Cowllshaw, 't o L. (res.), 61 Rossall St. Cowper, C. (res.). 212 Strickland St., Spreydon Cowper, G. S. (res.). 96 Glandovey Rd .• Fendalton oowper, R. T., DentiBt, 107 Caahel St. Cowper, W. H. (res.), 42 Papanui Rd.




&6267 &4568 &4771 66293 1292 A5202 2119


2136 A7115 2717 w 1658 2717S 238 35870

A5506 2445


3626 2531 M 8114 A4171 A4043

6728 1659 595


1927R 1577 8 A5497 2378 All 134

&4838 &4061

8388M 1133

3191D 3142 243IM

AJraJ &4312 8122


2589 III


1391D 19270

976 2972 A4045 &6150 &6172


&6203 &6442


108 1594




Mill A6373 488


Oox, C. J. (res.), 465 Gloucester St., Linwood Oox, C. Perey, • Te Whare,' 53 Hereford St. Welli Oox, Douglu (res.), Heaton St., Meriva.1e Cox, F. J. (res.), 343 Madras St. Cox, H. G. (res.), 23 Hagley St., Riccarton Oox, Misl Ruby H. (res.), 84 Chapter St., St. Albsna Cox, Mrs. C. (res.), 138 Westminster St., St. Albans Cox, Mrs. R. M. (res.), 244 Hereford St. Cox, Mrs. S. T. (res.). 376 Manchester St. Cox, O. C. (res.), 26 Salisbury St. Cox, W. E. (res.), 28 Divi.!!ion Rd., Lower Riccarton Coxon, J. (res.), 30 Beckenham St., Beokenham Craddock, A. H. (res.), Victoria Terrace, Clifton Craddock, C G. (res.), 95 Meriva.1e Lane Craddock, H R. (res.), 11 The Spur, Olifton Craddock, McCrostle & Co., now Jones, MeCrostie Co. (Ltd.) Craddock, McCrostie & Co., now Jones, McCrostie, etc. Craddock's Agency Co. (Ltd.), 175·177 Hereford St. Cragg, J. (res.), 157 Durham St. South Craig, MIss A. (res.), 14 Springfield Rd. Cramp, A. H. (res.), 10 Garden Rd., Fendalton Cramp, F. A., Cycle Dealer, 161 Manchester St. Crampton, M. H. (res.), 102 Warrington St., St. Alb&n.l Craven, Allred (res.), cr. Armagh St. & Fitzgerald Avenue C)"awford, Hugh (ree.), 16 Havelock St., Linwood Crawford, J. A. (res.), 182 Pound Rd., Yaldhurs. Crawford, R. (res.), 110 Conway St., Spreydon Orawshaw, Dr. John W., 64 Armagh St. Orawshaw, T. B. (res.), 39 Riocarton Rd. Craythorne, C. R. (res.), 483 Yaldhuret Rd., Upper Riccarton Cree, Jas. G., 'Stonehaven,' Scarborough, Sumner Oree, Thomas, General Engineer, 83 Kilmore St. Creseent Manufacturing Company, cr. High and Tuam Ste. Oressy Restaurant (J. A. Pauling, Prop.), U7 Gloucester St. Cresswell, C. H. (res.), 31 Oxley St., St. Albans Creswell, Frank B. (Lt.·CoI.), (res.), • Truganini,' 597 Caehel Bi. OI:lcMon, Miss D. H., 23 Avonglade, Riohmoad (lrlchton, W. S., Grain. Seed, and Produce Merchant, 196 Cuhel a•. Criglington, R. (res.), 241 Armagh St. Oromb, G. B. (res.), 424 Manchester St., St. Albans Crompton, Mrs. (res.), 20 Norwich St., Linwood Orompton, T. & Sons, Plumbers' Merchants, 133 Tuam St. West Orompton, W. R. (res.), Ford Rd., Opawa Cronin, Mrs. S. (res.), 64 Mathellons Rd., Linwood Cronin, Mrs. W. (res.), 62 !.ewer High St. Oronin : W. E. (res.), 271 Madras St. Crooke, Dr. T. L., 10 Oxford Terrace Oropp, A. L. (res.), 240 Gloucester St. Cross, C. E. (res.), 47 Strowan Rd. Orols, E. (res.), Ya.1dhurst Rd., Upper Riccarton Oross, fred & Sons, Wine and Spirit Merohants, 243 St. Asaph Bt. Cross, Geo. (res.), 252 Selwyn St., Spreydon Cross, J. (res.), 23 Clissold St., Merivale Cross, Mrs. E. (res.), 'Matlock,' Hawthorn Rd., Pa'Panui Cross, W. A, Butcher, 175 Papanui Rd. Orolle, Rev. E. O. (re•. ), Headmaster Ohmtll College Oroueher, Mrs. E. H. (res.), 'Beverley:1SO Murray Place, 8t. Albana Crow, Mrs. S. (res.), 75 Aikma.ns Rd.• St. Albans Crowe, Herbert W. (res.), 36 Opawa Rd. OroWD Brewery Branch (N.Z. Breweries Ltd.), Antigua St., ... underGeneral Offioee and Manager Brewer'. OUioe Crown Clothlnr lIIaDufaeturlnr Co., 130 Manohelter 8$. Orown Hotel, see Hotels (Public) Crown Ironworks flo. (W. J. LeCren, Propr.), 202·204 Manohelter at. Orown studio. (E. Millard), 209 High St. Croxton, O. H. (res.), 103 Leinster Rd., St. Albans Oroller, David (Ltd.), Motor I:..lgineera and Importere, 69 Woroelter 8.





&4878 2580 569 2229 3758 &4207 28552652 1421 A4482 2141 213121318 A5059 &6084 3302 3242 2221 &6122 1572 8220 A7280 &6261 1341 2273& 343


2326 2251


1719 A4159 914 2269


Crozier, David (Ltd.), Workshop and Store, Worcester S~. CNzier, D. (res.), 59 Fendalton Rd. Crozier, R. A. (res.), 53 Rugby St., Merivale Cruden, Miss (res.), 63 Gloucester St. Crystal Palace Theatre (V. M. Beebe, Manager), Cathedral Square Ouddon, B. W. (res.), 96 Papa-nui Rd. OuddoD, 1111'1. W. (res.), 41 Gresford St., St. Albanll Oull & Prosser (Ltd.), Plumbers' Merch&nts, 603 Colombo S•. Oull, Mrs. (res.), 60 Bealey Avenue Cullens, 1. (res.), 10 Shrewsbury St., ~ferivale Cullis, Miss A. L. (res.), 34 'Yindsor Terrace Cuming, L. N., Storekeeper, cr. Merivale Lane and Clissold St. Cumlng, L. N. (res.), 70 Merivale Lane Cumming, G. B. (res.), 67 Bishop St., St. Albans CUmmings, E. M. (reB.), 44 Bennett St., Papanui Oummlns, J., Coal Merchant, 67 North Avon Rd., Richmond Ounard Une (Australasian Service}, Kinsey & Co. (Ltd.), AgeDta Ounlngham & Taylor, Solicitors, 144 Hereford St. Ounlngham, J. R. (res.), 21 Innes Rd., St. Albans Cunliffe, Walter A. (res.), 118 Bealey Avenue Ounneen. T. F. (res.), 13 Lyttelton St., Spreydon Cunningham, J. H. (res.), Westenra Terrace, Cashmere Cunningham, Wm. (res.), 42 Innes Rd., St. Alb&ne Currie, Dr. D. E. (res.), 213 Colombo St., cr. Devon St., Sydenham Ourry, G. E. (1'fl8.), 20 Creyke Rd., Riocarton Ourtls, E. R., Beat Importer, Canterbury St., Lyttelton Curtis Harold E. (res.), Madras St. Ousack & Merriman, Printers, 18 tiedfOld Row OUiaek, D., Bootmaker, eto., 269 Manoheater St. Ou.toms Departm.nt, see Government De{}ta. Cuthbert, E., 119 River Rd .• Avonside Cuthbert, R. A (res.), 35 Idris Rd., Fendalton cyele & Motor Supplies (Ltd.), 108..1. Madras St. Cyolone Fenc. and Gate Comllany, 178 MontreaJ St. South Cygnet (Ltd.), . hipping Agents, 224 Tuam St.

D 3564 131 1211 116 1568 495} A5485 1121 &7064 744 563J TI8 &5432 8202 290J 296 3310 ~




21 1585 3569 2973 2158 A4346 359 393 369 8268K &4573

Dal\l'e, T. Sydney, Barrister IIJld SolicitQt, Rhode's Bldgs., Hel'Qford S.. Dainties (Ltd.), (Mgr., Offices), Biscuit Mfre., 13-21 Dundas Si. Dainties (Ltd.), Warehouse. (Export Dep.), 13-21 Dundaa St. Dainty BloUie Co., 6IS3 Colombo St. Dairy Company, Oanterbury, i61 Lichfield St. Dairy Company, Central, Addington Dairy Company, Christchurch, 79 Tuam St. Dairy, Co., BUesmele & Greenpark, 24~ Colombo Rd. Dairy 00., Kiwi, 222 St. St.. Dairy Co., Tal Tapu, Moorhouse Avenue Dalby. lIIrs. K. L. (ree.), 211 Woreeeter St. Dale, F. E. 8•• Solieitor, ROOIll 10 Royal Exohange Bldg•. Dal., W. H. R. (res.), 'Lyndhurst: 218 Kilmore St. Eut Dalgety & Co. (Ltd.), Merohants, Cathedral SquareFirst Telephone ) Manager, Sub-Manager, Wool, Stock and Land Soeond , OfficBJI, Shippjng, Me~diee-. Grain and Third &led and General Fourth " Seed Store, Moorhouse Avenue Stookman, Add;i.ngtQn Warehouse, Cathedral Square Wool Stores, 280 Moorhouse Avenue Dalgety, C. G. (res.), 213 Worcester St. Dalley, Mrs. W. (res.), 131 Nayland St., Sumner Dalllson " Co., Seedsmen, 167 Cashel St.

11.5452 ~9

A5220 &4174 1129 1460 506 43





3882 8396 11.7215 A5259 11.4661 1155

405 8286




2134 3617 A4880 A4032 A5331 A6208 3685 A4801 &6310 5481

2253 1\.4513 1986 1199 3238K 857


406 300

1451 2041 1182 11.7016 1960 1680 262 &6151 3547 3624 &5143 8192 3006M 11.4084

&7161 438 &4303 2700

1106 414 3026 1109 743 &6112 510

Dalton, Leonard (res.), 297 Bealey Avenue Dalton, Thomas (reB.), 293 Bealey Avenue Daly, Miss (res.), 20 Papanui Rd., St_ Albans Dalzell, H. (res.), 61 Rugby St., Merivale Dalziel, M. (res.), 19 EnsOl'S Rd., Opawa Dalziel & Offwood, Builders and Contractors, 7 Cholmondeley Avenue, Opan-a Dampier-Crossley, Mrs. C. (res.), 11 Queen's Avenue, Fendalton Dampier-Crossley, Mrs. J. (res.), 30 Jacksone Rd., Fendalton Dangerfield, W. J. (res.), 31 Winton St., St. Albans Daniel, H .. Registered Plumber, Ricoarton Rd. Danish Consulate, see Royal Danish CorulUlate Danks, J. L. (res.), 105 Hackthorne Rd. Cashmere Danks, T. (res.), 27 Cashel St. Dann, E. W., Engineer and Blacksmith, 109 Tuam St. Dann, F. J. C. (res.), 71 Martins Avenue, Beckenham Dann, J. & F. J., Plumbers, cr. Oxford Terrace and Kilmore St. Dann, Joseph (res.), 240 Kilmore St. Darby, B. (res.), 64 Dean St. Dartnall, H. L. (res.), 13 Jackson's Rd., Fendalton D' Auvergne, C. F. (res.), 86 Winohester St., Merivale David Crozier (Ltd.) Motor Importing Coy., Worcester St. Well' David Crozier (Ltd.), Workshop and Store, Worcester St. Davidson & Wauchop, Merchants, Lichfield St. (Office) Davidson & Wauchop, Merchants (Store), Lichfield St. DaVidson, D., Spreydon Supply Stores, Lyttelton St . Davidson, Geo. (res.), 1 Mersey St., St. Albans Davidson, Mrs. J. E. C., 1 Braddon St., Addington Davidson, Mrs. M. C. (res.), 288 Selwyn St., Addington Davidson, P. (res.), 69 Murray Place, St. Albans Davidson, W. (res.), 16 Bishop St., St. Albans Davie & Harris, Licensed Surveyors, 99 Gloucester St. DaVie, Mrs. F. H. (rea.), 28 Chapter St., St. Albans Davies & Lamb (Barlow Bros.), Tobacconists and Hairdressen, or. Colombo Bnd Hereford Sta. Davies, L. M., Carlton Cash Service Stores, 2 Papanui Rd. Davies, Miss Catherine, 166 Linwood Avenue DaVies, P. L. '" Co., Land and Eatate Agents, 153 Hereford at. Davies, P. L. (res.), ' Glyndwr,' 485 Manchester St. Davies, S. J. G. (res.), 37 Bishops Rd., Papanui Davies, T. H., Painter and Paperhanger, 454 Colombo St., Sydeuham Davies, T. H. (res.), 238 Norwood St., Beckenham Davis Bros., Fruiterers and Seadsmen, 214 High St. Davis, C. C. (res.), 'Ferndale,' Rivet Rd .• Avonside Davis, Dt. T. Benridge, 533 Barbadoee St. DaYls, H. G. S., Perth Dye-worka, 106A. Gloucester St Davis, iI. (res.), 395 Durhlml St. Davis, Maurice (res.), 6 McMillan Avenue, Cashmere Davis, Mrs. Jacob (res.), cr. Holly and Papanui Rds., St. AlbaDi Davis, R. H. O'Donel (res.), 463 Durham St. Davison, Mrs. H. (res.), 29 Derby St., St. Albans Davison, Mrs. M. L. (res.), 27 Hawthorn Rd., Papanui Dawber, F. W. (res.), 296 Hereford St. Dawe, C. L. & Co. Renown Cycle Works, 95 Ca.shel St. Dawe, Miss J. S. (res.), 20 SaliSbury St. Dawson, Albert (ree.), 266 Kilmor. St. Day, A. D. (res.), 56 Bryndwr Rd. Day, D. H. (res.), 179 Shirley Rd., Shirley Day, J. S. (rM.), 220 Colombo St., Sy-denham Day, Mrs. Ruth, 92 Edward Avenue, St. Albans Day, Mrs-. W. A. (ree.), 19 Gloucest0r St. Dayton Money-Weight Scale Co. (Ud.), (D. K. Cavaye, Agent), 170 Cashel St. D-Brook's Select Registry Office (Mrs. Middlebrook), 3A Chancery Lane Deaconess House (Anglican), 181 Barbadoes St. • Deal, W. H. S. (res.), West Belt Dean, W., Plumber, 267 Durham St. Deans, Mrs. John, Riccarton Dearaley, Mrs. J. H. (res.), 24 St. Albana St. Deeds and Lands Registry, see Lands and Deeds (Govt. Depts.)