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Trane factory-authorized technicians ensure expert interventions on your HVAC installation. Aside from scheduled maintenance services,. Trane offers services ...
Trane Care Services Service solutions for HVAC system enhancement

Our business is a business of providing reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible systems that sustain high performance for life. By doing so, we make it possible for buildings and industrial processes to operate at world-class levels.

Trane systems do more than make chilled

luxury hotels, enterprise services for

water or warm and cool air. Our systems ensure

high-performance working environments,

process reliability, energy efficiency, as well as

control systems for critical, regulated

superior indoor air quality.

processes, Trane has the committed team with the technical know-how and expertise

So whether the challenge is creating

to help your building or your process perform

sophisticated Integrated Comfort™ Systems for

at its optimal conditions.

2 Trane Care Services

Sustain your HVAC system investment Building owners and companies in all

real-world buildings around the globe. When

markets face new challenges and embrace

combined with our service and maintenance

a world full of change - be it innovation,

capabilities, Trane can help you achieve

reorganization, compliance or reprioritization.

sustained high performance for your building.

Within this environment, Trane recognizes that buildings experience lifecycle changes

Trane factory-authorized technicians ensure

through continued operations and occasional

expert interventions on your HVAC installation.

repurpose. You need expert advice in making

Aside from scheduled maintenance services,

the right decisions for your installation - Trane

Trane offers services that focus on upgrade

offers a broad range of services to deliver the

and system enhancement solutions. This is

solution that specifically meets your building’s

exactly what Trane Care™ was designed to

current needs.

do - restore the performance of your HVAC system and improve its longevity. By letting

A hallmark of Trane’s industry leadership is

Trane take care of your building - our know-

the combination of HVAC systems, equipment

how - you can focus on your core business.

and controls knowledge with many decades

We have the same objective: helping you

of practical experience in applying systems to

achieve your operational goals.


Upgrade your systems performance How can you make sure that you get the most

potential and provide the solutions that will

for the money that you have invested in your

restore your system performance to ensure as-

building HVAC installation? The answer may

new reliability.

be as simple as Trane Care™. No matter where your equipment is in its lifecycle, Trane Care™

We also understand that upgrading your HVAC

can optimize your equipment performance,

system may not always be the best solution, in

manage energy, and improve environmental

which case we also have the capability to offer

quality to help your building perform at its

replacement options. Whether you’re looking

best and sustain it day in and day out.

to evaluate your building installation, integrate your system with advanced controls, or

Trane Care™ integrates a broad portfolio of

improve the carbon footprint of your building,

service products into customized solutions

Trane experienced service teams use advanced

for building owners addressing operating

reliability tools to calculate your potential

efficiency and facility infrastructure concerns.

savings and help you find the solution to

Our service professionals know how to identify

improve your cost of ownership.

where your system is not performing to its full




4 Trane Care Services

Trane Care details Trane Care™ offers an extensive array of upgrade products to answer our customers’ top business priorities. Because Trane service experts will analyze your objectives, you can trust they will make the best recommendations to meet your building needs. We’ll deliver on our promises, whether it’s

Energy solutions

cleaning heat exchanger tubes, changing your

Cost-effective solutions designed to optimize

water treatment plan or recommending repairs

the energy efficiency of your existing system

or energy efficiency upgrades.

and generate immediate savings.

Our technicians are trained to work safely and

Environment solutions

in an environmentally responsible manner.

Easy ways to reduce your building and system

When finished, get ready for enhanced

impacts on the environment and human

comfort, reduced operating costs, lower utility


bills, longer equipment life and improved Let us show you how Trane Care™ will


minimize operating expenses and increase your

Reliability solutions

building value.

A series of services to identify where your HVAC system is not performing to its full potential and restore its designed performance.

Oil analysis

Vibration analysis

Compressor R’newal™

Tube testing

Exchanger enhancement


Automatic tube cleaning

Variable frequency drives

Heat recovery retrofit

Chiller control retrofit

Adiabatic cooling

Power factor correction

Leak testing

Refrigerant monitor

Noise reduction

Indoor air quality

Refrigerant retrofit

Refrigerant management


Trane Care optimizes equipment reliability Because a building and all its equipment should always remain an asset, Trane Care’s first objective is to offer property managers the opportunity to turn their cooling systems into highly efficient and reliable installations. To allow you to have a true picture of your installation condition, Trane proposes a fast diagnosis of your existing system. Trane manages the project and monitors the results. With each upgrade, Trane Care™ can help to reduce risks of costly breakdowns, improve your system operation, and extend your equipment life.

Vibration analysis

Tube testing

Every piece of HVAC equipment with rotating

A heat exchanger contains many hundreds of

components has its own vibration signature.

tubes, all undergoing mechanical stress and

Any change in this signature can be used as

chemical corrosion. The tubes are therefore

an accurate means of identifying developing

critical to chiller performance and reliability

problems such as bearing wear, shaft

and yet they are not checked during

imbalancing, and degrading screw compressor

standard maintenance. Equipped with the

rotor tolerance.

latest technological tools, Trane can detect, locate and record internal and external corrosion, deposits, wear or cracking before their consequences start to damage your installation.

Oil analysis Measures the oil’s moisture, acidity, and metal concentration levels. If unacceptable wear conditions develop, a change in the characterstics of the oil will be evident. Minor problems can be detected and repaired before they become major problems. This analysis is recommended for all compressor types, on all types of chiller technology.

6 Trane Care Services

Exchanger enhancement


Atmospheric pollution can cause corrosion on

Trane Thermography is a predictive tool

fin tube heat exchangers, which will result in

to identify potential problems before they

reduced equipment life. Trane can enhance

happen. It is a proven method to detect and

your fin tube heat exchangers to provide

diagnose hidden problems in a completely

protection against corrosion whilst maintaining

non-invasive manner while your plant

their original performance. In addition, on

is in operation. Early detection prevents

shell and tube type heat exchangers, Trane

unscheduled downtime and lowers

can provide ceramic coating to water boxes to

repair costs.

reduce the formation of dangerous scales and corrosion.

Compressor R’newal™ to begin again - this is what Trane can do for the most expensive component of your chiller. Compressor R’newal™ is an investment that will deliver Trane’s original commitment of reliability and performance. It is backed by a long term warranty on the compressor. Also, any chiller that undergoes a compressor R’newal™ will automatically qualify for coverage on a Trane Select™ contract, which further enhances your level of assurance.


Trane Care enhances energy use With Trane Care™ you can now explore cost effective ways to optimize the energy efficiency of your existing system and generate immediate savings. It is important to realize that energy management solutions are not only for new systems or buildings. It is in fact quite common to find significant energy savings on systems that are just one year old, so imagine the savings that might be found in a five to ten year old system! Trane Care™ offers solutions designed to unlock energy savings in your existing system and if we find that it would be better for you to replace the whole system we can do that too, we will advise you on how best to spend your operating budget to extract the most savings.

Automatic tube cleaning

Variable frequency drives

Fouled heat exchangers can decrease system

An easy way to cut right into an energy bill

effectiveness dramatically, for instance just

is to adapt the motor speed of the fans and

1mm of scale can result in a 45% reduction

pumps that are components of your system.

in efficiency. For this reason, all properly

Buildings do not face the same loads 24/7

maintained heat exchangers are cleaned

so why should fans and pumps always run at

regularly. Imagine a system that never stops

the same speed? Trane can retrofit existing

cleaning your heat exchanger, Trane can

fans and pumps with variable frequency drives

provide you with such a system, this ensures

so that their speed will adjust to the system

that your system always operates at peak

needs. A 20% speed reduction translates into

efficiency and will save on maintenance costs

a 50% energy cost reduction.

and downtime.

Heat recovery retrofit Letting waste heat from air cooled chillers escape into the atmosphere is akin to throwing money away. Trane can retrofit your existing air cooled chiller so that the waste heat is recovered and reused to heat or preheat water used for either domestic hot water or process applications.

8 Trane Care Services

Chiller control retrofit Trane’s Tracer AdaptiView™ chiller controller allows new chillers to operate at optimum performance and efficiency. Why not let your older chillers benefit from advances in technology? We can retrofit old chiller controllers with Tracer AdaptiView™ so you can start saving.

Adiabatic cooling Cooling systems operating outside design parameters typically run an increased risk of breakdowns, higher energy costs and lower operational efficiency. Trane Adiabatic Cooling decreases the temperature of the air entering the coil. A mere 10°C temperature drop generates an average of 13% reduction in power consumption, delivering immediate cost savings and environmental benefits.

Power factor correction Trane power factor correction provides an immediate cost savings solution to businesses having to pay additional utility fees for their reactive power consumption. The installation lowers the reactive power and increases the power factor. Power factor correction also improves the power distribution efficiency of the chilled water system, increasing branch capacity through the reduction of power losses.


Trane Care protects the environment The environmental foot print of commercial and industrial buildings is becoming particularly important for building owners and managers. Linked to this, occupational health, comfort and safety of a building and its compliance with national and local legislations are also of major concern. One of Trane Care’s focus is to offer solutions that reduce building and system impacts on the environment and human health.

Leak testing

Refrigerant monitor

Refrigerant leaks into the atmosphere may

Trane refrigerant monitors provide reliable

contribute not only to ozone depletion but

leak detection for equipment in mechanical

to global warming effects. Trane’s leak testing

plant rooms and give early warning of

procedures can ensure that your system’s

refrigerant leaks. Trane refrigerant monitors are

refrigerant stays where it belongs, in the

designed to operate in conjunction with Trane

system. With Trane leak testing you are not

equipment controls and send remote alarms or

only protecting the environment but also the

even activate building ventilation systems.

effectiveness of your system; in addition it will help you to remain in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Noise reduction Sometime between the initial purchase of your system and the need to replace it, the sound attenuation level required may change. Trane can provide noise retrofit kits for most Trane chillers, this reduces their noise levels and as such improves the surrounding acoustics.

10 Trane Care Services

Indoor air quality

Refrigerant management

Good IAQ contributes to a safe, healthy,

We recognize that the choice of management

productive, and comfortable working

is not always easy as several factors have to be

environment. To maximize occupant comfort

considered and balanced in order to make the

and your building rental/selling value, Trane

right decision. Trane is committed to providing

IAQ program provides efficient filtration,

our customers with equipment and systems

ventilation, contaminant source control, and

that are environmentally responsible and good

humidity management.

for business. Trane service representatives are experts in offering the right refrigerant for the right application at the right time, while

Refrigerant retrofit

complying with all legislations.

Trane refrigerant retrofit is a comprehensive refrigerant compatibility service consisting of materials, engineering analysis and technical support. A refrigerant retrofit allows the chiller to be compliant with current legislation and to be optimized to meet your current system needs without having to go through the costs associated with full chiller replacement.


High Performance Buildings Your Mission. Realized.

Efficient Systems



Turnkey Solutions

Services Portfolio Trane Elite Start™ • Validate installation • Engineering checklist for optimal start up • Verify and record design operational parameters

Trane Extended Start • Foundation for high performance buildings • Benchmarking baseline parameters • Monitor and adjust system critical parameters

Genuine Parts and Repair Services • Comprehensive OEM parts • State of the art logistics • Factory authorized technicians

Trane Chiller Health Check Program • Inspect chiller operating conditions • Evaluate basic and critical parameters • Recommend upgrade and improvement solutions

Trane Service Agreements • Planned maintenance • Minimize downtime and extend equipment life • Reduce operating costs

Trane Select™ Contracts • Comprehensive Service contracts for HVAC systems • Improve reliability and efficiency • Improve cost of ownership

Trane Controls Services • Solutions for sustainable high performance buildings • Maintain system fitness • Optimize system performance

Trane Care™ Services • System enhancement service solutions • Reliability – Energy – Environmental Solutions • Improve comfort and operating efficiency

Trane Intelligent Services • Remote monitoring with professional advantage • Address key operational challenges • Critical alarm management and event log

Trane Rental Services • Temporary cooling solutions • Reliable equipment and fast service • All building purposes

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